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About headphones, how much do you know?

Nowadays, wearing a headset has become a small partner new living habits, listening to music to see the video everywhere it is inseparable from it. Can not just buy long headphones inexplicable not easy to use (inner os: what ghost), then what headphones "short life" is the reason? How can I extend the life of the headset? Do not worry, then look down ... First, why the frequent headset "short life"?

The quality of the headset is not bad, did not fall into the water, but inexplicable make it. If the pro headphones often appear this situation, may be beats by dre studio in the following recipe!

new headphones hand, flew the horsepower to the maximum volume of the headset, easy to make the head of the Cheap Beats Headphones diaphragm damage, so that the diaphragm loss of flexibility, affecting the headset sound quality.

often sleep when wearing headphones, headphones will be wrapped around the neck or twisted into a twist-like, a long time, easy to make headphone line damage, affecting headset life.

often hard pull the headset line, so that separation from the sound source, easy beats by dre studio to cause headphone cable internal fracture.

when the headset, casually wrapped into a group or directly wrapped around the player, headphones and other solid objects often wrapped together, causing the headset cable wear.

use a toothpick or paper towel to wipe the headset, causing paper and other objects into the headset, resulting in clogging and other problems.

Headset cleaning and maintenance

A closer look, these above the bad habits of using headphones, in life seems to have committed. That the correct use of headphones and maintenance methods, do not worry, we learn together!

new headphones to "burning machine"

Burning machine is the initial use of a new headset is an important part of the formal use before the need for new headphones to work for some time to achieve headset performance, sound quality of the best condition. Burning machine generally need to go through the following steps:

(1) Use the volume of one-third of the normal listening intensity to drive the headset for 12 hours.

(2) use the normal listening intensity of two-thirds of the volume drive headphones for 12 hours.

(3) Use the normal listening intensity to drive the headphones for four hours.

(4) Use the normal listening intensity to drive the headset for 72 hours.

(5) into the normal use phase.

(6) in the normal use of the volume is not too easy, not easy to exceed the highest volume of two-thirds.

headset storage skills

Remove the headset from the sound source, you should pinch the plug together with the pull out, must not pull the headset line; headset as far as possible when the correct winding method to prevent the headset line knot, you can also use the reel and other gadgets The

maintenance headphones have the know-how

When cleaning the headset, you should choose a small brush and other cleaning tools to clear the mouth hole earwax, you can also use soft hair toothbrush, and then gently wipe with a handkerchief scarf can not use hard cleaning tools. When the headset is idle, keep the headset in a clean, dry place. At the same time try to avoid the high temperature or too low temperature in the case of using headphones.

correct use of headphones is very important

When running or doing other fitness, try to fix the headset with a fixed clip in the neckline and other appropriate position, to prevent the ear line due to pull, twist lead to damage.

Third, the headset with a good, small ears damage

We usually wear a headset in a long time, there will be the feeling of ear discomfort, the next few points with the headset suggested that you can reduce the headset damage to the ears Oh.

Select the appropriate headset

Headphones are divided into ear, hanging ear and headset three, in addition to choose a good sound quality headphones to reduce the damage to the ears, but also according to our ear space size and head size to choose. In contrast, the headset, although not the other two portable, but less damage to the ear canal and eardrum.

wear headphones to master the "double 60 principle"

"Double 60" principle is the internationally accepted method of hearing protection. That we use the headset, the volume should not be too large, it is recommended not to exceed the maximum volume of 60%, you can also according to their own situation, the volume to a lower, as long as the guarantee can be heard clearly. In addition, the use of headphones for the time should not exceed 60 minutes.

try to sleep when not wearing headphones

Wearing headphones to sleep not only lead to prolonged music play to damage the eardrum, and in the sleeping state prone to headset compression and damage to the ear of the situation.

headphones have "rustle" should not wear

Headphones have rustle or only one side of the sound, it is not suitable for re-use the headset, if you continue to use, for a long time may affect the hearing imbalance.