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Bluetooth receiver, let you enjoy the wireless presumptuous sound

Now, music enthusiasts pay more attention to the quality of the music they listen to, but the old wired Bluetooth speakers do not say too much trouble, but also can not meet their own hearing needs. Do you often have such distress, your own home with speakers, audio and other music devices can not use wireless Bluetooth playback? Do you often have a headache, in the end or not to use their own love for a long time the old speaker replaced, and then spend heavily to buy a new Bluetooth speaker? In Beats Headphones On Sale fact, this is completely unnecessary, with a Bluetooth receiver can be a perfect solution to this problem. With it, you will get high-quality, high-quality, high-enjoy listening experience, allowing you to easily enjoy the nondestructive lossless music! Music enthusiasts demand higher and higher quality of music, I believe this almost lossless Bluetooth receiver can bring them the best quality of hearing. And there it is, you can also convert your home wired speakers into wireless speakers, so you no longer need to head for the complicated lines on the table and give you a constant surprise!

Powerful "one to two" function gives a refreshing feeling, you can simultaneously connect two Bluetooth Cheap Beats By Dr Dre speakers, of course, you can also connect two Bluetooth headset, so you and your friends or family can beats earphones enjoy a listening gluttonous feast. And it allows you to worry about caton, incompatible and annoying problems oh ~ ordinary speakers with it can be achieved 1 second Bluetooth docking, into a Bluetooth speaker, allowing users to freely open the wireless era. Moreover, just plug it into the car's AUX port can be wireless songs, answer the phone, so that car audio Hi up, so your driving journey since then become more comfortable and more relaxed. Carefully selected CSR Bluetooth chip, making the data transmission can be more rapid and stable. At the same time to preserve the original sound quality, stereo sound is shocking. Plug and play, two steps to complete. Just plug it into the device's AUX connector, turn on the Bluetooth receiver, turn on the phone's Bluetooth, and connect to the receiver right away. In the design is very simple to discuss clever, smooth surface completely natural, and the touch of the mirror exactly the perfect fusion, giving the most minimalist visual beauty. Second, it can be a second into a Bluetooth without the sound, to achieve the effect of wireless amplifier, Yue dynamic sound of people fascinated. The latest wireless bluetooth design can help you get rid of the shackles of cable. The special bluetooth chip solution can be compatible with 99% of the smartphones and speakers in the market, so that your music enjoy no limit. And is a family of plug-in type, no charge, make you more convenient to use, and more efficient. Lossless transmission, bring you high-quality sound. Although this is a Bluetooth wireless audio receiver, but it is also a charging device for mobile phones and speakers charging head, did not expect it! It is also for you who love music tailored, let you completely get beats earphones rid of the shackles of the cable. Use the most efficient Bluetooth program, let your speakers regain their life, change Bluetooth wireless speakers seconds!