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Analysis of the Features of Mobile Phone Headphones

Mobile phone headphones directly attached to the people's ears, the use of close-up sound (air vibration or bone transfer), people get the feeling of sound. With the development of audio equipment, mobile phone headset is also more and more widely used. The use of headphones for playback, more and more people's attention and welcome. In general, there are several characteristics. The headset is a personal use of electro-acoustic devices, it is affixed to the human ear, the output power is very small, will not affect other people around the normal work, study, rest and entertainment. Similarly, with the headphones to listen to music, because the headset almost cut off the human ears through the vibration of the air feel the way outside the sound of the outside world noisy environment almost does not affect the listener listening environment. With headphones to listen, especially with high-fidelity headphones, the equivalent of their own to create a good music to enjoy the environment, you can make up for the poor indoor environment, the use of speakers to listen to the adverse Beats By Dre Cheap effects. Especially the headphones to the human ear is almost a direct sound of the diaphragm, there is no space reverberation problem, for the stereo headphones, left and beats solo right channel sound from the left and right ear descendant will not appear Cheap Beats Headphones cross, playback quality and stereo effects better.

For the headset, the required excitation power is only a few dozen to several hundred milliwatts, if people in the room with the speaker to listen to, the speaker excitation power needs tens of watts. At the same time, when listening to music programs with headphones, the power amplifier of the audio device is less burnt, and no clipping or other non-linear distortion occurs when the sound fluctuates greatly, and the high-fidelity playback state is always maintained. The use of headphones to listen to, if it is a single ear, the sound side; if the dual headphones to listen to listen to monaural programs, people feel the sound image position is not in front of the listener, but above the head, Listen to the stereo program, the sound image in the left ear by the head to the right ear of the space plane. As the headset to a certain pressure on the human ear, the ear will be in a long time to produce some pain feeling. Some people like the big volume of listening, after prolonged use, the beats by dre human hearing system will be affected, and even make normal hearing loss or cause some kind of ear disease and inflammation.