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Do not know: the use of headphones three errors and five tips

For every music lovers, headphones are almost essential. Especially when you go out, put on headphones, put a song of their favorite, whether on the road, or in the normal commute, are feel more comfortable. Even around noisy, headphones and music can also give yourself a remodeling of the Pure Land. However, many people in the course of the use of improper or excessive use, making the headset on their own health hazards

Headphones use the three misconduct

The headset is a personal thing, it is in direct contact with the body, in the repeated wear process, if the use of time is too long, large volume or do not pay attention to headphones, ear clean, it will bring harm to their ears.

Wear for a long time

Wearing headphones for a long time is obviously improper behavior, especially for those who like the quality of light wearing a headset enthusiasts, the overload of the ear load seriously affect the health of the ears, the performance of the deformation of the ear cartilage. In addition, in the wearing process, the headset line will inevitably be pulled, the damage to the ear will be more direct. If you are using an in-ear headset, quickly pull the headphones, the volume of the ear cavity will become larger, the pressure becomes smaller, the force will eventually pass to the tympanic membrane, the tympanic membrane is one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body, such action may cause Permanent damage to the body.

Large volume playback

Young people like to wear headphones to go out, in order to make music everywhere. Out of wearing headphones, of course, can help us a lot of time, such as noisy environment through the headset to answer the phone, or shopping, squeeze the bus when answering the phone, which is very convenient. However, most of the time we are listening to music, when passing through the noisy street or subway, bus, will not be able to change their own music, know that we can clearly hear the lyrics in the song. Trying to cover the ambient noise with a large volume, which is not desirable. Once so, over time, the hearing will become dull, the volume will be more and more open, and ultimately cause hearing damage. A slight point, resulting in auditory hallucinations, serious points, may directly lead to deafness.

Do not pay attention to cleaning

Whatever you do, health is always the first. Food and shelter, etc., which are closely related with health. Good health conditions, will make people happy, but more important is the physical and mental health. The same is true for headphones. Earphone ear pads directly with the skin contact, it may be fabric, leather and other materials wrapped, which means that sweat, grease may penetrate into the ear pad, the ear cushion material can be destroyed, the more important is the breeding of bacteria, if Wipe clean from time to time, the headphones on the breeding of bacteria will be due to prolonged contact with the skin, infected into the ears, which induced skin disease.

How to reduce headset damage to the ear?

Ears are an important part of the body, without the presence of ears, we will not be able to feel the wonderful sounds of this world. For the headset, although the use of the process will produce a series of hazards mentioned above, but the use of headphones has been unable to stop, but can not be prohibited. So, how to reduce headset damage to the ear? Good headphones, of course, must first have a good sound quality, but because it is used to wear, so its quality must not be too heavy, especially for the headset, and the purchase is best in accordance with their own head size and The size of the space within the ears to choose their own headphones. Currently on the market headphones are divided into headset, ear hanging and ear type three types, of which the ear is the smallest damage to wear. Compared to the ear, ear hanging, headset, although there is no small and portable advantages, but because of wearing without ear, so the ear canal, eardrum damage caused by the smallest; ear hanging headphones and ear headphones on us The ears have some damage, if long-term use of this headphones, then, will let our eardrums by some damage; ear earplugs will not hurt our eardrum will not be painful, but easy to increase the inside of the eyes of the dirty things, And bacteria are more, easy to let us produce tinnitus or even dizziness.

Reduce the time to listen to music

Listen to the music time is generally not more than an hour a day, after listening to a period of time to remove the headset, gently rubbing, relax ears. Moreover, do not wear headphones to sleep, or ears after people fall asleep also continue to accept the stimulus, unknowingly villi cells and damaged a lot. In addition, usually listening to music, do not listen to two ears, should rotate around, and do not hold too tight.

Try to listen to music in a quiet environment

Experts believe that once the external environment becomes noisy, the output of the headset will be subject to varying degrees of interference. In a quiet environment, several headphones output sound is almost the same. While listening to music in a noisy environment, people are accustomed to adjusting the beats by dre studio music, the damage to the ear is extremely serious.

Master the 60-60 principle

Often wearing headphones to listen to music should master the principle of 60-60, which is internationally recognized as the protection of hearing methods. That is, people in the use of headphones, the volume should not be too large, it is recommended not to exceed the maximum volume of 60%, can also be based on their own situation, the volume transferred to a lower, as long as the guarantee can be clear. In addition, the use of headphones for the time should not exceed 60 minutes.

Use a protective earplug in a noisy environment

In addition to listening to music, often working in a noisy environment, life, entertainment, are an important reason for hearing impairment. For example, at the airport, construction site work, the noise intensity of these environments is very large (more than 90 decibels). Often in this high noise environment, it is best to take some protective measures, such as wearing a protective earplugs, can effectively block a part of the noise, to protect hearing. If you can not find the earplugs, with cotton balls, paper balls into the ears, but also have a protective effect.

Conclusion: the body is always the capital, even the best headphones, but also need to wear healthy ears to wear. If the improper use of the headset, and the body caused harm, it is worth the candle. So, love music, love headphones, but also to cherish their ears.

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