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  • How to prevent shielding electronic dog anti-cheat headset knowledge

    1. What is an anti-shielding headset? The shielded headset is actually a system that consists of the following devices: a dedicated sensor and a dedicated walkie-talkie. Therefore, many anti-shielding headsets proposed by customers actually do not exist, it is a combination of three devices, three are indispensable.

    2. The problem of the work interval of the anti-shielding system The working interval of the anti-shielding system is mainly determined by the walkie-talkie. The sensor only plays the role of sensing the wireless signal and has no relation with the interval. The distance between the beats earbuds sensor and the earphone should not exceed 30 cm.

    3. The purchase and precautions of the anti-shielding system The most important part of the anti-shielding system is the sensor, so its purchase beats earbuds is very important, generally should use the products produced by the regular manufacturers, it has the right frequency, do not run frequency, etc. Characteristics, and the small factory and individual production, easy to produce running frequency and other issues, affect the use of results, and can not even use. Followed by the transceiver corresponding to the sensor, it should have the advantages of long transmission intervals and long working hours. Manufacturers of regular manufacturers generally have quality assurance and good after-sales service, at any time to solve any problem cheap beats by dr dre in the use of customers, while small factories do not have such strength.

    4. The working principle of the anti-shielding system The signal sent by the intercom is converted into a special signal that can be identified by the sensor, and the sound is generated through induction. In order to achieve the purpose of signal transmission.

    5. Can the anti-shielding system be detected by detecting dogs and other devices? First, a wireless signal detector is a device that detects wireless signals. As long as there are wireless signals, it can be detected. However, due to its own design and other reasons, it still cannot achieve correct positioning of the emission source. Second, because of the detection accuracy of the probing dog, it is very sensitive to wireless signals. Once again, our living environment is full of wireless signals. Wireless signals include: mobile phones, walkie-talkies, television signals, wireless monitoring signals, and so on, so the detection of dogs because of their own reasons can not tell what the signal, from where to wait, so do not pose any threat to the shielding system.

    6. What is the shielding principle of the shielding system? The so-called anti-shielding is actually to prevent the shielding of the mobile phone. Since the device for shielding the mobile phone is very common in the real world, in general security applications, cell phone screeners are enabled so that the mobile phone cannot work normally. The anti-shielding system bypasses the mobile phone and uses the walkie-talkie for communication, so the influence of the mobile phone screener is avoided, so as to achieve the purpose of shielding. (The operating frequency range of the mobile phone jammer is: 941MHz--947MHz 1843MHz--1849MHz, the operating frequency of the general walkie-talkie is 100-500MHz).

    2018-05-24 10:16:35
  • How to select a speaker (speaker)?

    Loudspeakers are a key part of the speaker's ability to make sounds. Only by means of the speaker unit can people convert the audio electrical signal output by the amplifier into an audible audio signal. The choice of speaker units is the beginning of making speakers, and a good start is often half the battle. With the development of digital technology, there are often earth-shattering effects in the discs, and the speakers must be able to withstand such high-power impacts. Therefore, when selecting a speaker, it is necessary to select a speaker unit that can withstand high power input in accordance with its own use environment. Treble units, as the name suggests, are intended to reproduce high-frequency sound speaker units in the enclosure. Since the tweeter's role is to replay various high-frequency signals, its operating frequency is generally above 2KHz. Our overall requirement for tweeters is to have a flat frequency response and the highest possible high frequency playback limit and a certain power rating that satisfies the requirements in an effective operating frequency band. The structure of the tweeter unit is mainly composed of horn type, cone type, dome type, and aluminum ribbon type. The horn-type tweeter unit, due to its strong directivity, can hear strong treble beats headphones on sale at the front of the horn, and is mostly used for high-power sound reinforcement, conference speakers and a small number of monitor speakers.

    The dome-type tweeter is currently the most commonly used tweeter in home speakers and small monitor speakers. The diaphragm materials of the hard dome tweeter include aluminum alloy, titanium beats solo alloy, titanium alloy composite film, glass film, and diamond film. The treble played by the dome-type tweeter is bright and metallic, making it suitable for playing pop music, movie music, and effect music. Processing high-quality aluminum beats by dre on beats by dre sale alloy film and titanium alloy composite film hard dome-type tweeter can also be used for classical music and human voice. Soft dome tweeter diaphragm materials are deciduous, silk film, rubber film and bulletproof film several. The treble sound and relaxation of the soft dome tweeter unit when replaying music has a very good natural expression. It is particularly handy when presenting classical music, vocal, and other music with a standard listening concept. It is ideal for producing medium- and high-quality home speakers and small monitor speakers. The so-called composite film is the use of special technology in the silk dome film surface coating a layer of aluminum foil, so that it has a soft ball top sound delicate, soft, natural features, but also a hard dome of the high resolution, bright sound The advantages. When selecting, for example, to take into account the needs of Hi-Fi and AV, consider the following composite dome tweeters. The role of the bass speaker unit in the speaker is to reproduce various low frequency signals. With the development of digital technology, there are often earth-shattering effects in the discs, and the speakers must be able to withstand such high-power impacts. Therefore, when selecting a speaker, it is necessary to select a speaker unit that can withstand high power input in accordance with its own use environment. The structure of bass units is mostly cone-shaped, and there are also a small number of flat plates. The woofer has a wide variety of diaphragms, including aluminum alloy diaphragms, aluminum-magnesium alloy diaphragms, ceramic diaphragms, carbon fiber diaphragms, bullet-proof cloth diaphragms, glass fiber diaphragms, propylene diaphragms, and paper diaphragms. Paper diaphragm is also known as a speaker cone, which is divided into paper cones, pressed paper cones, paper-based wool trays, and reinforced paper cones. The woofer adopting aluminum alloy and aluminum-magnesium alloy diaphragm is generally small in caliber and bears relatively large power, while the timbre of replayed music in the bass unit using the reinforced paper cone and glass fiber diaphragm is more accurate and the overall balance is good. When selecting a speaker unit, the tweeter's power is generally not less than 1/10 of that of the woofer unit. If a two-way, two-unit speaker is used, the tweeter's power rating is even higher.

