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  • High-frequency headphones suitable for listening to what type of song?

    Because each person listening to the different needs of the style, so many manufacturers, in order to bring more special sense of hearing, in the earphone of a band to increase the amount of a judge, in order to meet the various needs of friends. So for the high-frequency headphones, we should listen to what kind of song?

    To understand the high frequency for what kind of song, first of all must understand is the hifi headphones in the tri-band, high frequency, IF, low frequency is how to define. In the high-frequency highlights, each band in the headset has what kind of quality, and performance is what kind of.

    We often hear the talk when the friends say: This is too high on the headphones treble, bass too little, in fact, talking about the high, medium and low frequency of the sense of distribution.

    Low frequency can bring people vigorous, dynamic times to play the feeling. If the frequency of this band is too small, the feeling of Fengrong surging must not, and will lead to high-frequency, high-frequency prominent, making the sound loss beats headphones of balance, intolerable.

    IF almost all the instruments, vocals are included, so it is the most important band. While the violin of the violin quarter of the higher sound; violin ceiling; flute, clarinet, oboe of the high range; Piccolo half of the lower range and triangular iron and other ranges are included in the high frequency. In order to identify the high frequency, we just remember the string group of high range, the high frequency of the tube are in the high frequency is enough.

    High frequency This band is very rare for musical instruments. Only in addition to the violin range of the violin, piano, Piccolo's high range, the rest of the musical instruments are mostly not in this band. Only speakers like this tweeter, will appear in the beats by dre cheap high frequency. So when we put our ears close to the tweeter, we are not listening to the sound of the instrument, but a hissing sound, so the sound of the instrument or the vocals is seldom issued from the tweeter, but only the high tone of the pitch is issued.

    So that the performance of high-frequency headphones suitable for listening to light music and pure voice class music, not suitable for listening to drums heavy low-frequency music. After all, low frequency pay attention to the thickness, the bass is the intensity, the high frequency is the brightness, high frequency is the level. So in our high-frequency prominent headphones, can feel is a melodious ethereal sense of hearing. But its low frequency is very small, frequent frequency and high frequency, making the sound is very clean, but the lack of flexibility. The sound will show a relatively cold, hard, thin tendency, making the human voice is not thick, the infection is a bit low.

    We know that in music, the whole song is a combination of melody + rhythm. Such as male, viola, cello and the like, cheap beats the sound of the instrument is relatively low, the boys are relatively thick, so the melody, the melody, the melody, the melody, the melody, the melody, the melody, the melody, the melody, the melody Compared to the high frequency is not very clear; and low frequency is mainly the rhythm and atmosphere to create.

    So for low-frequency sense of insufficient, high-frequency excellent headphones, listen to the human voice to bring a relatively good sense of feeling, melody will be very good, but the rhythm and atmosphere cheap beats will be weak. In the pursuit of a rhythm of the burning friends to listen to this type of music, they tend to feel intolerable, the lack of no sense of rhythm, but for a long time makes the mood irritability, that white is not fun.

    In view of this, in the choice of high-frequency performance of the headphones, you must consider can not listen to drums, especially the drums of heavy low-frequency music. Generally use the high-frequency performance of the headphones of the excellent friends, the bass is no more requirements, so like to play the game must be careful to beat friends, do not choose the wrong headphones.

    2017-05-24 11:41:39
  • How is the stethoscope effect solved?

    Headphones auscultation effect common in the ear earplugs, because the intimate contact with the ear canal, headphones deep ear canal, wire and clothes or other parts of the friction, collision, these external sound through the cheap beats headset shell, and then into the ear canal, serious Affect the normal listening, then how to solve the stethoscope effect, what is a good way?

    The effects of auscultation are often associated with the headset's wire material, and the way the line is linked to the headset. The harder the wire of the headset, the greater the rigidity of the link between the wire and the headset, the more serious the auscultation effect. This is because the vibration of the wire is not rebound, directly to the whole headset vibration. Choose a soft wire, can reduce the headset auscultation effect. But the long-term use of soft wire, prone to cracks, long-term folding will damage the wire inside the copper wire. So the choice of wire is not very wise to solve cheap beats by dr dre the auscultation of headphones can only proceed from the outside.

    1. We can find a small clip fixed earphone line. Fixing the headset wire with a clip can make the wire close, reducing the friction and the sound produced by the collision.

    2. The headset wire around the ear half-ring to wear, can also be used ear hanging. This makes part of the wire is fixed on the ear, other parts of the wire jitter can not drive the upper part of the wire, thereby reducing the auscultation effect.

