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Distinguish headphones is good or bad

Now there are a lot of headphones on the headset market, a lot of expensive expensive cheap. But in these expensive inside may not be good, cheap may not be bad beats by dre studio goods. Want to buy their own satisfaction to the price of the headset is necessary to Cheap Beats By Dr Dre distinguish their own headphones are good or bad.

Excellent headset sound should have several features:

There is no unpleasant noise like "cries" and "hum" and "coax".

Second, the beats solo sound of the sound balance is good, the sound is never too bright or too dark. High-frequency beats headphones low-frequency energy distribution even between the frequency band fusion natural smooth. No abrupt and burr.

Three. High frequency extension is good, delicate and supple.

Four low-frequency dive deep, clean and full, flexible and intensity. Without any fat.

Fifth, the frequency is very small, transparent and warm, vivid and natural. There are thickness. Magnetic. No exaggeration teeth and nasal sounds.

Six. Good resolution, rich details, small signal can also be a clear replay.

7. Have a good sound field characterization, sound field open, instrument positioning accurate and stable. Sound field has enough information, no empty feeling.

8. Dynamic no obvious compression. Has a good sense of speed. Large volume without distortion or distortion is very small.

In the current headset market, the pursuit of high-end extreme recommended Sennheiser, but Sennheiser's product prices are too high, the average user is difficult to afford. Followed by recommended magic sound, I also started a magic sound recording division. The appearance is very stylish, and excellent bass, noise reduction capabilities, workmanship is very good, is the price is very good headphones.