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  • Where is the monitor speaker placed? Seven principles tell you!

    A good mixing environment beats by dre cheap is very important. Mixers with years of experience may be able to mix high-quality songs in studios that do not have acoustics, but for those who are in the process of learning, improving the studio's acoustic environment will It will greatly help your ability to improve. There are many factors that affect the acoustic environment. The position of the monitor speakers is very particular. Regardless of those complex scientific issues, just follow this simple and practical guide, your mix will be very different from the past. Acceptance is not outstanding

    No studio will be perfect. Even well-built professional mixing studios have some flaws. The conditions mentioned in this guide can rarely be fully met, so don't worry too much. In a poor studio you can also mix high quality songs... it's just a little bit harder. The worse the monitoring environment is, the more important it is to compare with professional grades in the mix and test in different monitoring systems.

    1. Let human ears and two monitor speakers be equilateral triangles

    This is the simplest and most beats headphones cheap important rule. Most monitor speakers will have a sweet spot and your head will hear a good balance there. The preferred listening position is the point where the speaker is in an equilateral triangle. The distance between the two speakers is equal to the distance between your head and each speaker. The further away the two speakers are, the farther you should be away from them.

    2. Do not beats solo sit in half the length of the room

    Adjust the position of the chair and do not sit in the exact same distance from the front and behind the two walls. Doing so will cause you to not hear the low frequencies. Low frequencies in the mix are prone to problems, such as bass or sound.

    For the vertical height of the room also follow this principle. Adjust the height of your chair and do not sit in the exact same distance between the floor and the ceiling.

    The exception is the width of the room. You should sit in the middle of the left and right walls to get an accurate stereo effect.

    Don't sit in the second half of the room

    If you sit in the second half of the room according to the previous principle, that will not work. If the wall behind you is closer than the wall in front of you, the sound reflected from behind will bring you many problems.

    Don't let the monitor speakers get too far from the wall

    Many people think that the monitor speakers are as far from the wall as possible, which is a big misunderstanding. The reflections on the walls behind the speakers produce comb filtering, causing some frequencies to disappear completely.

    Please check the manufacturer's instruction manual to find the minimum distance between the speaker and the wall (usually about 30 cm) and place the speaker at this distance.

    Such a small distance may have a little bit of low-frequency gain - you can use some of the speaker's own balance function to reduce a bit of low-frequency, you can also use the software to specifically adjust the room monitor, or regardless of it, just remember in the mix It is good to consider this factor. In short, there is a bit of low frequency gain that is much better than comb filtering.

    5. The speaker should not be the same distance from the side wall and the front wall

    For example, if your speaker is 30 centimeters from the front wall, it must not be 30 centimeters away from the side wall. Otherwise, the resulting standing wave will give your room's low frequency a random spike.

    2018-03-15 10:31:33
  • Listen to beats by dre studio the voice of the future and start with the right choice of headphones

    March 3 is the earliest international day. The ear theme for this year is "Hear the Future, Start with Prevention." As we all know, the ear is an important organ for us to obtain outside information and communicate with others. Once hearing loss occurs, our work and life will be in trouble. At present, about 360 million people suffer from hearing impairment of varying degrees, accounting for 5.3% of the world's total population. Of these, 50% can be prevented by taking appropriate measures to prevent injury, but the neglect of hearing protection has caused this part. People's long-term beats by dre sale hearing loss can no longer listen to future voices. So what is the relationship between earphone selection and hearing protection as a necessity for urbanites? Many people think that the headsets look similar and they can simply choose them. Actually, this is very inappropriate. Especially for heavy users such as call center agents, the design and quality of the headset are very important. To prevent hearing impairment

    The customer service personnel usually work for 8 hours or even longer. If the earphone's structural design is not good enough, it will feel very uncomfortable to wear and it will directly affect work efficiency and mood. On this point, it may be difficult for many people who have not personally conducted telephone service. But think about it. If an office worker's chair is not comfortable, how can he be highly efficient? The customers who call the call center may be beats by dre in various environments, and some are quiet, but others are relatively noisy, such as on the road or in restaurants, especially when many customers use their mobile phones to dial in. Adds extra noise due to signal instability. As with hearing and vision, injuries are not relieved throughout life. The customer service personnel are exposed to noise for a long time. If there is no proper means to protect them, hearing will be greatly hurt. In the beginning, there may be earache, and then the hearing begins to decline. Eventually, as the age gets older, hearing will be much lower than the standard level.

    2018-03-13 10:22:33
  • The brightest star in the crowd came out of the street wearing these headphones only to attract their attention

    In addition to personalized clothing and shoes and hats, digital products can now be said that young people with the necessary items, a cool headset is able to add a lot of the overall shape of the bright spot. However, there are so many headphones on the market. How can the influxes choose a suitable street fashion headset? Fashionable appearance design is essential, to force the sound performance is the essence of this type of headset, wear this headset, let the enthusiasts feel good quality of this person, let the white user think this headset is very handsome, which Is the trend of cheap beats headphones fashion out of the street to choose the essence of headphones. Equipment in addition to stylish personality design, the overall sound performance and workmanship are also very good, it can be said that they become the essential headphones beats earphones out the streets is not a coincidence, friends wearing headphones out in the beats by dre wireless street when

    The advantage of using the collar design is that when the earphone comes off the ear, it can conveniently and naturally hang around the neck. The headphone cable of the earphone is adjustable and can be adjusted to the suitable length. The use of collar-style design, the collar part of the configuration of the battery compartment and remote control, etc., to ensure that the headset body light, no heavy feeling, so exercise wear more comfortable. Both fashionable and futuristic, long-lasting, no exaggeration. Cortex head beam design, both sides of the stretchable extension can be paragraph-free sliding, damping sense is moderate, not easy to fall. Although the use of the pressure-type ear wear, but better breathable protein earmuffs and internal soft sponge to improve the wearing experience, long-term wear will not be discomfort.

    2018-03-08 10:15:53
  • The difference beats earphones between speakers and speakers how to buy

    Now people are watching movies or playing games are not just about the visual effects, people began to have the pursuit of hearing effects, listening to music is even more attention to sound effects. A good speaker is the first step towards good sound quality. Speaker how to buy? What are the types of speakers? Speaker how beats by dre to use and maintenance? Let's take a look together. All kinds of speakers on the market, but no matter what kind of speaker unit by the speaker unit (speaker) and cabinet the two most basic part, in addition, the vast majority of speakers at least two or more than two The speaker unit implements so-called multi-tapped reproduction, so a divider is also an integral part. Of course, the sound box may also have sound-absorbing cotton, inverted tubes, folded "maze pipes", stiffeners / reinforcing partitions and other components, but these components are not essential for any speaker, the speaker's most basic composition Elements only three parts: speaker beats earbuds unit, box and divider.

    The speaker is the terminal of the entire sound system, its role is to convert audio power to the corresponding sound energy, and radiate it into space.

    It is an extremely important part of the sound system because it carries the crucial task of converting an electrical signal into an acoustic signal for the human ear to listen directly to human hearing which is very sensitive, And the sound of complex sounds with a strong ability to distinguish. 1. According to the occasion to use points: divided into professional speakers and home speakers two categories.

    2. According beats earbuds to the playback frequency points: can be divided into full-band speakers, subwoofer and subwoofer.

    3. According to the use of points: Generally can be divided into the main playback speaker. Monitor speakers and return speakers and so on.

    4. According to the structure of the box to points: can be divided into sealed speakers, inverted speakers, labyrinthine speakers, sonic tube speakers and multi-cavity resonant speakers.

    2018-03-06 10:31:18
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