    3. Wear personal clothes, reduce the wire because the collar or hat protruding and not close, resulting in friction.

    4. You can also try to put the headphones from the back to wear, provided that the headset wire is long enough, otherwise the beats earbuds headphones suddenly strenuous exercise, making the wire break or headphone outlet break even more harm than good.

    5. Wear C sets, Comply sets of short, is to do sponge sets of famous brand. We all know that C sets can improve the sense of headphones, in fact, the headset stethoscope effect is still a great role.

    For the headset auscultation effect, we should be correct, after all, this is a normal phenomenon, can not be regarded as a product problem. Because this phenomenon can not be completely resolved, can only improve.

    2017-05-23 11:38:59
  • New headphones must burn machine?

    Today, we explore the issue of new headset burning machine, and now many people in the choice of a certain type of demand when the majority will be in advance to understand, and then start. Headphones are the same, in order to choose a favorite headphones, we will know a lot in advance, but after thousands of selection of headphones after the hand, but did not expect the sound quality so good, and even feel the sound of all kinds of problems, which involves a problem, New headphones must burn machine?

    Perhaps their own online look at the evaluation, or ask the old burner recommendations and experiences, the most important reason is to select the overall quality of their own mind to meet the headphones.

    But it is not only in their own time to understand, but also spent a lot of money in the above, get the headset excited out of the box to listen to the time, dumbfounded - this sound is not how ah! There is a serious by the manufacturers advertising Flicker feeling, but also did not like the old burn that so nice ah, in fact, the new headset is necessary to burn machine.

    In fact, just get the head of the headset, like a newborn, need a period of training, the bones can be more robust, he can learn to walk ah! Headset also need to go through a period of time, that is, "warm-up" The sound will be getting better and better, to be able to achieve the product design target sound quality level, which is a new headset burning machine process, even if you do not burn machine, but also to naturally listen to some time, this can be considered burning machine process, In short is the need to run together.

    This process is what we often say "burning machine", especially in the high file headphones, they are particularly different in the burning machine before and after the difference.

    Because the sound of the headset is through the sound inside the film, the diaphragm sound through the vibration. Through a period of time playback, the diaphragm will gradually eliminate the compact state, the sound details will be more full and supple. Other parts are the same, after a period of time will slowly enter the normal sound quality state.

    So the new headset must burn machine, it is best to headphones connected to the sound source with a moderate beats headphones volume of playback for some time, another different headset on the burning machine time requirements are different, some special models of high-end headphones, need to burn machine for a long time to beats headphones on sale have Good sense beats by dre studio of hearing

    2017-05-22 11:32:28
  • If you want to buy sports headphones may wish to look at how to buy

    We all know that sports headphones are beats by dre on sale designed for sports wear when the headphones, in order to be able to distinguish between the general headphones can be fixed in the wearing parts of the headset, the headset will not move the headset from the ear because of physical movement, With anti-splash, light and other characteristics, better ventilation, are open headphones. Part of the headset brand to adapt to the movement designed to be resistant to sweat, scalable telescopic headset cable (some even completely cancel the external wire), there are some accessories can be fixed headphones. Sports headset portable, durable and other advantages to make it in the hearts of fitness people play an irreplaceable role, today Xiaobian will introduce on the movement of headphones in the purchase process should pay attention to what matters? 1, the size is too small. His shaped object basically represents the size of his sound and battery, the kind of beats by dre small to the hair that you can not see what the battery put things, the use of time must be very short. Do not choose the opposite sex is too small, it must be a pit. You look at Sony's sports headphones regardless of any price, the size of the opposite sex is not small, other manufacturers of technology may not be advanced than Sony.

    2, close to the headset on both sides of the wire control. This wire may fall in your ear, when the movement will be very difficult to cheap beats headphones shake. Sony's sports headphones will not have this risk, even if there is a wire, will be a long distance from the headset, the wire will be hanging on the shoulder will not shake.

    3, beats by dr dre two headphones separated. In the course of the movement of the headset will increase the probability of drop (who do not know what action you will make headphones fall), In addition, if he has a fixed design, then this design is likely to cause uncomfortable Feeling - relative to ordinary Bluetooth headphones.

    4, too expensive. Whether you are waterproof headphones, are likely to use after a period of time there are water problems, and this problem is mostly not warranty.

    5, there are hook design. If you wear glasses is likely to be uncomfortable

    Overall, in the purchase process, first of all to clear the use of headphones, is designed for exercise during the wear it, or usually will use, is to pay attention to the exercise of wearing comfort, or value sound quality. In the movement when the use of headphones, in addition to fixed, but also need to consider the sound quality, running both in the outdoors or indoors, should pay attention to sound insulation, if the sound is not good, not only the details of the music will be covered, Will also be affected.

    2017-05-20 11:40:27
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