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  • The principle of bone conduction headphones

    Under normal circumstances, sound waves are transmitted to the inner ear through both air conduction and bone conduction. Then, the inner and outer lymph fluids of the inner ear produce vibrations. The spiral device completes the process of sound perception. The auditory nerve then produces nerve impulses and presents to the auditory center. Cortical comprehensive analysis eventually "heard" the sound. Maybe we have more or less air conduction (the path is sonic - auricle - external auditory canal - tympanum - malleus - incus - tibia - vestibular window - outer, inner lymph - spiral beats headphones on sale - auditory nerve - auditory center) Perceptual knowledge, beats by dre cheap but for bone conduction, some do not know what to do. Perhaps you will understand this by taking an example: you cover your ears with your hands and talk to yourself. No matter how small the sound, we can hear what we say. This is the result of bone conduction.

    When we scratch our heads, when we eat cookies, how are the various sounds emitted when we brush our teeth? Did you feel that these sounds passed through the brain directly but not through other means? Yes, this is the sound heard through the principle of bone conduction.

    There are two types of bone conduction: mobile and extrusion. The synergy between the two can stimulate the helix to cause hearing. beats headphones on sale The specific conduction pathways are: "Sound wave - Skull bone - Bone labyrinth - Inner ear lymph - Screw - Auditory nerve - Cerebral cortical auditory center ". Usually, people do not need to use their own skulls to feel the sound, but when the lesions of the outer ear and middle ear obstruct the transmission of sound waves, bone conduction can be used to make up for hearing. Such as bone conduction hearing aids, bone conduction headphones, etc., is the use of bone conduction to experience the sound.

    In most cases, the earphones that come into contact with the earphones are called air conduction and are called air conduction headphones. The headphones produced by the beats headphones cheap bone conduction principle call it bone conduction headphones.

    2018-05-19 10:18:57
  • Earplugs daily maintenance tips

    Headphone products, especially earplug products, are small and portable, and are often carried around by beats by dre wireless people. However, earplugs are also very fragile. Improper use is very easy to damage. We have seen friends who used 10 earplugs for one year, so they say earbuds. The use and maintenance are very important.

    From the point of view of the structure of the earplugs, the wires are most likely to be damaged because they are usually soft and slender and cannot withstand too much tension, otherwise they will break off from the inside. And once the earplug wire is beats earbuds broken, it is more troublesome to replace it. The author noticed the details of many earplugs used by friends. When they are not used, friends like to wind the cords around. In fact, this is not true. Wrapped around the player or other things, the earbuds are under tension. Once subjected to a large external force, it is easily broken, especially at the joint. The correct method should be that the earplugs should naturally bulge and remain slack when not in use. Professional practice should buy an earplug storage box to receive earplugs, many high-end earplugs are included in the purchase, placed in such a box, basically to ensure that the earplugs will not be damaged due to external forces. In everyday use, the headphone cord should not be too tight. I encountered a young student friend who used to listen to headphones and walkman in a schoolbag. Therefore, the cords were pulled for a long time and it was easy to suddenly turn around. The body motion pulls the headphone cord. As a result, his headphone cord breaks twice in a week and costs a lot just for maintenance.

    Ear line should also pay attention to the outside, if the external damage occurs, it will directly affect the life of the wire inside. Although the materials used for wire rods are different, they still belong to rubber products. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance methods of some rubber products. Do not contaminate the wires with grease, acids, alkalis, etc. When using these, use dry towels. clean. Worthy of attention is sweat. When sweating is easy in the summer, if the beats headphones on sale sweat is dyed on the line, wipe it clean. Otherwise, the line will harden after a long time, and the line like e5c will erode due to sweat and the silver line will turn green, affecting the appearance and sound.

    The unit of the earplug is a magnet, so do not place it with a strong magnetic object at ordinary times to avoid demagnetization and damage. Such as mobile phones, magnets, speakers, etc., it is best to keep earplugs away from them.

    The diaphragm of earplugs is not only small in area, but also thin, which can be used cheap beats for high sensitivity, but it is also very easy to damage. If the power exceeds the carrying capacity, it is easy to break. The enthusiast's jargon is called "defective." Therefore, when listening to a large volume, the volume must be limited. If you feel that the sound is distorted, you should lower the volume no matter what, otherwise, the unit will die.

    Special attention: earplugs are used on portable devices, and should not be used with caution in power amplifiers and other high-power devices.

    2018-05-17 10:33:33
  • Can earplugs be washed? Can earplugs be waterproof?

    Soundproof earplugs (also known as anti-noise earplugs, noise earplugs, anti-noise earplugs, sleep earplugs, zero earplugs) are generally made of silicone or low pressure foam molding material, high elasticity polyester material. After being inserted into the ear canal, it is in close contact with the external auditory canal to isolate the sound from entering the middle ear and inner ear (ear drum) to achieve cheap beats headphones the purpose of sound insulation, so that people can get a rest or work environment. Some good earplugs are generally sponge rubber or low-pressure foam beats headphones on sale material, high-elastic polyester material, most of the impact design, can be cleaned, can be used repeatedly, and most of the shape of the bullet type. The bullet head has a smooth surface and slow rebound. When used, the ear does not have a sense of pain, and the sound insulation effect is 29 dB. It is in close contact with the external ear of a human to prevent sound from entering the middle ear and inner ear from the gap between beats by dre the ear tip and the external ear and achieve sound insulation. Purpose so that people can rest comfortably.

