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  • Analysis of the Features of Mobile Phone Headphones

    Mobile phone headphones directly attached to the people's ears, the use of close-up sound (air vibration or bone transfer), people get the feeling of sound. With the development of audio equipment, mobile phone headset is also more and more widely used. The use of headphones for playback, more and more people's attention and welcome. In general, there are several characteristics. The headset is a personal use of electro-acoustic devices, it is affixed to the human ear, the output power is very small, will not affect other people around the normal work, study, rest and entertainment. Similarly, with the headphones to listen to music, because the headset almost cut off the human ears through the vibration of the air feel the way outside the sound of the outside world noisy environment almost does not affect the listener listening environment. With headphones to listen, especially with high-fidelity headphones, the equivalent of their own to create a good music to enjoy the environment, you can make up for the poor indoor environment, the use of speakers to listen to the adverse beats by dre cheap effects. Especially the headphones to the human ear is almost a direct sound of the diaphragm, there is no space reverberation problem, for the stereo headphones, left and beats solo right channel sound from the left and right ear descendant will not appear cheap beats headphones cross, playback quality and stereo effects better.

    For the headset, the required excitation power is only a few dozen to several hundred milliwatts, if people in the room with the speaker to listen to, the speaker excitation power needs tens of watts. At the same time, when listening to music programs with headphones, the power amplifier of the audio device is less burnt, and no clipping or other non-linear distortion occurs when the sound fluctuates greatly, and the high-fidelity playback state is always maintained. The use of headphones to listen to, if it is a single ear, the sound side; if the dual headphones to listen to listen to monaural programs, people feel the sound image position is not in front of the listener, but above the head, Listen to the stereo program, the sound image in the left ear by the head to the right ear of the space plane. As the headset to a certain pressure on the human ear, the ear will be in a long time to produce some pain feeling. Some people like the big volume of listening, after prolonged use, the beats by dre human hearing system will be affected, and even make normal hearing loss or cause some kind of ear disease and inflammation.

    2017-09-25 11:12:18
  • Teach you the maintenance and maintenance of Bluetooth headset skills

    Bluetooth headset compact and beats by dr dre lightweight, for our lives to bring a quick and convenient, and when you go out and find the Bluetooth headset forgotten, you will find that you have been more and more inseparable from it, but no matter how cheap beats fine workmanship, it is inevitable Bumps, as people have joys and sorrows, there are sunny rounds, the matter since ancient times is difficult, and today Xiaobian teach you some Bluetooth headset maintenance and maintenance of small skills! Do not expose the headphones to liquids or damp places; do not use abrasive solvents to clean the headphones; do not place the headphones at the temperature Very high or very low, the best storage environment for the -10 degrees to +60 degrees, otherwise it will affect the life of the headset; Do not expose the headset in the open fire, to avoid the risk of explosion; Do not touch the headset sharp objects , Will cause scratches or damage; do not insert any objects into the headset, will damage the internal components; do not beats earphones try to remove the headphones;

    ?If you do not use the headset for a long time, please make sure to place it in a dry place, if you beats by dr dre put more than a month to give the charge on time to ensure the performance of the battery and headphones; and away from the temperature changes and dusty places.

    2017-09-23 11:06:16
  • How does the Bluetooth speaker and the mobile power combine?

    Today's portable equipment popular, I believe that many people will have a mobile phone backpack and Bluetooth speakers, the existence of the two also occupy part of your backpack space, do not know if you have thought about the combination of the two for you The burden of the backpack it? In fact, the current market has a lot of mobile power function of the Bluetooth speakers, and how they are combined together? Bluetooth speakers will have built-in lithium battery, this battery is used in two kinds of batteries, beats headphones cheap one is more common 18650 core, the other is a little high-end polymer lithium batteries. They are purchased into the mobile power core with, so in the accessories, the Bluetooth speaker cheap beats headphones and the charge treasure have the same place.

    ?With the same accessories, and then find out their input and output parameters, the Bluetooth speaker battery to their own power supply, which is built from the protection board inside the voltage and voltage, to achieve their own power supply, charging, it is a conventional 5V1A Charge, and some use 5V2A to charge. Mobile power and Bluetooth audio, like 5V1A or 5V2A to charge, to the battery storage beats by dre on sale capacity, when used, and then output 5V1A or 5V2A to charge the device. beats earphones So the Bluetooth speaker as long as the USB interface output voltage current of 5V1A or 5V2A can achieve the function of mobile power, in addition to the transmission of energy to their own speakers, you can also charge other equipment.

    2017-09-22 11:24:41
  • What is the classification of a single speaker type for a Bluetooth speaker?

    ?Bluetooth speaker classification, mainly based on the pronunciation unit and use is divided into a single horn type, double horn type, multi-horn type. Many of the mini-portable Bluetooth small speakers, most of the single speaker, where the first single cheap beats speaker is how to classify it. Mini portable Bluetooth speakers in the pronunciation of the unit is divided into a main speaker, a speaker + a bass radiator, a speaker + inverted hole and the speaker diaphragm and so on several. In the function is mainly divided into ordinary monocular mini-Bluetooth speakers and outdoor mini-Bluetooth speakers and so on. beats earbuds The initial stage of the Bluetooth speaker with this simple monocular Bluetooth speaker is the most prosperous. As the structure of a simple process, without special beats by dre wireless technical support to attract a large number of manufacturers, due to cheap and very popular with Bluetooth speakers like the crowd, a time on the market this number of speakers.

    For people to know and familiar with the Bluetooth speaker has made no small credit. But because of its cavity cavity is too small, product homogeneity serious, low price and other conditions of their own constraints, speaker sound quality is difficult to have a breakthrough, life is relatively short, mostly between 2 to 3 hours, resulting in this Speakers use a lot of limitations, most can only be used in a fixed place. The use of the crowd most of the sound quality is not required, so the low price of ordinary monocular Bluetooth speaker is easy to let the public to buy. As the ordinary mini-Bluetooth speakers is difficult to meet the requirements of outdoor environment, so outdoor Bluetooth speakers will beats by dre wireless emerge as the times require. Its wireless, portable, home outdoor use can be, to achieve the basic requirements of water and thaw, to meet the simple outdoor sports, such as outdoor cycling activities, mountaineering, outdoor some other activities. So these products in addition to the sound quality and indoor Bluetooth speakers have the same requirements, but also on the waterproof, dust, drop has a higher demand, which also caused a higher technical requirements of such products, the cost is relatively high.

    2017-09-21 11:19:38
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