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Car audio modified layout tips to get the best sound

In the car audio modification, amplifier, speaker modification is very important, of course, the installation of audio equipment location, the layout of the sound effects will have a tremendous impact. Here we briefly introduce how car audio clever layout.

Car noise - door

One of beats solo the biggest differences between listening to music in a car and enjoying music at home is that the car is moving fast, and in order to achieve good results, it places higher demands on the audio equipment. At the same time, , Fetal noise and mechanical noise will interfere with the sound system. Beats By Dre Cheap Therefore, the need to transform the vehicle. Generally choose the door to do earthquake and sound insulation. Door noise in many car tuning shop car audio tuning shop can do.

?Generally use a soft foamed sponge to seal the door, the best is the use of professional beats by dre wireless shock board, but the cost of shock board foam sponge is much higher.

Speaking of speaker position

Car audio conversion, high, medium and bass speakers have their own independent, if installed together will only interfere with each other. For example, when a car owner refines his car stereo, the tweeter is installed on both sides of the A pillar, the midrange horn is installed on both sides of the center console, and the bass horn is installed on the bottom of the front door. According to modified technicians, this is conducive to the convergence of the middle and high sound, the formation of sound field accurate positioning. And so modified and did Cheap Beats Headphones not destroy the original car parts, ready to spin-off.

Audio clever layout

Many car owners choose to hide the speakers when converted, built-in, so you can save space, is a very practical choice. At the same time you can also choose the shape of irregular speakers, so you can maximize the use of space, and irregular shape is conducive to the elimination of interference between the sonic.