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  • Cool headphones big collecting

    These music enthusiasts buy headphones in addition to the requirements of good sound quality, comfortable use of the feeling and cool appearance is also the most important. Qiao capsule appearance, open the exclusive free time. The entire sound cavity to simple and smooth lines, rounded full shape to create avant-garde fashion sense of science and technology. Lightweight dual cheap beats headphones unit structure, stable performance, high sensitivity, high fidelity, sound details of the fiber cents just now. Magnetic design, like chest pendant, not easy to lose. For the movement and sound! Excellent sound structure design, diaphragm effective area greatly improved, whether it is a call or music, can be the perfect presentation of the details. Colorful, diamond cut appearance, luxury type. Anti-sweat anti-cut, in the sweat can also enjoy the love of music. Can be made into the ear and hanging beats by dre studio ear, wearing a comfortable type. Patented cavity structure design, good sound quality from good quality. 180 degrees rotation, exquisite presentation, highlight the atmosphere. Four-in-one multi-function wire-controlled, compatible with the market ninety-nine percent of the equipment, colored choice, stylish type. Singing music headphones, you have a good voice. When the crowd is noisy, I hear quiet, when people are low-key, my beats headphones cheap law move out publicity. High-fidelity sound quality, listen to every rhythm, professional singing level equipment, so that pitch is no longer a problem from this. Fashion tide, youth at any time move.

    Appearance upgrade more cool, external patent adjustable sound plug, high sensitivity, in the resolution, transparent performance are good, metal ear shell shell titanium technology, excellent bright silver texture with durable hardness, long time to use Bright as new Red and white classic three-color with sketches of bloody siege cool cool. Carefully modulated ear angle, multi-size silicone earplugs, in most cases can be perfectly fit the ear. Iconic AKG quality sound, smooth surface, soft touch, anti-scratch performance to a new professional design level. The fuselage made of polycarbonate, light and durable. Real hall level audio enjoy, let your ears fly up. Better drive unit and mechanical and electrical design, professional advanced tuning team technology and methods to ensure that the magic sound headphones can bring you clean the soul of the magic sound quality. Wild classic four-color, fun trend, the pursuit of more pure.

    Such as neon-like texture presented. Full four-color choice, wearing extra glamor, corrugated wire is not entangled. Transparent sense of the body and vivid colors in the ear show, show fresh and transparent sound quality. Additional enhanced sound cavity design, enhanced bass extension clarity and density. Black is the most thorough luxury, silence is the deepest cry. Blue light who mediocre, elegance elegant, unique feeling high-profile does not abruptly Yellow gives light, full of hope and vitality. Red auspicious festive, warm and unrestrained, passionate fighting spirit. White innocent fresh, clean off clamor, leaving moved. Sports heart, enjoy the freedom of wireless. Break the cable to beats headphones listen to the shackles, enjoy the fun of wireless. Drawing face shell design, a number of technical integration to build, enough to make you heart. Audible good sound, memory metal ear hanging, powerful configuration to be excellent design, is worth your sports partner.

    2017-05-26 11:18:28
  • How about bone conduction headphones? Can replace ordinary hifi headphones?

    The power of science and technology is really amazing, bone conduction headphones make use of the wonderful human body structure, increasing the headphone sound new conduction mode. Whether it is in the trend, operation or use of the environment above, all seem to occupy a great advantage than ordinary headphones, bone conduction headphones how the quality of natural music fans have become a question. In accordance with the rapid development of technology today, bone conduction headphones in the future development prospects to replace our daily use of the headset? To understand this problem, we must first know that bone conduction headphones and our usual use of headphones in listening experience What is the difference between the most essentials. Through the introduction of previous articles, we learned that bone conduction headphones, so that directly through the bones spread to our auditory nerve. For example, we use our hands to cover their ears, and then as little as possible to himself, so beats by dre studio that even if your voice is small, you can completely hear what they say, this is the role of bone conduction. So compared to ordinary headphones through the air conduction, reducing the noise, noise and air attenuation. Has a good noise reduction effect, and is the traditional noise reduction headphones can not go beyond. For the pursuit of noise reduction enthusiasts, bone conduction is a good choice. But for music lovers, they are more concerned about the sound quality of the headset. The sound of the transmission is not the same, to bring the sense of hearing is certainly not the same, beats headphones on sale so listen to the sound of the ears and the sound of bone conduction is certainly not the same! This difference is like we listen to their own words, and their own recording Play your own voice, you will feel very different, which is the difference between bone conduction and traditional audio equipment air conduction.

