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3 minutes to master headset maintenance skills

?Maintenance of headphones not only need our usual care, but also we need to have good habits. I often see in the subway to the headset volume to a large number of people, even around the people can hear clearly. This bad habits will not only cause serious damage to the hearing, but also make the head of the diaphragm damage, a long time may also be the headset unit sound ring burned. Therefore, in order to listen to health, but also to noisy to others, or the headset volume to open it. I used to like to wear a headset while sleeping, while listening to beats by dre music while sleeping. But often woke up Beats By Dre On Sale late at night, found the headset line has been wrapped around the neck, the headset is also under pressure in the body. This is a very bad practical habit, it is also very easy to cause headphones and wire damage. If you have the same bad habits as the author, please get rid of it as soon as possible. The easiest way is to hang the headphones on the bed or other place Beats By Dre Cheap where the headphones can be hung up, do not let it drill under your body. We all know that the new headset to burn machine, and at least a week's time. This is not wrong, but the author found that some users in the burning machine will always choose some very "passion" music (such as rock and roll), and the volume is very large. The volume is too large to stimulate the diaphragm is also relatively tight new headphones, so that the headphone coil and diaphragm changes, causing damage. So it should first use the soothing music to burn, until it slowly into the state after the use of other melodies and rhythms more powerful music.

Although it is summer, but I still have to emphasize the headset winter maintenance. The winter in the north is so cold that we do not wear headphones when we go out on the street, and beats solo the cold weather will cause the headset to become brittle and increase the risk of disconnection. If you catch up with the windy days or rain and snow days, then even more with the. Finally, the headset as a skin-friendly personal items, it is best not to borrow others, if it is a friend to borrow audition, then use the best after it will be wiped clean. And if it is ear ear, then, even more attention to the ear of the cleaning work, you understand.