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  • What you need to know before choosing monitor speakers

    Faced with all kinds of monitor speakers, everyone will have some trouble. So before choosing monitor speakers, the following knowledge you must carefully study, can help you make the right choice! Monitor speakers need to provide as accurate and non-stained sound as possible that can truly express music components. When you're recording, editing, mixing, or processing bus audio, a pair of sound-clear speakers ensures that your mixes are successfully delivered to the end user's headset, TV, car, and other audio systems. Note that when we select speakers, there are several points that are prior to accuracy, and we have listed them again to help you find the monitor that best suits your environment. Although there are a large number of active monitor speakers (including amplifier circuits) on the market, here is a reminder that the growth of the recording industry has been accompanied by passive monitor speakers (additional configuration of amplifiers or amplifiers is required). There are advantages and disadvantages. It is important to understand this. Passive monitoring systems are usually modular and require you to match the speaker unit with the corresponding power amplifier, connection accessories (such as cables), and so on. Active monitoring is one thing that can beats headphones on sale be purchased for use, thus providing convenience. You don't need to prepare extra work space, and you don't have to worry about power amplifier matching, because the active monitor speakers are well-matched inside.

    In the entire recording monitoring system, the change of energy will cheap beats by dre have a huge impact on the overall sound, and this effect depends not only on the volume of the volume you hear. It determines the dynamic range of the sound and the headroom provided by the system before the signal reaches peak clipping. High power means that you can hear more transient details, allowing you to fine-tune parameters such as compression, limits, and thresholds. Most devices provide more voltage in the front stage, increasing the energy, and then attenuate some of the signals through the rear-stage transformer circuit and increase the harmonic components without distortion, while other products often fail to do so. The power division of the input signal of the speaker unit in the monitor speaker depends on whether the internal is a single amplifier, a bi-amplifier or a tri-amplifier. Many monitor speakers have two units: a tweeter unit and a bass unit. The former is responsible for high frequencies and the latter is responsible for medium and low frequencies. Some products add a third speaker unit so that low frequencies can be sent to the woofer and mid frequencies to the midrange unit. In a single-amplifier system, a circuit network similar to a splitter divides the amplifier's signal and sends it out, sending signals of different frequencies to the corresponding speaker units: low frequency to the bass tub, high frequency to the high pitcher . In a bi-amplifier configuration, two separate power amplifiers power the two high and low frequency speaker units. Similarly, there are three power amplifier monitor speakers, the signal will be divided into three parts, each unit is separately powered. In simple terms, bi-amps and tri-amps have a smoother, more accurate frequency response and a clearer sound. When magnified separately, each unit can concentrate on restoring the sound that it receives just in the frequency range that it needs exactly, making the restoring process more accurate. When the speaker sizes are similar, the sound of the bi-amp and three-amp cheap beats monitor speakers is clearer. Speakers come in a variety of materials, ranging from paper to Kevlar to aluminum alloys. Manufacturers are constantly evolving their own products. If you are interested, you can find a lot of information about the material properties of different raw materials. But wait a minute, are you really interested in the material of the speakers? The material of course accounts for a large proportion of the sound quality, but you will not use the material as the main criterion to select monitor speakers (what do you hear? Color is the standard). We fully recognize that the speaker unit material has a huge impact on the sound, but we can't just look for the unit material, the most important thing is to listen beats by dre cheap carefully, that is to say, we should care more about the sound results of the monitor speakers than the materials!

    You will find many small monitor speakers, and many large speakers, using an inverted box structure, which can expand the frequency response of the low voice. Doing so will have an advantage, and it may also cause the sound to be less accurate than the closed structure. When the reversed-phase box's inverting hole is behind and the speaker is placed against the wall, this phenomenon can be exaggerated. If you can only put the monitor speaker on the wall or put it on the feet, it is recommended that you choose the pre-inverted hole or closed box to get a more accurate monitoring effect.

    2018-03-21 10:30:34
  • Can't eat chicken? Maybe you dont wear headphones

    Everyone knows that headphones are divided into L and R, L represents beats earbuds Left, and is worn in the left ear. R stands for Right and is worn on the right ear. But do you know why earphones are worn on the left and right sides of the ear? What impact does wearing on the opposite side? The human ear recognizes space, direction, and beats solo level through the left and right ears. In order to ensure the degree of reproduction, when recording music files using the principle of bionics, two microphones are used to record on the left and right channels. This requires two playback devices to be used to respectively correspond to the left and right ears during playback. There will be immersive stereo effects.

    Because of the different structures of the two ears of the human body, in order to provide the wearer with a more comfortable experience, most earbuds or in-ear headphones will also have different morphological designs. If you wear headphones with different left and right shapes, wearing them will cause discomfort to your ears. Wearing them for a long time may also cause ear pain. The better headphones, the higher the sensitivity, the greater the difference between the left and right channels. Wearing a headset will make it impossible for us to discern stereo sound and greatly affect the experience. This is especially true for players who like to play FPS games such as chickens, because such games require listening to determine the enemy's position. If beats earphones you accidentally put the left and right ear of your headphones against you, the sound you hear will be opposite to the orientation of the game, and it is very likely that the enemy will be headshot beats by dre studio from behind. Therefore, in order not to affect your own ears and experience, be sure to read the logo before you wear it, and ensure that the direction is correct.

