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  • The rise of the smart speaker behind who is playing a role

    As a technical branch of artificial intelligence, speech recognition is clearly easier for AI to approach humans. Technology giants choose "speakers" as an entrance, we can see the future of voice recognition will be the focus of human-computer interaction. In the realization of such a consensus, based on voice interaction, tall beats headphones cheap and thin, all kinds of smart speakers are also appropriate to come out in time. With the voice of the ability to interact is the first step to become intelligent, the next step is to beats earphones use voice interaction to complete a variety of beats solo consumer life may encounter the use of the scene, so that the need for smart speakers have more features. As if each smart hardware fire up, there will be some sound in the question, "it will replace the phone," but in fact there is no one intelligent hardware to replace the phone in people's lives in the position. Although a lot of smart hardware has been very popular, but its function at the same time need to rely on mobile phone APP to complete the opening or closing. In the portable degree, although the bracelet small and easy to wear, but the smart speaker than the phone to become bloated a lot. On the other hand, even if the smart speaker in the family environment, after all, we are not always stay at home, in more noisy outdoor environment, the use of smart speakers greatly reduced. So, this means that many people do not like to respect the phone as keen to buy smart speakers.

    Summary: Although no beats headphones one can determine the future of smart speakers can go far, but the front of the smart speaker may be the best form of voice interaction. In the development of voice interaction, the smart speaker may not be the only terminal, but must also be indispensable. It can not replace the intelligent machine, but its development and voice interaction, the development of artificial intelligence should be complementary.

    2017-10-21 10:17:49
  • Headphones regularly clean, give the ears a pure sound quality!

    As a favorite music beats earbuds people, how can we not understand the correct maintenance of headphones? For the maintenance of headphones for health and headset sound quality has a very good protection. If you still do not know how to maintain your headphones, then you can look at this article. Maybe you can help keep your headphones. It is important to be aware of the use of headphones when it is protected. Even some basic protective measures can affect the life of the headset, such as to avoid the use of high temperature or low temperature, do not pull the headline directly to pull out. Remember, headphones are not as durable as you want. If your headphones are worth a lot of money, you should pay special attention to protection. Remind us that the headset should avoid contact with liquid or high humidity environment, because it will affect the headset which is sensitive to electronic components. Also beats by dre worth noting is that you should try to choose the earbuds best suited to the size of the ear canal, to a greater extent to avoid extrusion and push and pull. In the clean headphones above, a soft cloth, a little warm water, or then point the soap is completely enough. But the amount of water and soap to be extra careful, you should try to avoid water or soap into the headphones inside the head. If it is cleaning the soft cloth can not touch the groove, a dry toothbrush can beats by dre wireless provide great help. For those areas where stains are particularly stubborn, you can use cotton swabs or toothpicks for cleaning. As for the headset line, as long as the regular wipe like, after all, this part of the cleaning is much simpler. But for the headset plug, you still need to pay special attention to prevent future bad contact situation.

    You should store your headphones in a clean, dry area, and if possible, pack or bag them. Similarly, the area where the headphones are stored also need to keep the temperature of the matter too high or too low. If the headset can be folded, you should follow the official instructions to reduce wear when not in use. Better protection of the headset is not a difficult thing, it will not take up too cheap beats headphones much of your time, but it can bring long-term effect is obvious. So after reading this article, we may wish to use in the future more attention to the protection of headphones. The use of headphones when bending, grease and improper use of the computer will cause harm to the phone, so the right to maintain a small coup headphones to protect the headset sound quality is not destroyed, but also extend the life of the computer phone.

    2017-10-19 11:18:37
  • Small ears, Peng worship notes endless

    In this music has become unaware of the people of the day, music seems to have a magical effect, we habitually in the song which find resonance, use it to ease the pressure of life, and even emotional healing self-motivation. Headphones because of small and portable as the main medium to listen to music. For many people, wearing headphones too heavy, wearing a bite head pressed face easy to tired, and also more difficult to carry, compared to the figure of exquisite small and lightweight, more suitable as a music lovers pocket Preferred. So, the following small fresh is introduced in several small but has a surging notes in the ear headphones. Outside the headset line design to effectively reduce the headset and skin, clothing contact, listening to you when you bring a sense of relaxation and comfort, long wear not tired, pure sound quality will be comfortable to enjoy. The use of moving-type micro-sound unit, headset sound rich and delicate, around the ear design to wear more stable, sound effects are inherited a consistent performance, supporting soft elastic earplugs can isolate up to 90% of the background noise, so that the environment The impact of a significant reduction, more focused on the desired sound. Headset special edition also uses a professional optimized lengthened twisted pair, to ensure better signal transmission performance with better portability; sub-line with Y-type sub-line, and with anti-fracture design, durability is also people Rest assured; at the same time can change the line design for the future upgrade to enhance the possible.

    Headset configuration of the unit and a small impedance, with the phone, Walkman and other conventional equipment driver is also not difficult, fully able to release the potential. At the same time for different music preferences, there are two different headset EQ settings, a strengthening of low-frequency, a strengthening of high-frequency, to meet the needs of various types of fans. Although the sound quality has been Tucao, but beats headphones on sale the value is really good, the streets to see so many people choose it out of the street to know, this ear, simple lines with rich details, fashion hit color full of eyes, and metal Texture of radial etching, for the headset to add texture, but also more durable. Tuning is masculine, the atmosphere, in addition to listening to pop beats by dre songs, is also very suitable for rock, metal music, jazz such a sense of rhythm and beats solo combat sense of relatively strong music, because it beats solo is better low frequency, straightforward.

    2017-10-17 10:40:36
  • Headset wireless Bluetooth headset, enjoy the wonderful music world

    Now many people like to listen to music, and now the pace of life beats by dre wireless is very fast, listening to music can be very good to relax their feelings, in order to enjoy anytime, anywhere wonderful music, we need to choose a high-end headset wireless Bluetooth headset, Cool style, the design is very stylish, the use of wireless Bluetooth connection, completely out of the shackles of cable, enjoy the free music world. Exquisite fashion design, comfortable to wear, all-round to create high-fidelity sound quality, so you enjoy the sounds of nature, it has a good noise reduction effect, listen to music so that you have the feeling of being immersed, you can enjoy the original Authentic music, the use of wireless Bluetooth connection, the use of more simple and convenient, you can also use beats by dre on sale it to answer the phone, life more convenient. Using wireless Bluetooth connection, beats solo you can connect your computer and mobile phone, you can use it to listen to songs for 20 hours, with a fever-level sound quality, so you enjoy the dynamic stereo music, when you can listen to music while exercise, With intelligent noise reduction beats by dre system, it can also use the call. Has a lot of bright spots, you can make fun fashion music circle, using 4.1 Bluetooth connection, can be continuous life of 95 hours, the sound field is open, smooth sound, with accurate tuning system, to maintain excellent resolution, the use of ergonomic design, Comfortable to wear, the earmuffs can be freely adjusted for multiple angles.

    Fashion new favorite, open the new wave of fashion songs, you can fold the design, easy to carry, convenient storage, with good sound and noise reduction effect, you can enjoy the clear sound, use it sounds good music, for you not the same The auditory feast, listen to more details, feel the music is beautiful.

    2017-10-13 10:25:47
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