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Advantages of static headphones

Electrostatic headphones have two great advantages: First, the diaphragm can be done very thin very light, such as the latest generation of STAX in the high-grade electrostatic headset diaphragm thickness only 1.35 microns, which is moving coil earphone diaphragm in any case can not be close. At present the most advanced dynamic headphones diaphragm at least 5 microns thick (see: Edifier H850 diaphragm), because the moving diaphragm must maintain a certain degree of rigidity, plus the voice coil weight and static than the difference between heaven and earth. Electrostatic headphones lighter and thinner diaphragm brings faster speed, better transient response, stronger detail performance. Second, the dynamic ring headphone diaphragm no matter how the design, the diaphragm force is not uniform, there is a division of vibration, and static headphones diaphragm is caught in the positive and negative two parallel fixed plate between the complete cheap beats plane vibration Film, by the electric field is completely uniform, so be able to do linear drive, Beats By Dre On Sale there is no division of vibration, moving the headset of this limitation it does not.

The structure of the static headphones has a natural advantage over the moving headphones. The static headphones can control the minimum point of the diaphragm to be much smaller than that of the moving headphones. The resolution of the monitor is a metaphor. On the same size display, the static headphones Of the resolution of 1024 by 768, while the dynamic headphones can only reach 800 by 600, the smaller the composition of the sound more delicate and accurate. Electrostatic headphones are expensive, not easy to drive, can reach the sound pressure level beats earphones cheap beats and no moving coil headphones, but it's fast response, to reproduce a variety of small details, very low distortion.