    2018-03-19 10:22:06
  • Where is the monitor speaker placed? Seven principles tell you!

    A good mixing environment beats by dre cheap is very important. Mixers with years of experience may be able to mix high-quality songs in studios that do not have acoustics, but for those who are in the process of learning, improving the studio's acoustic environment will It will greatly help your ability to improve. There are many factors that affect the acoustic environment. The position of the monitor speakers is very particular. Regardless of those complex scientific issues, just follow this simple and practical guide, your mix will be very different from the past. Acceptance is not outstanding

    No studio will be perfect. Even well-built professional mixing studios have some flaws. The conditions mentioned in this guide can rarely be fully met, so don't worry too much. In a poor studio you can also mix high quality songs... it's just a little bit harder. The worse the monitoring environment is, the more important it is to compare with professional grades in the mix and test in different monitoring systems.

    1. Let human ears and two monitor speakers be equilateral triangles

    This is the simplest and most beats headphones cheap important rule. Most monitor speakers will have a sweet spot and your head will hear a good balance there. The preferred listening position is the point where the speaker is in an equilateral triangle. The distance between the two speakers is equal to the distance between your head and each speaker. The further away the two speakers are, the farther you should be away from them.

    2. Do not beats solo sit in half the length of the room

    Adjust the position of the chair and do not sit in the exact same distance from the front and behind the two walls. Doing so will cause you to not hear the low frequencies. Low frequencies in the mix are prone to problems, such as bass or sound.

    For the vertical height of the room also follow this principle. Adjust the height of your chair and do not sit in the exact same distance between the floor and the ceiling.

    The exception is the width of the room. You should sit in the middle of the left and right walls to get an accurate stereo effect.

    Don't sit in the second half of the room

    If you sit in the second half of the room according to the previous principle, that will not work. If the wall behind you is closer than the wall in front of you, the sound reflected from behind will bring you many problems.

    Don't let the monitor speakers get too far from the wall

    Many people think that the monitor speakers are as far from the wall as possible, which is a big misunderstanding. The reflections on the walls behind the speakers produce comb filtering, causing some frequencies to disappear completely.

    Please check the manufacturer's instruction manual to find the minimum distance between the speaker and the wall (usually about 30 cm) and place the speaker at this distance.

    Such a small distance may have a little bit of low-frequency gain - you can use some of the speaker's own balance function to reduce a bit of low-frequency, you can also use the software to specifically adjust the room monitor, or regardless of it, just remember in the mix It is good to consider this factor. In short, there is a bit of low frequency gain that is much better than comb filtering.

    5. The speaker should not be the same distance from the side wall and the front wall

    For example, if your speaker is 30 centimeters from the front wall, it must not be 30 centimeters away from the side wall. Otherwise, the resulting standing wave will give your room's low frequency a random spike.

    2018-03-15 10:31:33
  • Listen to beats by dre studio the voice of the future and start with the right choice of headphones

    March 3 is the earliest international day. The ear theme for this year is "Hear the Future, Start with Prevention." As we all know, the ear is an important organ for us to obtain outside information and communicate with others. Once hearing loss occurs, our work and life will be in trouble. At present, about 360 million people suffer from hearing impairment of varying degrees, accounting for 5.3% of the world's total population. Of these, 50% can be prevented by taking appropriate measures to prevent injury, but the neglect of hearing protection has caused this part. People's long-term beats by dre sale hearing loss can no longer listen to future voices. So what is the relationship between earphone selection and hearing protection as a necessity for urbanites? Many people think that the headsets look similar and they can simply choose them. Actually, this is very inappropriate. Especially for heavy users such as call center agents, the design and quality of the headset are very important. To prevent hearing impairment

    The customer service personnel usually work for 8 hours or even longer. If the earphone's structural design is not good enough, it will feel very uncomfortable to wear and it will directly affect work efficiency and mood. On this point, it may be difficult for many people who have not personally conducted telephone service. But think about it. If an office worker's chair is not comfortable, how can he be highly efficient? The customers who call the call center may be beats by dre in various environments, and some are quiet, but others are relatively noisy, such as on the road or in restaurants, especially when many customers use their mobile phones to dial in. Adds extra noise due to signal instability. As with hearing and vision, injuries are not relieved throughout life. The customer service personnel are exposed to noise for a long time. If there is no proper means to protect them, hearing will be greatly hurt. In the beginning, there may be earache, and then the hearing begins to decline. Eventually, as the age gets older, hearing will be much lower than the standard level.

    2018-03-13 10:22:33
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