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Directivity microphone is not pointing to the actor can record a good voice

First of all, the pointality is that the microphone can record the range of sound, not its usage. Pointed into all-directional, 8-point and heart-shaped point to point. Simply put, the whole point is that the sound around the microphone is recorded in an average. The 8-word points to the front and back of the sound is normally received, and the two sides are very weak, the heart-shaped point of view only a front angle The sound is normal income come in, both sides and the back are weak; and heart-shaped heart-shaped point and supercardioid point, we usually say that the gun-type point to the microphone is supercardioid point. The difference between the three is the microphone in front of the normal radio angle size. In this way, we can see that in fact, an important role of pointing in the same period of recording is to avoid noise. The country is in the direction of sound that you can weaken the direction you do not need to a greater extent. Of course, the weak noise is not purely directional. Here is a very important concept in recording, that is, the signal to noise ratio. As its name implies, signal to noise ratio is the ratio of effective signal to noise. Why do you need signal to noise ratio? That's because in post-production, you raise the volume, the signal is boosted together with the noise, and you reduce the volume and the signal and noise are also attenuated. If the signal to noise ratio is not good, then it may happen that you raise your dialogue to the right loudness but the noise becomes noticeable, or you reduce the noise to acceptable levels, but the dialogue is not clear.

Directional microphones are not good at pointing to an actor. Sound directivity only serves Cheap Beats By Dre to dampen noise, but we also need to increase the intensity of the sound signal. How to improve the signal strength? beats solo For the sound, raising the signal is beats by dre studio only one factor, that is the distance. The degree of sound attenuation for the country is proportional to the square of the distance from the sound source. A friend shot with a video camera must have had such experience. When you are within one meter of the person being shot, the effect of his voice is still More satisfying, but with a two-meter long cheap beats focal length, the voice weakened more severely, and if the distance was three meters, it was almost impossible to hear the dialogue. So, no matter what microphone you use, you need to be close enough to the sound source, which is why you need to use the lever to put the microphone in front of the actor when making a movie. It is not the same time recording must use the pick, but when the people can not close, the microphone to a good recording location. However, not the closer the microphone is to the actor, the better. Sound there is a phenomenon, called the effect of speaking. The meaning is that if the microphone is too close to the sound source, it will make the sound of low frequency aggravate, so that the dialogue becomes cloudy, affecting the clarity of the dialogue.