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  • How to place the monitor speakers to get the best sound quality

    The first rule is to place your monitor speakers in an equilateral triangle (your ears and left and right monitor speakers keep at an angle of 60 and have the same distance). The distance between you and the monitor speakers depends on the monitor and its size. The manufacturer of the monitor speakers usually indicates the optimal placement distance of the monitor in the user manual. The larger the speakers, the longer the listening distance. In the purchase of this point to be taken into account. Sometimes buying a bigger monitor speaker will not be the best solution. The height of the monitor speakers should also be taken into account. The purpose is to tune the speaker's tweeter with your ear into a straight line. If this is not easy due to your specific home studio, you can tilt a little speaker down (if the speakers are too low to give them a support up), so the tweeter can be directly with you The ears reach the same level. The monitor speaker should always point to the direction of your ear instead of facing the wall behind you. In the four walls of your studio, you must maintain a symmetry. When a sound source is placed close to a wall, or worse, it is placed in a corner, and some low frequencies are audibly amplified, which is needed in the studio to be avoided at all costs because it will distort the beats by dre beats by dre studio studio sonic Frequency of. Do not you want to resonate in a home studio? The It may be difficult to eliminate acoustic resonance in your home studio (which usually requires you to have a lot of advanced acoustic techniques and knowledge), but it is still easy to reduce mechanical resonance by separating the monitor from your desk To the. The following solution is possible: pad the pad on your monitor speakers or simply use the monitor speaker stand. So that the resonance from beats earphones your monitor to your desk will be greatly reduced and you will get more acoustic space. Of course, you can also combine two options: the foam pad on the speaker frame, and then the monitor speakers on top.

    2017-04-24 11:38:06
  • What kind of game headset worth buying?

    Talking about the game headset, netizens should not feel strange, as one of the essential equipment in the field of electronic sports, game headphones in the race to play a pivotal role, and even indirectly determine the winning or losing a game. And the traditional music headset is different from the game headset has a strong specificity, the player in addition to playing the game to wear and use, almost will not be applied to other occasions, not only lies in the appearance of the difference between the two, the game headset are usually Using USB interface, in addition to access to computers, other audio equipment can not be connected. Game headset compared to the traditional music headset, the overall use of my feelings generally have the following:

    1, the appearance of fashion cool, very publicity.

    2, the sound field is large, low frequency beats by dre on sale feeling more.

    3, the sound positioning and a sense of space.

    4, equipped with dedicated voice calls for noise reduction microphone.

    ????These feelings are obviously very useful for the game, but in terms of songs, the game headset to the author's feelings are very embarrassing, and usually the game sound is also good, a song on the paste into a "pot of porridge", only Leaving the deep low frequency, what details are not heard, as if wearing a head on the head of the cottage. And for many gamers, also encountered like the author beats by dre sale so similar to the "encounter." Game headset compared to the traditional music headphones, it does have its unique advantages, but also for users to bring a better gaming experience, but the former performance in the music on the disadvantages are too obvious, so that the sound quality of a little Users are hard to tolerate the bad sound of the game headset. Of course, if you just want to use the game when playing, songs and then back to the traditional music headphones, this is also understandable, nothing more than a little trouble. But for many gamers, they do not want their game headphones in addition to the game outside the time have been pressed in the bottom of the box, but hope to continue as a music headphones to listen to the use of innovative products, whether in the design or voice performance On, and now on the market with the game headset is very different. The combination of gaming and HiFi, to meet the game and songs at the same time high-fidelity beats by dre studio headphones, perhaps for users, this game is the headset you buy it?

