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Bluetooth speakers should be how to choose?

Bluetooth speakers are how to choose? Today's Bluetooth speakers in the ascendant, the market is also a variety of Bluetooth speakers, many consumers are in how to choose a desirable Bluetooth speakers and trouble, then, then Xiaobian will open for you Choose the correct way for a Bluetooth speaker. In short, the Bluetooth speaker is embedded in a speaker inside a Bluetooth chip, which also makes the traditional audio equipment compared to the Bluetooth speaker audience more widely, whether it is mobile phones, notebooks or flat, can be very fast beats solo And the Bluetooth speakers are connected. At the same time, the Bluetooth version of the Bluetooth speaker is also one of the most important factors affecting the quality of the current Bluetooth speakers to 4.0 version of the main. In general, the higher Beats By Dre Cheap" href="/">Beats By Dre Cheap the Bluetooth version, the longer the battery life will be longer, while the effective transmission distance farther, Bluetooth compatibility will be stronger. Under the same conditions, the relatively high power of the Bluetooth speakers sound performance is even better. Of course, this also depends on the speaker can withstand the greater power, when the power is greater than its own capacity, there will be speakers "dance" phenomenon. In order to avoid and reduce the similar situation, manufacturers tend to be in the bottom of the speaker on a layer of silica gel or other things, not only to prevent the speaker beating, but also increase the appearance. This is the relatively complex aspects of the speaker, speaker structure, power and resistance performance will have a certain impact on the playback of the speaker. Of course, the speaker of the category, for example, is the magnetic horn. The effect of the external horn or the cone speaker on the sound effect is more obvious.

Directly say "hearing effect" may feel a bit abstract, simply to see how the sound quality of the speaker, whether there is noise, broken sound, distortion and other phenomena, and whether the bass and treble can be better shown The It is recommended in the audition as much as possible to choose a different genuine songs, and do not deliberately increase the volume. In general, the quality requirements of the very professional very high people will choose the wooden box, but beats by dre now the metal. Plastic and other materials, the box can also be close to the wooden box of the playback effect. Through the speaker inside and outside the space design to achieve a good sound. This is mainly reflected in the speaker design, although the public want to buy a sound higher speakers, but the color of the design is also to a certain extent, the lack of sound effects. Cheap Beats By Dre Finally, the consumer in the purchase of speakers should also pay attention to the next Bluetooth compatibility, if the negligence to buy a can not be compatible with the commonly used audio player speakers, it is worth the candle.