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Bluetooth stereo headset is good to use tried to know

Listening to music is one way that many people are now relieved of Beats Headphones Cheap stress. Soothing music in the brain maneuver, people feel comfortable. But think of going shopping to listen to music but also with a long headphone cable, I feel particularly inconvenient. Recently, I heard that everyone switched to Bluetooth stereo headphones, and then it is really easy to use it? Stereo Bluetooth headset can be said that wireless transmission is an important technological innovation, change the beginning of a single voice transmission function, upgrade to music playback and even music control ability. Listening to the wonderful music from your stereo Bluetooth headset when using Bluetooth wireless pairing is a pleasant surprise, but Bluetooth stereo headphones do not listen to music at the same time as the answering phone, you can only choose one of them, In the function menu to switch, wireless can bring more and more convenience and fun to everyone's life! How to choose a suitable for their own Bluetooth headset? In addition to the basic parameters, shape and other basic considerations, more or consider their own Usage requirements. First determine what you want to buy Bluetooth headset to do, if it is for the call, then choose HFP type Bluetooth headset, if more is used to listen to music, buy HSP type Bluetooth headset, it is noteworthy that, HSP type Bluetooth Headset can take into account the call function, but a lot of HFP can not.

Business-based HFP Bluetooth headset headset how to buy? Look at the compatibility, although between Cheap Beats By Dre the Bluetooth version can be very good compatible with each other, but inevitably there will be special circumstances, before buying must check in the store or by viewing the product Comments and netizens test results. Look at the beats by dre wireless Bluetooth version, as we have already said, the 4.0 version of the transmission distance and transmission speed than the previous version of a qualitative improvement, in the case of device support 4.0 try to consider Bluetooth 4.0 headset. Look at the sound quality, sound quality is not limited to music playback, also can affect the call quality, in addition to an active noise reduction for the sound quality also has to enhance the use of active Beats Headphones On Sale noise reduction Bluetooth headset can also be in outdoor noisy environment Get a clearer call quality. Look at standby time, most Bluetooth headsets are built-in battery, so the Bluetooth headset also affect the use of time, select the actual use of Bluetooth headset battery time also need extra attention. In general, people do not often make calls when they go out and generally have 4 hours of talk time to meet their day's use. Headset standby time is also very important, how long it takes to charge, so long standby time is good. Look at the number of pairs, many business people have more than one phone, you may need to buy Bluetooth headset