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Configured to make summer night run more interesting!

Busy all day, put on the equipment to go to the night to become more and more people decompression movement. The major social software is also filled with the night running on the message and self-timer. Night run, not just running, but also running, not, riding, dancing and other sports collectively, no matter what exercise, can relax, free release is a new way of life. With the growth of the night run the family, the night run the popular, night running equipment has become more and more fashionable personalized hot items. A lot of equipment control can spend tens of thousands of pieces of these equipment, then how to become the night under the most beautiful night running family? Quick drying clothes, running shoes, headphones and other hardware equipment is the main competition, then the phone application and headphones Of the music and what tricks? Quick drying clothes can be considered fitness, sports wear the most appropriate clothes, and tightly do not ride, the flow of more sweat do not have to worry about the cold. After the night falls, in the street running under the night you can choose personalized quick drying clothes, cool concave shape, of course, with a reflective strip of quick drying is also a good choice.

So what time do you need a headset? A comfortable, waterproof, easy to get rid of the headphones naturally become beats earbuds the object of the pursuit of sports enthusiasts, and these headphones are you in the night shining artifact blessing. To do a sound is not bad headphones in fact is not difficult, but for running, compared to "tied" traditional headphones, or easy to lose the wireless headset, the perfect fit the body's sports headphones, more people really Put into this release. From the perspective of the headset, its beats by dre studio function is not much difference. The most special is that it can emit a laser, with blue, green and red three options.

The machine has a sensor inside, you can track the wearer's rhythm, the user can swirl through Beats Headphones On Sale the laser to see their own "inner activities." Wear it to run, really is the tide burst, and absolutely able to spike everyone's eye! Using bone conduction technology, ears can still receive the environment sound. To ensure the Cheap Beats By Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dre safety, but also to avoid the sweat into the ears, the headset and health effects. As for the night runners are most concerned about the security issues. Headphones hanging part, using a reflective design, better escort for you. Sound quality, the use of vibration sound, it sounds, and ordinary headset difference is not.