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Do you have a good idea?

Often use the sound, it is easy to lead to sound damage, this bad will cause us to cause trouble. Therefore, we have to learn how to maintain it, only know how to maintain it, the sound of life will be more durable, but also give us some unnecessary Beats By Dre Cheap unnecessary trouble. Various parts of the speaker, such as veneer, paper cone, treble silk film, hanging edge, centering stent, adhesive, voice coil and so on are mostly sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. The temperature is too low or too high will affect the stability of these components, such as the temperature is too low less than 5 degrees Celsius, suspended edge easily brittle, this time if open large volume, it is likely to cause hanging edge rupture. In the listening to check the wiring is correct, the potentiometer position is too large. In the boot, shutdown, restart and other operations, the speaker volume should be off to the minimum or the power off to prevent the impact of large current on the speaker damage. Singing karaoke OK to stay away from the speaker, the microphone should not point to the speaker, to avoid the whistle or even burn the tweeter

Any sound open to the loudest, there will be broken and so on, so the volume up to 8 to almost the same, this sound power is 40W, if the general family of 100 square meters of space to use, is more than enough, if you put Square, or a large classroom use, it is bound to its power can not afford to listen to the studio area is not large (usually 12 to 16 square meters), nor according to the requirements of listening to decoration. In this environment, even if placed on a good home theater system, it is difficult to play the desired effect. Therefore, those who are not prepared to do in this area to do a larger investment friends should be simple and practical for the best policy, must not blindly pursue the function of the equipment, big head, Cheap Beats By Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dre the number of multi-audio equipment, high technical content, as a manufacturer, if not one High-quality technical team, it is difficult to produce higher quality equipment. In recent years, a wide variety of electrical plants, audio assembly plant more up, Cheap Beats By Dr Dre but many products really do not worry, but that attractive prices and false propaganda, and very easy to attract those who do not understand the sound of the buyers. For example, some speaker assembly plant, the guiding ideology is the box to be large, speakers to be more holes, as long as the speaker with the horn of the speaker unit can be installed.

So that we can continue to enjoy this wonderful sound, so good things why not?