How car safety evolved in the past few decades?

We all drive our cars with relaxed minds and worries, thanks to the technology and excellent safety features added to our cars. But have you ever wondered how the safety in the cars would have looked like when the technology was not that advanced? Surprisingly, safety measures were still taken even in those times, but obviously, they were not as great as today’s, but they sure were pretty impressive for that time. That is why I am going to tell you how car safety evolved in the past few decades so that you can determine how far we have come.

Evolution of car safety in the past few decades

Let’s have an observant look at some of the most amazing things about car safety and broaden our knowledge about it.

1. The brake system!

The brakes are unquestionably one of the most important things when it comes to safety. How …

What are the Essential Maintenance Tips Necessary to Keep Your Car in Top Shape?

A car is a modern-day convenience that makes it very easy to move from one place to another in a faster and more comfortable way. Whether the automobile you have is old and beat up or is new, it is necessary always to maintain it so it can have an optimal level of operation.

You take insurance coverages for your car, you drive around very carefully to avoid damages, but do you make sure to keep the vehicle in its most excellent condition. It is not too late to start to do so with some of these tips;

Inspect the Essential Parts of the Car

Always make sure to inspect the vital parts of the car. These parts include the tires, engine, brakes, filters, battery, belts, hoses, air conditioner (if the car has it), windshield wipers, anti-freeze, heater, and others. The vehicle cannot work optimally when any of these …

What is Digital Signage?

In today’s era, information is not only obtained through printed media, such as pamphlets but can also via an electronic screen, called digital signage. This device itself has dominated several public facilities and can be seen everywhere such as in restaurants, airports, hospitals or shopping centers.

This technology uses LED throughout LCD that displays information. For now, if you want to install digital signage, you can use the services of Rhenus Lupprians. They have digital screen installation services that have experience in their fields.

How it works

To run this device, it requires four main elements. First, a software that will display information on the screen or called a player. Second, the display screen as a content distribution. Third, the computer as a server administrator. Last, the network that connects the server, player, and display. Later the content will be uploaded on the server, then it played through the player. …

Moto Guzzi R9 Bobber Test Ride – V-Twin Engine Sensation

Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber in a classic retro design typical of a bobber custom motorbike on the Moto Guzzi V9 which is not too wide. Has a length of 2,134 mm and a width of 721 mm, especially in the wheels and handle bars that are distinguishing from his brother, namely Roamer.

Although the motorbike with the craddle frame is not too big in terms of dimensions, but Moto Guzzi is again pinning its signature V-Twin engine, the engine block protruding outwards is the hallmark of the matte black motorcycle. This display makes the motor look fierce and masculine. If you want to buy this motorbike, Moto Guzzi motorcycles for sale with the price £ 8.999. And you can order through the website

The front and rear lights adjust the retro theme, but the headlights still use the halogen model while the rear lights have adopted LED technology. …