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Do not take the life of listening songs active noise reduction headphones is the right way to travel

Soap opera, many couples sitting on the train light rail, listening to songs, watching the scenery. The picture is very beautiful, the plot is very moving! But in real life, listening to music on the light rail is a very dangerous thing, ears were blocked, inadvertently ignored the danger of the tracks, minutes is to take their own life joke! We all know that the headset with a certain degree of sealing, if coupled with the sound of the headphones, then cut off the sound of the outside world, one to the ear of the damage, you know, beats earphones each of our ears have a certain The number of fluff cells, beats by dr dre if the long-term "excessive" unhealthy ears, the number of human hair cells in the ear will continue beats by dre studio to decline, making the hearing slowly diminished, seriously hurt the ears; Second, the headset blocking the ears outside the world, Sound crawl ability is weak, people are not easy to detect the potential danger around.

Similarly, buses, subway stations, streets and other places are road killers, people come to the car, wearing a headset to listen to music is a serious thing! Especially for those who love the headset of the enthusiasts, Take seriously. Very often, the more the outside world is noisy, you tend to be higher than the volume within the headset, just to hear the song. But you do not know the danger also increased, an inattentive, death on the unfortunate come.

Xiao Bian proposal, like listening to you, you should choose an active noise reduction headphones, rather than a simple listening headphones. Reason is very simple, active noise reduction headphones, intelligent filtering out the surrounding environment noise, reduce the amount of noise, restore the sound clarity, not isolated from the human ear, clear communication with people, listen to the outside world sound, more Beats By Dre On Sale secure. Of course, it is still a normal music headset, does not prevent your pursuit of HIHI music