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Bluetooth headset gradually popular, wired headphones will withdraw from the stage of history?

Bluetooth headset popularity has become a trend, then the wired headset will withdraw from the stage of history? Tucao innovation comes from the same, is to cancel the cable headphone jack caused controversy. That a black guy immersed in the Bluetooth headset brought music beats by dr dre in the world of advertising, some people feel delighted in the wireless convenience era really come, some people are worried about the wireless headset at any time lost. But it is undeniable that Apple's mobile phone features, generally represent a basic maturity and popularity of the technology, so the popularity of Bluetooth headset has become a trend, then the wired headphones will withdraw from the stage of history? From the headset industry, Intelligent continuous development, wireless and intelligent headset products will occupy the mainstream market, especially in order to facilitate the famous Bluetooth headset or usher in the outbreak. However, the current headset market situation, in the mobile side, wired headset is still the mainstream, but the Bluetooth headset represents the future trend. The moment will not die, the future has been integrated into reality, and perhaps will continue to show the coexistence of the two long-term situation. But from the short term, the use of wired headphones will be with the popularity of a large number of Bluetooth headset and decline, but still occupy a large part of the market share.

From the functional aspects of the headset, Bluetooth and wired headset are very clear, on the other hand that the complementarity of the two is also relatively strong. Wired headset with no interference from the transmission, the sound quality will be more realistic advantages, but also by the material of the line, such as copper, silver, copper and silver and other sound quality will be biased. Shortcomings are also very clear wired winding, not suitable for regular body walking, shaking songs, such as workshop to work, outdoor running and so on. For the Bluetooth headset, with the mobile phone more and more thin, the phone's Beats By Dre Cheap internal space has become high cost. Cancel the headset interface for the phone to provide more space, followed by reducing the phone body can significantly reduce the difficulty of the phone to do waterproof. The Bluetooth headset DAC chip or Codec integrated chip converts the digital signal into an analog signal and amplifies it, which reduces the consumption of the analog signal on the wire. In theory, can give users a better sound quality. And it also has a Cheap Beats Headphones very obvious shortcomings, by the wireless transmission effect will be the distance, the environment interference.

Therefore, for consumers, the current use of Bluetooth headset is still a minority, more consumers still choose to use wired headset, which is not only the price reasons, as well as easy storage and use habits, Bluetooth headset want to dominate the rivers and lakes , Must wait until the full popularity of wireless technology just have this possibility.

Intelligent will lead the future, wired earphones need to create advantages

Headset industry is divided into wired headset industry and wireless headset industry, which in 2014 accounted for more than 80% of the industry revenue. Because these devices can provide more convenience, increase the application of these devices will be conducive to the development of the market. Especially headphone products in the entertainment and gaming industry penetration rate, can be expected this part of the headset market will grow significantly.

In the foreseeable stage, the number of wired headphones is still in the mainstream, but the wired headset market can only maintain a moderate growth trend. Compared to wireless headphones, wired headphones show a slight advantage, including low cost and low power consumption, as well as strong connectivity and ease of use. This is one of the few advantages of the development of wired headphones in the future, but the Bluetooth headset and wired headset, like electricity and business entities, and can not be completely antagonistic, its complementarity and consumer habits, it is difficult to determine The emergence of wired headset die situation, but its use of the gradual decline in the frequency will become a big trend.

However, the traditional giant is not the smartphone market only players, more and more innovators are involved in this area. These new players come from all Cheap Beats By Dre over the world, many of them are developing new products that incorporate artificial intelligence solutions in headphones, such as integrated application sensing systems, intelligent voice interaction, and intelligent recommendation algorithms. These new companies can be described as the start of the new market