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Do you really need to talk about the decode?

For the majority of enthusiasts and headset enthusiasts, the amp and the decoder are the most familiar equipment, but for many have just touched the audio industry, consumers, for the two words is still very strange, and recently also total There are a lot of friends asked the author, bought a headset is not the need for amp, is not the need for decoders, decoders are doing, what is the amp is doing, in fact, these just getting friends do not understand.Therefore, this article Mainly for those beats by dr dre who do not understand the decoder and the amp is what the specific use of what friends write, if you have been very aware of the role of these two devices, the article's readability and depth of knowledge may not let You learn too many things, but in fact do not understand the consumer, after all, is a minority, or worth writing a write.First of all, with the current income of more and more people, "spare cash" is also more and more fever The word is also getting closer and closer, the author has always thought that the fever headphones and sound similar to the SLR camera, once many people can not imagine that is astronomical hobbies, but as people gradually increase their income, these It is considered to be expensive to enjoy more and more close to us, but any industry want to play all need some basic knowledge of the accumulation, like the camera industry lens, UV, CPL these are also the basis of knowledge only, Only to understand this knowledge, in order to better play this kind of equipment.As a simple only popular articles, the author's writing is not how professional, but also to minimize the use of professional terms, as far as possible with a great vernacular So that each reader can see how these two things is a thing, understand that they really do not need these equipment.In fact, after understanding will understand that, in fact, the amp and the decoder is not how esoteric, at least for the electronics industry For example, the magnification is the simplest circuit, the decoding may also be a little more complicated.

For enthusiasts, the decoder referred to as DAC, is also the English digital to analog converter, that white is the digital signal to the analog signal converter, the decoder accepts digital signals, the digital signal into analog signals in the professional field, as well as ADC Equipment, as the name suggests is the analog signal for digital signal equipment, but for audio users and enthusiasts, there is no need to use. So what is the digital signal? Simply put, usually use a lot of interfaces are digital signals, such as display Equipment, the DVI interface, HDMI interface, the computer's USB interface, FireWire interface, audio equipment, optical interface, coaxial interface, etc. CD, the traditional 3.5-inch floppy disk, DVD, Blu-ray is the digital signal storage media, Said that the CD-ROM is a digital signal to read the equipment. So why should be converted into an analog signal? Because straightforward, the digital signal is composed of 1 and 0 binary code, even if the amplification is also can not hear ... ... decoding In fact, it is also the life of the most common kind of circuit, through the above description, that is to say any allow users to directly see, hear Audio or video interface is achieved through the decoder, such as HDMI interface, TV, color difference output of the DVD player, there are left and right channel output CD machine, etc., which shows that these devices are equipped with a decoder. The quality of the system is also very important, because in simple terms, although there is a good gap between the digital signal, but compared to different decoders after the output of the analog signal, the gap is beats by dre much smaller So the decoder also ultimately determines the quality of the analog signal, the better the decoder also means that the better the quality of the analog signal.For audio products, if the user's decoder more powerful, then the final The analog sound performance of the analog signal is better, so it can be said that the decoder determines the user's actual senses can experience the sound or picture quality. In fact, here not only that amp, may wish to even bring together the amplifier, hereinafter referred to as amplification equipment For loudspeakers, it is the biggest factor in determining the quality of sound, because before the speaker, are in the form of signals to spread, compared to the last step of the speaker physics But the different speakers have different parameters, for many consumer products, because in order to ordinary consumers can be a very good driver, headphones are used with high sensitivity and low impedance Loudspeakers, speakers also have built-in digital amplifier amplifier module approach, this does allow consumers to plug in the use, but many consumers also found that high-end speaker products are not so "approachable", there are many headphones High impedance, low sensitivity products, speakers, most of the high-end products are also passive design.

For headset products, high impedance low sensitivity design first because most of the high-end headphones are full-size moving coil unit, low sensitivity for the overall control of the sound is necessary, and for large-size moving coil unit, because The diaphragm itself can not guarantee the thickness of the ultra-thin, so often can not reduce the sensitivity of only enough current to drive a smooth open.The high impedance design is also better filter out the noise in the signal, and if the drive The voltage is enough, high impedance but will bring a higher conversion ratio.For the user, if your headset sensitivity is lower than 90dB, the impedance is higher than 300 ohms, then it is best to find a amp with it, but for the ear Put the different budget, the performance of the sound is different, and the different price of the beats by dre wireless ear on the performance of the sound does have a small gap, the user is best based on their own economic strength to choose products. How much promotion is also a lot of friends Asked the question, in fact, for audio such sensory equipment, the upgrade is really difficult to quantify, can only say that if you have two pieces of equipment, not a start Then there will be a mention, the traditional sense of the decoder is not linked to the headset, but the market is now most of the collection of the amp Of the one machine products, users do not buy a pure decoder, is unable to link headset products for both of these devices, there is no gap between the gap is not small, but there is a better gap between the seeing , Especially for decoders such as decoders, as long as the device itself is not too bad, then the upgrade brought about by the promotion and money is proportional to, and to obtain the promotion and the money spent is almost geometric multiple growth , So if the hands of the decoder is already a few thousand dollars in the end of the product, may wish to consider is not to upgrade their own amplification equipment.

On the decoder and the amp, it is necessary to mention that is about the surrounding accessories, and even the power supply and shock absorbers, etc. For these devices, at least the signal line is essential, and many friends also like Buy some fever-level wire, the price is very expensive, and the role of these wires I never denied, but for their own equipment, it is appropriate to do. In fact, for the industry, to really go in Play the name of the first, are the need for some basic knowledge of the accumulation, and everyone in the process of creating the concept is actually a matter of opinion, in fact, this article is the author of the author's own idea, probably a lot of people for the equipment The concept and understanding and the author is not the same, personal experience of a statement, welcome to welcome the discussion also welcome.