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"Headset syndrome" entangled young people

In daily life, often see some young people, in the ride or cycling, with earplugs to listen to music or a long time in the computer while wearing headphones online; beats by dre there are some work people themselves driving, wearing a long headset answer the phone. The medical experts warned people: long-term use of earplugs, can cause hearing loss, the health of the body have some damage. Medical studies have shown that the safety sound of the ear is 85 dB, and the volume of more than 85 dB will cause damage to the auditory nerve of the ear. As the external environment is noisy, people do not consciously adjust the volume, the ear for a long time exposure to strong sound, people will appear "ear machine syndrome", its main performance: dizziness, headache, palpitation, blood pressure, , Attention is not concentrated, thinking ability to decline, severe cases can cause tinnitus, and even sudden deafness. If you learn or work while earning earphones, you can reduce people's learning and work efficiency.

So to remind people, especially young people pay attention to, to reduce the use of headphones time, walking or traveling, the use of earplugs Cheap Beats By Dre every day is best not more than 1 hour, and the volume can not be too large to listen to some light music or classical music for Should avoid hearing tired. Do not listen to some screaming, rhythm of crazy music. Can often do some ear massage, such as: massage ear, pinch earlobe, soft pond, etc., or two index finger were inserted into the two ears were quickly extracted to improve the blood circulation of the ear, so that the eardrum maintained in the normal function status.

Young people due to work pressure, beats by dr dre short rest time and other reasons, the possibility of sudden deafness is greater, and sometimes these deafness is not treatable. So when you find hearing loss or frequent dizziness, tinnitus, anorexia, etc., to pay attention, should immediately stop Beats By Dre On Sale using the earplugs to listen to, immediately go to the regular hospital specialist examination, making hearing as soon as possible back to normal, do not delay the effective treatment period.