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Analysis of the Influence of Speaker Divider

From the ideal point of view, the divider order is high, the attenuation is fast. Frequency response characteristics, the crossover points caused by the superposition of the uneven range is small, amplitude and frequency characteristics Beats Headphones Cheap than the lower order to be flat. But in fact, high-order passive filter production accuracy requirements, component parameters on the characteristics of high sensitivity. The value of a little different, the characteristics will be greater differences, is not conducive to mass production. Second, in the filter design, the speaker unit is equivalent to a pure resistance to calculate. This is not correct in the high and low end of the band, if the crossover point is close to the speaker cut-off frequency, the situation Beats By Dre Cheap is even more serious. In this way, the actual measured characteristics of the curve and the results of theoretical analysis will be out of people.

Third, the higher the order of the filter, in the cut-off frequency before and after the phase change the more intense. In the stereo also sound, the two speakers of the phase difference, but also an important basis for sound image positioning. High-order filter so that a single speaker issued by the sound phase in the crossover point before and after there is a big change, and a pair of speakers and the two speakers with the speaker unit after the phase change is completely consistent, it is more difficult. This will inevitably affect the correctness of beats by dre the stereo beats solo image positioning. As a Hi-Fi enthusiast, if you have the ability to have the necessary test equipment, it is not possible to impact the high-order filter. However, when debugging audiometry, be sure to use the equipment to measure the frequency response is flat, just listen to music audition is unreliable. Curve flat speakers, listen to the feeling does not necessarily please you. But the curve is not flat speakers, fidelity must be bad. Self-listening sense is very good, most likely frequency frequency in the frequency response from the "monosodium glutamate" role, others do not necessarily think that nice.

Analysis of the first and second frequency divider formula we can see that the second-order filter cut-off frequency is mainly determined by the L and C two component values. And the horn as the divider load impedance of the Q value of a greater impact, and the frequency of the frequency is not. Specific design, the speaker impedance and Q value requirements (generally take the most flat response Q = 0.707), first determine the value of a single reactance element, and finally, by dividing the frequency of the other reactance element value. And the horn in different frequencies on the impedance difference will not reflect the total frequency characteristics.

The frequency division of the first-order divider is determined by the horn impedance and a reactance element. When the frequency changes, the speaker impedance will change. The same speaker to take a different frequency, with the same nominal impedance, the accuracy of the frequency point is not high. Also, the first-order divider decay slowly, two speakers at the same time the frequency band is wide, there are also effects on the speaker sound. But the first-order frequency divider changes are relatively gentle, there will be no dramatic peak and valley changes. The voice is natural and smooth.