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  • How to properly protect the ear headphones?

    Wear headphones, the world has nothing to do with me. Such a popular word on the network has become the motto of many fashion people. Today in the information age, people wearing headphones everywhere, especially white-collar workers, due to increased pressure from work, less communication between friends, and no communication with their families, so put on headphones, as many white-collar women One of the ways to self-regulate and relax. Listen to us in the music, is not feeling? Sad? Happy? But you know, while you are comforting, but "hurt" our ears. Experts point out that now there are many young people with this bad habit, as everyone knows, which will be harmful to their hearing system. Because the earphone directly approaches the tympanic membrane, the range of acoustic wave propagation is small and concentrated, and the stimulation of the auditory nerve of the eardrum is relatively large, which is likely to beats earphones cause damage to the eardrum and the beats earbuds inner ear. The noise accumulated to a certain degree will cause tinnitus, earache, headache and dizziness , Emotional stress, memory loss and other symptoms, in addition, long-term wear may also cause ear inflammation. White-collar workers have noticed, how to reduce the headphone damage to the ear?

    A suggestion: buy beats by dr dre high quality headphones

    Buy earbuds may wish to pick the headphones can prevent external noise, to reduce the ambient noise and increase the chance of Walkman volume. The best headset to wear headdress, earbud headphones than hearing it less damage. Because the earbud headphones plug directly in the external auditory canal, the sound is not provenance, all toward the tympanic membrane in the past, the sound is all received by the tympanic membrane, hearing damage greater. In general, hear the same volume of music, with earbuds headphones than the volume of headphones 7 to 9 dB high.

    Second proposal: to master the 60-60 principle

    People often wear MP3 to listen to music should master the 60-60 principle, which is also internationally recognized method of hearing protection. That is, when listening to music, the volume should not exceed 60% of the maximum volume, continuous listening time should not exceed 60 beats earbuds minutes.

    Suggest three: try to listen to music in a quiet environment

    Experts believe that once the external environment becomes noisy, the output of the headset will be subject to varying degrees of interference. In a quiet environment, the output sound of several headphones is almost the same.

    Long-term wear headphones seriously harmful, especially in-ear headphones. It is recommended to avoid wearing too much headphones.

    In the purchase of headphones when China Headphone Trading Network as a professional platform is your best choice, the platform remitted thousands of headphone manufacturers from across the country, have strict manual qualification review, effectively protect the interests of buyers.

    2018-02-10 10:28:27
  • Long beats by dr dre knowledge, singing these beats by dre benefits

    Singing can be said cheap beats by dre to be a very common entertainment in our daily life. As for the benefits of singing, we may all feel that nothing more than relieving stress. In fact, the benefits of singing go far beyond that. Xiaobian told you to sing today The four major benefits, pick up your little notebook down Oh. First, singing can open the human diaphragm. This is an internal circulation massage, which can not be replaced by most activities. Second, it can enhance the body's immune function. Third, it can train our neural pathways. Whether the elderly, young students, or homeless people, the mood will be better after the choir singing. Xiaobian secretly tell you that singing can also play an anti-aging effect, because investment singing activities can be moved to many usually hard to move to the face tissue, so as to achieve anti-aging, to maintain the effectiveness of skin elasticity. How can we put it into singing? Condenser microphones let you release yourself and fall in love with singing. Able to make an immersive microphone is not usually our microphone comes with the microphone, the real high-quality microphone to beautify your voice to convey the most beautiful voice. Microphone is the charm of self-developed chip processing system, after repeated testing engineers and improve the overall upgrade, so the sound is better. Built-in monitoring, real-time return ear, let you sing at the same time you can hear your own voice, precise control of pitch. At the same time has a good heart-oriented pickup and high-sensitivity output, low noise, effective avoidance of reverberation, isolation of other voices and other characteristics, with it you can have a pleasant voice.