    2017-04-22 11:17:14
  • Audio editing: "noise reduction headphones" articles

    Currently on the market noise reduction headphones are active noise reduction and passive noise reduction two, our daily ear ear is a passive noise reduction, in fact, is the headset into the ear canal, with a physical way to noise reduction. The advantage is low cost, but the noise reduction effect is not obvious, especially for sustained low-frequency noise is almost no filtering effect; but is the voice, whistle and other important tone weakened. Passive noise reduction technology looks a bit pit father, active noise reduction is different, it is through the headset pickup microphone to collect external ambient noise, then the noise into a digital signal, and through the built-in chip processor to calculate a reverse Of the waves to offset the noise. So technically speaking, the effect of active noise reduction is much better than passive noise reduction, low frequency noise filtering is obvious, and will not filter out such as human voice, car speakers and other necessary high-frequency signal; in noisy environments using natural effects obvious. But if the sound from the sound, the active noise reduction technology is a double-edged sword, active noise reduction headphones in the calculation of noise reduction signal will be unconscious to calculate the opposite wave with the audio signal, resulting in signal loss, direct performance Is the sound beats by dr dre quality decline. Active noise reduction technology not only involves the traditional beats headphones on sale acoustics, but also cheap beats by dr dre involves the algorithm, the processor, the internal circuit design, and the actual environment of the sound sampling also has a great relationship, so only a strong technical precipitation of the old manufacturers to simultaneously reduce noise and sound quality do it is good.

    So in the absence of active noise reduction technology on the premise of the sound quality, for any headset manufacturers will not easily take the risk, because once the active noise reduction technology used improperly, it will make the sound quality greatly reduced.

    Noise-free headphones can be used in long journeys, it can give you a quiet world, so that you better rest on the road

    2017-04-21 11:31:28
  • Bluetooth headset to buy Raiders how to choose their own wireless Bluetooth headset

    Call Bluetooth headset: This is the most important use of business office, safe driving, if the main choice of some lightweight, easy to carry, call high-definition, stable transmission of a single ear Bluetooth headset, use lapel or ear hanging earplugs.

    Listen to Bluetooth headset: most people buy Bluetooth headphones in order to listen to songs, songs best with binaural Bluetooth, because the single ear Bluetooth can not meet the requirements of the stereo, if the song is certainly the best stereo effect. You can use headset or earbuds Bluetooth headset.

    Sports Bluetooth headset: sports songs are also the main purpose beats by dre studio of Bluetooth headset, you need to choose lightweight, wear appropriate, easy to drop the Bluetooth headset, monaural ear can be, if it is ears ears, then pay attention to the thickness of its line The thicker the line, the stronger the auscultation effect.

    Play games to watch movies and television: play games and watch movies, the general need to choose a strong compatibility, good beats headphones on sale transmission headset Bluetooth headset, because the headset sound quality is good, sound field is strong, can have a better picture.

    Wear experience mainly by the headset of the way, ear cap, weight, tightness of the decision, but according to the individual's subjective feeling different, there will be different. General in the high-end brand is wearing Bluetooth headset are more comfortable to wear.

    If you care about the comfort of people, it is recommended to go to the store after the experience to buy. Headset transmission effects are mainly headset chip decision, and now the Bluetooth headset chip is the United States Broadcom and the British CSR. Bluetooth chip on the beats solo market version of the main 3.0,4.0,4.1 three versions, in fact, each version has its own characteristics.

    Bluetooth 3.0 has been around for a long time, Bluetooth call transmission is the most stable, which is 3.0 why still exist, its shortcomings is the function is relatively small, power consumption, low transmission rate.

    Bluetooth 4.0 transfer rate is higher, transmission distance farther, lower power consumption, wireless coverage enhanced, can be directly connected, without entering the password, but also can achieve automatic connection, intelligent drag two functions, and a large number of compatible Today's digital equipment.

    Bluetooth 4.1 is an upgraded version of Bluetooth 4.0, on the basis of 4.0 to achieve more high-definition, higher rate of call, with greater flexibility, but sometimes 4.1 compatibility is not stable, this should pay attention to.

    Life time determines how long your Bluetooth headset can be divided into usage time and standby time. And decided to end time with the headset battery quality and headset size are related.

    Now most of the Bluetooth headset are based on polymer lithium battery, because of its small size, powerful, long life, the available life is also high. The general Bluetooth headset life has more than seven or eight hours.

    Headset size determines the size of the battery hardware can beats solo be assembled to determine the length of life, so the greater the general headset, the battery is also larger, longer life time.

    2017-04-20 11:30:44
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