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Audio editing: "noise reduction headphones" articles

Currently on the market noise reduction headphones are active noise reduction and passive noise reduction two, our daily ear ear is a passive noise reduction, in fact, is the headset into the ear canal, with a physical way to noise reduction. The advantage is low cost, but the noise reduction effect is not obvious, especially for sustained low-frequency noise is almost no filtering effect; but is the voice, whistle and other important tone weakened. Passive noise reduction technology looks a bit pit father, active noise reduction is different, it is through the headset pickup microphone to collect external ambient noise, then the noise into a digital signal, and through the built-in chip processor to calculate a reverse Of the waves to offset the noise. So technically speaking, the effect of active noise reduction is much better than passive noise reduction, low frequency noise filtering is obvious, and will not filter out such as human voice, car speakers and other necessary high-frequency signal; in noisy environments using natural effects obvious. But if the sound from the sound, the active noise reduction technology is a double-edged sword, active noise reduction headphones in the calculation of noise reduction signal will be unconscious to calculate the opposite wave with the audio signal, resulting in signal loss, direct performance Is the sound beats by dr dre quality decline. Active noise reduction technology not only involves the traditional Beats Headphones On Sale acoustics, but also Cheap Beats By Dr Dre involves the algorithm, the processor, the internal circuit design, and the actual environment of the sound sampling also has a great relationship, so only a strong technical precipitation of the old manufacturers to simultaneously reduce noise and sound quality do it is good.

So in the absence of active noise reduction technology on the premise of the sound quality, for any headset manufacturers will not easily take the risk, because once the active noise reduction technology used improperly, it will make the sound quality greatly reduced.

Noise-free headphones can be used in long journeys, it can give you a quiet world, so that you better rest on the road