    The integrated metal body with a high-capacity lithium battery capacity of up to 1200 mAh or so, K song more fun. High-sensitivity capacitive high degree of marks, sound better. There are also four tuning panels that can be retouched and tuned for the same experience as studio recordings. Microphone is very portable, compatible with mobile phones, when connected to the computer to ensure compatibility, to better docking mobile phones, computers, electric instruments, etc., to beats earphones achieve accurate signal docking. The use of capacitive wheat noise reduction effect is good, pickup ability to add full, pure sound permeability. Sound card panel using the piano baking process, to better water stains, scratch-resistant flowers.

    2018-02-08 10:13:44
  • On the sound of "knot"

    The sense of knot in the appreciation of the movie and the restoration of classical music (especially in the large system performance) is a very important attribute, and even can be seen as the core attributes of hifi. Here is a brief introduction.

    Resolution should not be difficult to understand, but as important as resolution hifi attributes, knot feeling, it seems a lot of new friends do not know, here to briefly introduce it, by the way why IE8 value of the problem . If you burn the case, the knot feeling should be directly felt, low-frequency stability, positioning quasi-harmonic box, the knot is generally ok ~

    Junction should be the sound field properties, but also the most important sound field properties, in the case of poor pull together open the horizontal field, will lead to deformation of the sound field, the hearing impact is very serious.

    Conclusion image with a metaphor, it should be similar to the lens inside the camera focus. The same sound and pattern, you can also focus on a certain point or surface

    Therefore, the quality factors beats headphones on sale of the sound field associated with the knot are mainly positioning and depth and shape, so that we can feel a stereo sound when the sound field is large.

    Of course, the word alone is the image of condensation. There are some requirements for positioning, but not the first, the sound field has a certain width requirements, but not the first, the highest depth of the request, the wrong position will lead directly to the formation of a cup with a knot (also known as the concept of environmental images ).

    From the solo composition

    For example, the sound of a flute should occur in a small area, slightly larger than a point, and the knot beats by dre should be stable (high in low frequencies, low in low frequencies, and knotted in erratic form) The knot is the form of resonance of the box produced in two cubic meters of space. At this moment, you hear the vaguely sounding sound that is more vague than the whistle sound, diverging fast, having a certain reverberation and containing a large amount of overtone sound image, Very transparent, but the break will not be sharp (high frequency overtones lack of energy, high frequency easily out of control, ue moving iron is often the lack of panic reverberation signal).

    Low-frequency quality requirements here are very demanding equipment, Intuitively, if it is a percussion type of low-frequency instruments, the bass is issued to be able to hear a larger drum shape, if the feeling of low frequency dive, texture , But the drumhead is a small, not a face, then the headset's ability to make the picture is worse, such as se530 ...

    Another good sense of knot, you have to be able to hear the voice of a person's mouth is big and small, if it is a face, the voice is not enough cohesion, then it is very bad. Even able to determine the amount of breath of a lyrics.

    The requirements for percussion is to be able to hear the size of the drumhead, to be able to feel the vibration of a stable diaphragm form.

    Sound divergence effect and the degree of cohesion is a headphone for the need to choose the problem, one of us will experience a situation, when we open a large beats by dre wireless player volume, the sound will be more condensed, but may produce poor Sense of hearing, and when the volume is small, the sound sounds more scattered. Therefore, the image of the front end, in particular, the demand for power amplifier will not be worse than the headphone equipment, which is particularly good for speakers, the ideal state is that we need at the right volume at the same time have a good sense of cohesion and divergence vague sense of blur.

    Finally, the most important and difficult part of the image interpretation is the group harmony (imagery of the energy field), a complete manifestation of a process of energy swell and decline, especially the blending of strings and tubes When the band unison. This involves a trade-off as mentioned above. In addition, it also involves the ability to dynamically restore a system of equipment.

    In reality, most of the music in fact is the sound of a mixed vocalization that requires a fuzzification because everyone who has been to the symphony scene knows that the sound in the hall is very loud . Will not produce a clear boundary.

    When the violin group rubbing strings, there will be a large number of overtime segments missing signal timing (non-reverberation), which is a very vague feeling, the so-called "sense of air", once the equipment to the scene is too clear, then The sense of music will be greatly reduced, we usually think that sound is listening. The good sense of hearing is the need for music "sense of air" as the tide blows.

