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  • Headphones should be full of girls taste

    If you want good sound quality, then it must be good headphones, especially headphones, the beats earphones sound quality even more outstanding. However, the beats earphones traditional headset never escape black, gray, very stiff lines and huge incomparable. What to look is not a girl type of headset. Most of the high value of the headset and not so professional, sound quality and those traditional headset is not a little bad. Not only to pursue the value of the same time also have good sound quality, it is necessary to properly look in a public headset friends. Yan is the naked eye can see. But the sound quality really needs to be carefully selected. Good sound quality headphones, the first point is to have a good noise reduction, sound clearer will have a better listening effect. Second, because of the different types of headphones for different types of music, we have to pick the headphones for your favorite music genres. Middle and low tweeter clearer, more high-definition sound quality, heavy metal music fans can give the ultimate audio experience, multi-function wire-based operation more convenient.

    Publicity cartoon with red hair full of stamina personalized girl's heart, hidden microphone headset style neat. Soft ear muffs to wear more comfortable. Compared to the red publicity, a blue headset can touch some girls with retro feelings. beats headphones cheap Made from natural materials that are more comfortable to wear, headphone cables made from recycled materials reduce the potential for static electricity while still giving headphones the best sound. Right angle audio jack design more scientific, more difficult to break the problem. Compact shape more convenient to carry. Coupled with high comfort padded leather earmuffs material. Set practical and beautiful as one. And some like lyric music, like storytelling or pure music students can choose clear sound headphones. Bluetooth function can make the headset wired and wireless switch back and forth, eliminating the headphone line is too cumbersome. Regardless of boys and girls, childhood will be comic hero Captain America powder, the classic red and blue color retro and full of heroic comic passion. Touching key operation more high-end, can easily switch songs. Memory foam earmuffs padding headphone more fit the head, a more comfortable sense of wear. Foldable design makes the headset more convenient to carry, 10 meters long Bluetooth connection distance makes song transmission more convenient. Cartoon-type headphones have been enough exciting, and more exciting than this is the ear headphones, one second incarnation of soft cat cat girl. Not only that, but even more surprising is that its ears are removable and you can choose different ears to your liking. The same foldable design, incorporating more peace of mind. Good headphones must have good wearing comfort. The retractable head beam adjusts the length freely according to the head circumference, and the breathability of the non-woven ear cap is better. Built-in microphone makes the appearance of the headset more beautiful, one-button button can easily convert headset features. Everyone's emphasis on the headset are not the same, so the choice is not the same, everyone in the choice of headphones must consider what their most fancy, in order to beats headphones cheap choose favorite headphones Oh.

    2017-12-08 10:19:30
  • Headset, you choose the right?

    Have you ever thought about the importance of peripheral equipment to the war situation in a world of gaming every second! A beats earphones good beats headphones cheap gaming headphone gives you the ability to hit your opponent in a "trans-horizon" and the problem is still coming , How to buy gaming headphones it? Come on, first of all you have to read the headset parameters, do not think of a good choice with a key. Frequency range, the human ear can hear the sound frequency range (about 20Hz-20KHz). Most of the headphone frequency response in the beats by dre on sale user can hear the sound frequency within the limits, so this value does not have reference value. Conclusion: the same sensitivity, the impedance of the small, sound good. vice versa. The meaning of sensitivity can be simply understood as the intensity of a sine wave when given a unit of energy. And this data will be affected by various factors, resulting in very complicated results. Conclusion: It can be understood that the influence of "sensitivity" far exceeds the influence of "impedance", and the bigger the number, the better. Note: This data is limited to the selection of gaming headphones. Impedance and sensitivity of these two data beats earphones is just the tip of the iceberg, especially HiFi headphones metaphysics too much, absolutely can not be applied directly. The conclusion may be the opposite or the same.

    Gaming-level headphones have a very important reference indicator is the ability to listen to sound, which is to rely on multi-channel to achieve. Its ability to analyze the sound and sound positioning, as well as large dynamic, large-scale sound field needs to be retractable. Imagine now the grand scene of the game, with a small earbud headphones that is difficult to highlight the level of sound effects; and bass too strong music headphones, due to over-tone, cover up the game a variety of sound details, The sound will be exaggerated. Functional headphones headset noise should not be delusional, the main effect of noise insulation earmuffs on the ears of the package, you can analyze more than the selected product design details of this one. Comfort is also important as the player spends more time per game (how do you get two hours later?). And to determine the comfort, nothing more than the first beam design, comfort earmuffs leather and sponge.

    2017-12-06 10:21:41
  • Speaker modeling how much impact on the sound, the more strange the more weird?

