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Home / News > Bluetooth headset for a long time to use a greater impact on the human body, experts: less use


Bluetooth headset for a long time to use a greater impact on the human body, experts: less use

A small amount of radiation is also harmful, not a long time to use

Professor Norman La Perreier of the Canadian University Health Network Medical Center has previously studied the relationship between cell phone radiation and brain tumors. He said that although the current study does not have the exact evidence that the Bluetooth headset will seriously endanger the health of the human body, but this does not mean that the Bluetooth headset is safe. "The research shows that the headset is designed to meet the design goals of the headset, the Bluetooth headset uses a shorter, less power, and the headset in the transmission process of energy attenuation faster. Bluetooth headset to bring people a more convenient and comfortable experience, but Bluetooth equipment is also the existence of radiation problems, even Beats By Dre Cheap if there is a small amount of radiation, the impact on human health is relatively large.

"In the existing study, we only know that the Bluetooth headset has radiation, but it is still unknown how Cheap Beats Headphones much of this radiation affects the human body." He is very concerned about the impact of radiation on human health, "people have Began to worry about mobile phone radiation will not make the risk of human cancer become larger.

He said that according to the existing study, there is no evidence that there is any direct relationship between the phone Beats By Dre Cheap and the tumor. But he reminded, "Now our research work is still ongoing, and did not come to the phone, headset radiation and lead to human harm beats by dr dre may be the main reason for the study of the length of time is not enough, because the impact is relatively small, may be in the next few years Or a few decades will be the performance, so we can not say that the two must be no contact.

Professor La Perry said, now hype the danger of Bluetooth headset is actually a less responsible performance, so users should also be careful not to use Bluetooth headphones for a long time to listen to songs.