    Out of color here, a good depth of relationship, excellent ability to make the environment, making interpretation of the big symphony in the context of no chaos, there will be seamless effects. However, when the interpretation of the small system is clearly blurred some of the boundaries, but fortunately, the musical sense is still superior, after all, the overtone performance is based on a strong tuning strength.

    More vividly, the outstanding sense of imagery is that the sound image in a large symphony of the performance of the three different levels of effect, the violin group to bring rich beats headphones on sale "sense of air" (blur) at the same time, The voices of groups playing in the line, and the percussion instrument behind the group when the effect is the basis of Mount Tai - steady, together, that is, to be able to show when the glacier movement that pressure and pounds the momentum, the knot is the most brilliant knot.

    In summary, the sense of knot for tri-band and dynamic control have their own requirements,

    Low-frequency to be stable, to have energy, IF to balance, to connect the high-frequency overtones. The high frequency in the case of the extension of the frequency response, to ensure high-resolution overtone section and frequency response curve balance in order to obtain a stable image sense. Overall, the tri-band energy distribution of the headphone should be balanced with a pyramid to ensure that the image is not erratic due to dynamic distortion in a large scene.

    Of the moving iron earplugs in the intermediate frequency and high frequency has done some processing, will make the high overtone section can not be ignored distortion, but also can bring about a transparent and elegant feeling, the key lies in not to please the human ear (interference monitor? ) Part of the pan audio band erased. So the sound immediately clear up, but this effect on the knot is more serious.

    2018-02-06 10:29:11
  • Recording studio and studio

    The studio studios and dubbing studios are all designed and constructed by acoustic experts. Whether it is sound insulation conditions, sound absorption conditions, reverberation time, or with the microphone, mixer, performance and quality are more in line with the recording requirements, generally able to record satisfactory sound. But if you want to record high-quality clear, bright, full, rounded sound to the U.S. requirements, you still need some recording skills.

    Because the announcer and the host in the studio appearance, the recording and video are completed simultaneously, and the placement of the microphone also consider the picture effect, in order to ensure the picture clean, the microphone generally do not appear in the picture. In this case, in order to record high-quality sound, the microphone shape is very important, the best choice is the use of super-directional condenser microphones or small lavalier microphone (the latter is also a condenser microphone), both microphones can meet Screen composition requirements, and condenser microphone sound effect is good, the sound recording is transparent, clean, small distortion, restore the true.

    But be careful when using the user's mouth away from the microphone to be appropriate. beats earbuds If you are too close to the microphone, prone to near effect, low-frequency sound, the sound sounds rigid, there is no "moisture"; if too far away from the microphone, the reverberation increases, the sound is easy to blur open, unclear, so use more Do a few tests, and finally determine the appropriate distance. Use ultra-small lapel microphone picking sound, pay attention to the location of the microphone wearing (preferably sandwiched in the chest the second button position more appropriate). Because of this microphone is directional, the recording host or announcer head do not make a substantial twist, otherwise, the volume and frequency response will have significant changes, affecting the recording effect in the studio recording, due to Not a mirror, many broadcasters and close microphone recording, remember that the recording level can not be too large, otherwise, the voice of the TV program volume and other TV programs volume inconsistencies, the formation of the phenomenon of sound suddenly big and small, but also prone to overload distortion.

    General dubbing room space is small, if the monitor speakers on the dubbing room, the recording to turn off the monitor, otherwise easily lead to acoustic feedback, the recording sound beats by dre is also empty, the studio and studio recording content is mainly language, so Radiation should be selected at the time of recording input balanced input. In beats by dre studio order to obtain good anti-jamming performance; at the same time mixer frequency equalizer as far as possible to maintain the IF flat, cut off the signal below 100Hz; 6KHz above signal cut off or about 5dB attenuation at 6KHz to reduce interference. To ensure that the language is clear, if the low frequency reverberation mentioned above occurs, you can cut more low frequencies and boost 3dB-5dB at 3KHz-4KHz to improve the beats solo speech intelligibility and achieve satisfactory sound quality.

    2018-02-03 10:28:15
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