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Computer headphones have a sound sound how to do

Some users in the use of computer headphones, the headset may encounter the situation of the current sound, which requires careful inspection of some, and identify the specific reasons to try to solve it. Then the computer headset Cheap Beats By Dre has a sound fast and effective way to deal with what is it? 1, the computer did not clean up in time, the accumulation of system waste too much, the computer reflects the slow, should promptly clean up the computer system garbage and antivirus.

2, the computer has static, is the main reason. You touch the iron part of the computer chassis, if the current sound disappears, you put a section of copper, one end of the computer behind the screws, one end of the ground. Excellent effect.

3, headset damage, you can headset and other headset or computer comparison, if necessary, replace the headset. Also your microphone is in a state of reinforcement. Solution: the microphone to remove. Because some sound card does not support.

4, carefully look around the next there is no magnetic field or with sound waves of things. Solution: If you have a magnetic field or sound things, then put the magnetic field of electrical appliances (such as mobile phones, fans away).

5, you only and friends even when the voice, there is abnormal sound, in the chat hall on the normal. Please note that either of you has opened the inside or the speaker is open. If so, please turn off. (Use the speaker must pay attention to the speaker placed, do not against the microphone).

6, the other side of the firewall set a high side (including LAN users, Internet users), different broadband users (such as telecommunications and Netcom) will appear some voice problems.

7, the microphone is not open when the sound is very small sound, opened to strengthen there will be a large current noise. Workaround: Click Control Panel - Sound and Audio Devices - Speech - Record - Volume, and then move the microphone slider volume to maximum.

8, in the case of headphones without sound, be sure to carefully identify the reasons, and then think of ways to solve, do not be too troublesome, sometimes the problem is not very big, a little deal can be resolved.

1, try not to use the headphones in heavy rain, the industrialization of the current social rain there is a lot of cheap beats sulfur, so that the rain of acidic substances may make the earphone line premature aging, or even damage.

2, when we use the headset or earplugs do not pull hard pull hard, so that will damage the headphones may also hurt our auricle, please carefully operate.

3, the headset can not be used after the "volume" in the Walkman, should be placed in the headset box or bag. If it is a headset, you can use the CD-size bag to store, so to a certain extent, can also prevent the headset shell is scratched. It is best to put some desiccant, to prevent aging rubber deformation.

4, for the activities of small walking, cycling and other sports, the user can wear ordinary ear headphones. Remember ear plugs to get ear plugs, to prevent headset rubber aging. The ear is also good, headphones can also be clean. At home, it is best to wear a headset, because the action is more, one will sit, one will stand, and do housework what can prevent the line was hard pull. Listen to the bed in particular to pay attention to, if you beats by dre wireless fall asleep, accidentally turned over, it is easy to put the headset to crush, or turn over the body and the ear leads to pull the ear break.

5, the full use of headset brand accessories, such as reel, and some headphones with the line is very long (3 meters), do not need to use long lines when the headset can be rolled up with a reel.