    In addition, because each person's outer ear contour is different, the soundproof earplugs using general materials can not play the role of sound insulation, and it is best to use elastic materials. The material elasticity of the earplugs must be moderate, and cheap beats the elasticity must be moderate, so that the soundproof earplugs will not press the skin of the external auditory canal due to excessive expansion, and the discomfort symptoms such as ear swelling and earache will not occur.

    One way to ensure the effectiveness of earplugs is to wear them in close contact with the outer ear of the person to prevent sound from entering the middle ear and inner ear from the gap between the soundproof earbuds and the outer ear.

    A good product has an average sound insulation value of 36-40 decibels among sounds of various frequencies, and some products have a sound insulation value of nearly 50 decibels, which can isolate 80 to 90% of the ambient noise.

    Can earplugs be washed?

    1, earplugs do not recommend regular washing, this will affect the rebound and life. After the cleaning process, a small wind was blown with a blower, and the water dried naturally.

    2, Earplugs wash up once a month, wash directly with water or neutral soap, do not wring dry, dry naturally.

    Earplugs can waterproof not

    Yes. Anti-noise earplugs (insulated earplugs) are generally made of silicone or low-pressure foam molding material, highly elastic polyester material. After being inserted into the ear canal, it is in close contact with the external auditory canal, which not only achieves soundproofing but also prevents water from entering the ear during swimming.

    Soundproof earplugs use matters needing attention:

    1. Wash hands before use.

    2. Clean the ear canal before wearing to reduce the secretions.

    3. Press the earplug for 30 seconds until the earbuds are fully inflated and set.

    2018-05-15 10:18:25
  • What is the material of the speaker? What are the common speaker materials?

    What are the speaker cabinet materials?

    Even if we use the speakers every day, we still can't say that we understand 100% of the able-bodied guy. I don't want to remove complicated internal structures. It's just that the speaker cabinet's material is worth studying. At present, more than beats by dre wireless 90% of the speakers we use use wooden boxes. Mid- and low-end products generally use density plates as the cabinet material. High-end products generally use solid wood materials. Different materials have different parameters such as density and hardness. There are also different effects in acoustic feedback.

    Speaker cabinet material is varied

    In addition, there are many materials that can be used as speaker cabinets. Plastics and metals also have very large fans. Even stones, glass, etc. can exist as cabinets. This time we simply inventoryed the speaker products of various materials and simply analyzed the advantages and differences of various materials.

    2, wood / plastic / metal


    This is the most common speaker cabinet material. For multimedia speakers, most products use MDF. After high-temperature and high-pressure processing, relatively high-strength plates are formed. This material has a very high price advantage, and subsequent processing is relatively easy. However, the disadvantages are obvious. Compared with the lack of solid wood material density, the sound performance is not good enough, and there are some shortcomings in moisture resistance and durability.

    MDF speaker

    Solid wood speaker

    Another category is solid wood panels, which include walnut, maple, rosewood, mahogany, and other different types of wood, and the front baffle, side panels and backplane material may also be slightly different. Due to the natural nature of solid wood, the board will be better in its natural characteristics, its ability in density, strength and resistance to deformation will be more outstanding, but it will also be higher in cost, so it is generally only used in high-end products. It is considered as a mark of product grade.


    Compared to wood materials that are difficult to regenerate, we have more non-abundant plastics. Synthetic materials can be continuously produced. In addition, plastics are easier to shape and shape in the process. Therefore, we see that most of the fancy speakers are plastic materials. In addition to the direct injection of high-gloss technology and color, the plastic case has a better appearance and expression.

    Plastic speaker

    Therefore, many times we will take it for granted that plastic speakers beats earbuds are lower in quality than wooden speakers. In fact, we can't just beats by dre sale quantify them by shell material. Many plastic speakers also have very good sound quality.


    Metal speaker

    Metal speakers are not as good as the first two, but they are also very good materials. Metals are stronger than wood and plastic in strength and density, so they can create a more distinctive tone. In addition, due to the color and texture of the metal material itself, it is in beats by dre line with the current mainstream aesthetic orientation, so the metal speaker also gives people a very high-end feeling, many small-sized portable speakers are made of metal material.

    3, glass / stone


    Glass speaker

    Glass is also a kind of synthetic material, so the production cost can also be better controlled. The reason why glass speakers are rare is because their texture is brittle, they are more easily damaged, and they have higher requirements for the use environment. Speakers appear in the field of HiFi, can be considered a wonderful work.


    Marble speaker

    Did the rock speaker sound a bit spoof? However, in fact, there are speakers that use stone as the cabinet. Many DIY speakers also like to use marble as the cabinet, which has certain advantages in suppressing resonance. The use of stone as the cabinet of the speaker is more often a player's choice, and for brands that are mainly commercial sales, wood and plastic are more appropriate.


    In principle, as long as it can support the unit horn and other components, and can reflect the sound waves, it can be used as a speaker box, but in actual production, we also have to consider raw material costs, production costs and the actual test results Therefore, wood is not necessarily the best, but it must be the most suitable. For the players, we can also make full use of imagination.

    2018-05-11 10:18:58
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