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Analysis on the Sound Characteristics of the Unit 's Headphone Amplifier and Headset

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Currently on the market of tube headphones amplifier mostly use Yin-class output to do the final amplifier, this type of circuit structure should be said to be very reasonable. So most manufacturers use. But this circuit output impedance is high, only with 200,300 Europe or more headphones, and the higher the impedance the greater the distortion.

Transistor headset power amplifier with the final stage of the OTL circuit, the impedance requirements are not strict, and the lower the impedance, the greater the output current, the greater the power. So the transistor power amplifier high, medium and low resistance to take, but to push the low-impedance headphones better.

Headset sound features?

Everyone may be more familiar with the headset than eating, then we talk about from the meal. Sichuan flavor spicy, Cantonese taste light, fresh, Shanxi people are hi acid. What are the three flavors of the best taste? I am afraid that different people have different claims. The headset is also the same. European headphones such as Bayern, Sennheiser, AKG, roughly sound similar, real, clear, light water. American beats earphones headphones beats by dr dre such as Gauss, Alice, Goethe, then people feel the voice of passion, humane, vibrant. Japanese headphones have oriental aesthetic features, the voice of the United States, the sound warm, high and low frequency extension is good, some people describe the voice like LS 3 / 5a what you like music, what headphones, you are young or middle-aged, what character, You decide, from the sound characteristics of the above three types cheap beats of only different characteristics, there is no merit of the points.