    This is because the sound through the air will be affected by the environment, in the process of transmission of energy will be a lot of attenuation, and ultimately change the sound, when the sound reaches the human ear, but also through the outer ear, eardrum, middle ear, in the whole process, The sound of the energy and sound effects will also be affected. Bone conduction headphones are transmitted through the skull, the sound through the throat and ears between the bones, and then directly to the inner beats by dre on sale ear, the sound of the energy and sound attenuation, the change is relatively small, hear the sound more real. However, the traditional transmission path is driven by the vibration of the eardrum, we are a voice of the emotions, the noise of the disgust, as the music moved from the inner ear. In this transmission path, the body for the sound field changes, the collection of ear features, the earphone on the different frequency of the sound wave gain effect, because the left and right ear signal arrival time difference, and the different direction of the sound lead to different distortion effects, are Was perceived by us and analyzed by the brain. So the sound itself is not just a wave or melody, we feel the sound can not do without the characteristics of the ear itself. And bone conduction headphones are directly through the bone conduction to our auditory nerve above, no ear canal absorption and reflection, the sound will be more lonely, lacking as we in a relatively small space singing the kind of strong sense of the hall. After all, the goal of bone conduction is to be able to better and more comfortable vibration. The most essential role of ordinary headphones is to simulate the quality of sound and space, sound waves into the ear canal, and ultimately will form their own sense of hearing. Moreover, the development of bone conduction headphones to the present, most of them are used in a noisy environment, can hear more clearly, only people who wear bone conduction microphone can hear the sound, is the active noise reduction headphones can not go beyond. But the Bluetooth function of the design, will be outside the signal interference, so the development of bone conduction headphones are still in the anti-interference efforts, bone conduction headphones sound quality has not been upgraded. So the music by the higher pursuit of the people, regardless of bass or treble, are not recommended to consider.

    In general, due to the characteristics of bone conduction headphones, its future lies in the accurate transmission of the signal, in noise reduction, monitoring, medical, underwater snooping and beats by dre wireless other fields to be promoted. But the quality of bone conduction headphones to achieve the music, art a class of height, or difficult. Whether it is bone conduction headphones or ordinary hifi headphones, they are their own strengths, each have focused. So the replacement of the word also does not exist who replaced who.

    2017-05-25 11:22:15
  • High-frequency headphones suitable for listening to what type of song?

    Because each person listening to the different needs of the style, so many manufacturers, in order to bring more special sense of hearing, in the earphone of a band to increase the amount of a judge, in order to meet the various needs of friends. So for the high-frequency headphones, we should listen to what kind of song?

    To understand the high frequency for what kind of song, first of all must understand is the hifi headphones in the tri-band, high frequency, IF, low frequency is how to define. In the high-frequency highlights, each band in the headset has what kind of quality, and performance is what kind of.

    We often hear the talk when the friends say: This is too high on the headphones treble, bass too little, in fact, talking about the high, medium and low frequency of the sense of distribution.

    Low frequency can bring people vigorous, dynamic times to play the feeling. If the frequency of this band is too small, the feeling of Fengrong surging must not, and will lead to high-frequency, high-frequency prominent, making the sound loss beats headphones of balance, intolerable.

    IF almost all the instruments, vocals are included, so it is the most important band. While the violin of the violin quarter of the higher sound; violin ceiling; flute, clarinet, oboe of the high range; Piccolo half of the lower range and triangular iron and other ranges are included in the high frequency. In order to identify the high frequency, we just remember the string group of high range, the high frequency of the tube are in the high frequency is enough.

