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Bluetooth headset to buy Raiders how to choose their own wireless Bluetooth headset

Call Bluetooth headset: This is the most important use of business office, safe driving, if the main choice of some lightweight, easy to carry, call high-definition, stable transmission of a single ear Bluetooth headset, use lapel or ear hanging earplugs.

Listen to Bluetooth headset: most people buy Bluetooth headphones in order to listen to songs, songs best with binaural Bluetooth, because the single ear Bluetooth can not meet the requirements of the stereo, if the song is certainly the best stereo effect. You can use headset or earbuds Bluetooth headset.

Sports Bluetooth headset: sports songs are also the main purpose beats by dre studio of Bluetooth headset, you need to choose lightweight, wear appropriate, easy to drop the Bluetooth headset, monaural ear can be, if it is ears ears, then pay attention to the thickness of its line The thicker the line, the stronger the auscultation effect.

Play games to watch movies and television: play games and watch movies, the general need to choose a strong compatibility, good Beats Headphones On Sale transmission headset Bluetooth headset, because the headset sound quality is good, sound field is strong, can have a better picture.

Wear experience mainly by the headset of the way, ear cap, weight, tightness of the decision, but according to the individual's subjective feeling different, there will be different. General in the high-end brand is wearing Bluetooth headset are more comfortable to wear.

If you care about the comfort of people, it is recommended to go to the store after the experience to buy. Headset transmission effects are mainly headset chip decision, and now the Bluetooth headset chip is the United States Broadcom and the British CSR. Bluetooth chip on the beats solo market version of the main 3.0,4.0,4.1 three versions, in fact, each version has its own characteristics.

Bluetooth 3.0 has been around for a long time, Bluetooth call transmission is the most stable, which is 3.0 why still exist, its shortcomings is the function is relatively small, power consumption, low transmission rate.

Bluetooth 4.0 transfer rate is higher, transmission distance farther, lower power consumption, wireless coverage enhanced, can be directly connected, without entering the password, but also can achieve automatic connection, intelligent drag two functions, and a large number of compatible Today's digital equipment.

Bluetooth 4.1 is an upgraded version of Bluetooth 4.0, on the basis of 4.0 to achieve more high-definition, higher rate of call, with greater flexibility, but sometimes 4.1 compatibility is not stable, this should pay attention to.

Life time determines how long your Bluetooth headset can be divided into usage time and standby time. And decided to end time with the headset battery quality and headset size are related.

Now most of the Bluetooth headset are based on polymer lithium battery, because of its small size, powerful, long life, the available life is also high. The general Bluetooth headset life has more than seven or eight hours.

Headset size determines the size of the battery hardware can beats solo be assembled to determine the length of life, so the greater the general headset, the battery is also larger, longer life time.