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Choose either a headset or an earbud

To determine their own use, and then need to consider is the choice of headphones or earbuds headphones, which often listen to music for friends who need to be considered, because only in the music headphones in these categories are more , The other mostly to wear the main type. Earplugs are relatively small and easy to carry, and are also very convenient to accommodate, and headset head unit is relatively larger size, in the dynamic headset products in the large unit size in theory for sound quality performance has a better promotion Role, and wear comfort, headphones may also Cheap Beats By Dr Dre be more ideal.

?But this is not absolute, high-end earplugs products can also bring excellent sound performance. But the headset is not just the kind of home for the style, most of the headset has also been to the portable road, portable headphones can be seen everywhere, many also use a lightweight structure and folding structure, It is not trouble. Wearing beats by dre wireless headphones Beats Headphones Cheap" href="/">Beats Headphones Cheap with the way to wear the ear is completely different, wearing a sense of nothing comparable, so beats by dre wireless the combination of their own characteristics, we also need to determine what kind of style they like. In the ear or non-ear style we also said above, earplugs may be casually listen to people most often choose the style, although we can see a lot of people use portable headphones, but in the end still no popular as earplugs. Mobile phones and other digital equipment comes with mostly for earplugs, which also greatly increased the amount of earplugs held. But many people in order to get a better sound quality or need to choose a better use of earplugs, some of the included with the ear, and some non-ear style, then what should choose which?

??No doubt the ear ear is the more mainstream style, it can wear when the better sound insulation, more suitable for use to carry out, and ear earplugs to a certain extent, to enhance the performance of bass, which is very important to listen to pop music of. But not the ear ear wearing a sense of wearing it is different, non-ear structure in the wear when not too much oppression, more comfortable, and non-ear earplugs are generally semi-open structure, in the sense of hearing more natural clear, many People who like light style may be the first choice.