    High frequency This band is very rare for musical instruments. Only in addition to the violin range of the violin, piano, Piccolo's high range, the rest of the musical instruments are mostly not in this band. Only speakers like this tweeter, will appear in the beats by dre cheap high frequency. So when we put our ears close to the tweeter, we are not listening to the sound of the instrument, but a hissing sound, so the sound of the instrument or the vocals is seldom issued from the tweeter, but only the high tone of the pitch is issued.

    So that the performance of high-frequency headphones suitable for listening to light music and pure voice class music, not suitable for listening to drums heavy low-frequency music. After all, low frequency pay attention to the thickness, the bass is the intensity, the high frequency is the brightness, high frequency is the level. So in our high-frequency prominent headphones, can feel is a melodious ethereal sense of hearing. But its low frequency is very small, frequent frequency and high frequency, making the sound is very clean, but the lack of flexibility. The sound will show a relatively cold, hard, thin tendency, making the human voice is not thick, the infection is a bit low.

    We know that in music, the whole song is a combination of melody + rhythm. Such as male, viola, cello and the like, cheap beats the sound of the instrument is relatively low, the boys are relatively thick, so the melody, the melody, the melody, the melody, the melody, the melody, the melody, the melody, the melody, the melody Compared to the high frequency is not very clear; and low frequency is mainly the rhythm and atmosphere to create.

    So for low-frequency sense of insufficient, high-frequency excellent headphones, listen to the human voice to bring a relatively good sense of feeling, melody will be very good, but the rhythm and atmosphere cheap beats will be weak. In the pursuit of a rhythm of the burning friends to listen to this type of music, they tend to feel intolerable, the lack of no sense of rhythm, but for a long time makes the mood irritability, that white is not fun.

    In view of this, in the choice of high-frequency performance of the headphones, you must consider can not listen to drums, especially the drums of heavy low-frequency music. Generally use the high-frequency performance of the headphones of the excellent friends, the bass is no more requirements, so like to play the game must be careful to beat friends, do not choose the wrong headphones.

    2017-05-24 11:41:39
  • How is the stethoscope effect solved?

    Headphones auscultation effect common in the ear earplugs, because the intimate contact with the ear canal, headphones deep ear canal, wire and clothes or other parts of the friction, collision, these external sound through the cheap beats headset shell, and then into the ear canal, serious Affect the normal listening, then how to solve the stethoscope effect, what is a good way?

    The effects of auscultation are often associated with the headset's wire material, and the way the line is linked to the headset. The harder the wire of the headset, the greater the rigidity of the link between the wire and the headset, the more serious the auscultation effect. This is because the vibration of the wire is not rebound, directly to the whole headset vibration. Choose a soft wire, can reduce the headset auscultation effect. But the long-term use of soft wire, prone to cracks, long-term folding will damage the wire inside the copper wire. So the choice of wire is not very wise to solve cheap beats by dr dre the auscultation of headphones can only proceed from the outside.

    1. We can find a small clip fixed earphone line. Fixing the headset wire with a clip can make the wire close, reducing the friction and the sound produced by the collision.

    2. The headset wire around the ear half-ring to wear, can also be used ear hanging. This makes part of the wire is fixed on the ear, other parts of the wire jitter can not drive the upper part of the wire, thereby reducing the auscultation effect.

    3. Wear personal clothes, reduce the wire because the collar or hat protruding and not close, resulting in friction.

    4. You can also try to put the headphones from the back to wear, provided that the headset wire is long enough, otherwise the beats earbuds headphones suddenly strenuous exercise, making the wire break or headphone outlet break even more harm than good.

    5. Wear C sets, Comply sets of short, is to do sponge sets of famous brand. We all know that C sets can improve the sense of headphones, in fact, the headset stethoscope effect is still a great role.

    For the headset auscultation effect, we should be correct, after all, this is a normal phenomenon, can not be regarded as a product problem. Because this phenomenon can not be completely resolved, can only improve.

    2017-05-23 11:38:59
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