    Does the shape of the beats earbuds speaker have a positive beats by dre studio effect on the sound? Speaker modeling how much impact on the sound, the more strange the more weird? I believe there are many people think this issue over, individuals have heard different shapes of speakers, here I think there are two aspects that we have ignored. Speaking first non-Bluetooth speakers, whether active or passive, the shape of the box on the positive role of the sound big, personally think that in addition to the very small part, basically no impact. Ordinary people look at the shape of the egg, but the old driver looked at the shape of the headlights, which is the co-KEF unique coaxial units and concentrated after the co-element, one of the characteristics of the guide hole front and the formation of the box Loop back, the sound will be more rounded; the second feature is the cost of coaxial speakers so that it can become a standard desktop speakers. However, if the same unit is replaced with a box, the cost cheap beats of the box will also increase, so from this point of view, the positive effect of the box structure on the sound is actually limited. This is actually more performance in the Bluetooth speaker, but Bluetooth speakers put this "disadvantage" has become an advantage, most of the non-cube made of selling shapes, rather than selling the sound. Cylindrical Bluetooth speakers internal anatomy, you can see the upper part of the fuselage is a speaker unit, are generally bass unit, almost all of the cylinder body speaker is so designed, because the bass is diffuse, so in The cylinder can form a 360 sound transmission, but the disadvantage is where?

    In fact, very simple, its sound ceiling is very short, not just a unit, the structure is excessive compression box internal space, for the convenience and beauty at the expense of the potential of the sound. Still Bluetooth speakers, for example, the main reason for the sound depends on the speaker, which is often said that the speaker itself is mostly two-way frequency, this figure is still three-way, and the Bluetooth speaker on the cylinder A speaker, it is not too subwoofer. The size of the box is determined by the speaker inside the box, the same situation is better than two divided by three, a speaker needless to say; the second box of space rationality it will not necessarily Make the sound better, but irrationality will certainly make the sound more flaws. Personally think the answer is yes, in fact, you really care about the beats solo sound is 360 degrees spread it, not just HIFI speakers, the direction of the sound transmission itself is not so particular, you hear the difference in front of and behind the speaker Not big. To prevent you from misunderstanding, let's take a very simple example. Amateur football fans play football. One of the teams plays well in one or two games. But in amateur competitions, will they be able to decide the outcome? In the world of HIFI speakers, the impact of modeling on the sound in the end is how, you can give pointers to the old driver, the next Yan seven for everyone to talk about the subwoofer-related knowledge.

    2017-12-04 10:25:49
  • Unusual personality headphones, with the arcade, said: NO!

    If you are a beats by dre studio leader who is not willing to follow the crowd's "pursuit of personality", in fact, in addition to some traditional audio manufacturers, there are many unusual brand launched a lot of distinctive, very good sound quality headphones. Bluetooth headset from the sports car's design inspiration, showing a dynamic, smooth curve of the stylish shape. The headphone components of the material has a very good creep control, fatigue resistance, friction characteristics, the signal is quite stable, for its sound quality and laid a solid foundation. Edifier W855BT is a thousand dollars to create a new pattern of Bluetooth headsets, with 20 years cheap beats by dr dre of professional audio heritage, a collection of good sound, comfortable to wear, cool appearance, long life, rugged, wired and wireless dual-mode advantages in one. Enjoy the same music details as a wired headset, sensing the amount of each note. The 40mm performance speakers, coupled with imported biological composite diaphragm, to ensure a high-quality beats by dre on sale listening experience. On Bluetooth headset short common shortcomings, but also made the appropriate improvements, low-power circuit design, creating a 20-hour continuous talk time good results. The appearance still retains the classic rock style, a maverick look. After the speaker drive unit is upgraded, the depth of bass dive, the ductility of treble detail, the breadth of the midrange range have been greatly improved.

    Wireless Bluetooth headset, with a washable mesh cover, built-in sliding touch panel, so you cool cool touch, indulge in sports. Simple and practical into a variety of design, so that everyone who sees it, will put it down. No matter how critical you are, you can always find the right headset in your brand. Stereo gold-plated plugs, as well as high-purity oxygen-free beats by dre studio copper wire core, to protect its almost lossless transmission performance. Comes with a portable leather case, from the inside out protection, easy to carry, silicone sleeve greatly enhance the sound quality of headphones. Lightweight design, the entire headphone weighs only 16.4g, light and comfortable, the burden of releasing the ears, long wear is not tired. Micro tilt in-ear shark fin soft ear support, with a slow rebound characteristics, when fitted automatically fit the ear, exercise solid and solid, unfettered ready to enjoy the wonderful sound quality at any time. Headphone cover with magnetic features, you can earbuds can be sucked together, hanging in the chest. Broaden the stereo field, excellent sense of space, so usually dull and boring exercise become free joy. The Bluetooth headset to strengthen the depth of bass dive, popular style tuning, strong low frequency so that the headset is full of bass level experience.

    2017-12-01 10:27:56
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