    2018-05-22 10:29:28
  • The principle of bone conduction headphones

    Under normal circumstances, sound waves are transmitted to the inner ear through both air conduction and bone conduction. Then, the inner and outer lymph fluids of the inner ear produce vibrations. The spiral device completes the process of sound perception. The auditory nerve then produces nerve impulses and presents to the auditory center. Cortical comprehensive analysis eventually "heard" the sound. Maybe we have more or less air conduction (the path is sonic - auricle - external auditory canal - tympanum - malleus - incus - tibia - vestibular window - outer, inner lymph - spiral beats headphones on sale - auditory nerve - auditory center) Perceptual knowledge, beats by dre cheap but for bone conduction, some do not know what to do. Perhaps you will understand this by taking an example: you cover your ears with your hands and talk to yourself. No matter how small the sound, we can hear what we say. This is the result of bone conduction.

    When we scratch our heads, when we eat cookies, how are the various sounds emitted when we brush our teeth? Did you feel that these sounds passed through the brain directly but not through other means? Yes, this is the sound heard through the principle of bone conduction.

    There are two types of bone conduction: mobile and extrusion. The synergy between the two can stimulate the helix to cause hearing. beats headphones on sale The specific conduction pathways are: "Sound wave - Skull bone - Bone labyrinth - Inner ear lymph - Screw - Auditory nerve - Cerebral cortical auditory center ". Usually, people do not need to use their own skulls to feel the sound, but when the lesions of the outer ear and middle ear obstruct the transmission of sound waves, bone conduction can be used to make up for hearing. Such as bone conduction hearing aids, bone conduction headphones, etc., is the use of bone conduction to experience the sound.

    In most cases, the earphones that come into contact with the earphones are called air conduction and are called air conduction headphones. The headphones produced by the beats headphones cheap bone conduction principle call it bone conduction headphones.

    2018-05-19 10:18:57
  • Earplugs daily maintenance tips

    Headphone products, especially earplug products, are small and portable, and are often carried around by beats by dre wireless people. However, earplugs are also very fragile. Improper use is very easy to damage. We have seen friends who used 10 earplugs for one year, so they say earbuds. The use and maintenance are very important.

    From the point of view of the structure of the earplugs, the wires are most likely to be damaged because they are usually soft and slender and cannot withstand too much tension, otherwise they will break off from the inside. And once the earplug wire is beats earbuds broken, it is more troublesome to replace it. The author noticed the details of many earplugs used by friends. When they are not used, friends like to wind the cords around. In fact, this is not true. Wrapped around the player or other things, the earbuds are under tension. Once subjected to a large external force, it is easily broken, especially at the joint. The correct method should be that the earplugs should naturally bulge and remain slack when not in use. Professional practice should buy an earplug storage box to receive earplugs, many high-end earplugs are included in the purchase, placed in such a box, basically to ensure that the earplugs will not be damaged due to external forces. In everyday use, the headphone cord should not be too tight. I encountered a young student friend who used to listen to headphones and walkman in a schoolbag. Therefore, the cords were pulled for a long time and it was easy to suddenly turn around. The body motion pulls the headphone cord. As a result, his headphone cord breaks twice in a week and costs a lot just for maintenance.

    Ear line should also pay attention to the outside, if the external damage occurs, it will directly affect the life of the wire inside. Although the materials used for wire rods are different, they still belong to rubber products. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance methods of some rubber products. Do not contaminate the wires with grease, acids, alkalis, etc. When using these, use dry towels. clean. Worthy of attention is sweat. When sweating is easy in the summer, if the beats headphones on sale sweat is dyed on the line, wipe it clean. Otherwise, the line will harden after a long time, and the line like e5c will erode due to sweat and the silver line will turn green, affecting the appearance and sound.

    The unit of the earplug is a magnet, so do not place it with a strong magnetic object at ordinary times to avoid demagnetization and damage. Such as mobile phones, magnets, speakers, etc., it is best to keep earplugs away from them.

    The diaphragm of earplugs is not only small in area, but also thin, which can be used cheap beats for high sensitivity, but it is also very easy to damage. If the power exceeds the carrying capacity, it is easy to break. The enthusiast's jargon is called "defective." Therefore, when listening to a large volume, the volume must be limited. If you feel that the sound is distorted, you should lower the volume no matter what, otherwise, the unit will die.

    Special attention: earplugs are used on portable devices, and should not be used with caution in power amplifiers and other high-power devices.

    2018-05-17 10:33:33
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