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Earphones and earphones, how do you choose?

It is easy to understand why people are confused with earbud headphones and in-ear headphones. The design of these two headphones has some similarities, but in fact they are two completely different headphones. Earbud headphones are attached to the outer ear, usually located in the center of the outer ear, the speaker aligned ear canal. Earbud headphones I am afraid that the majority of students and office beats earphones workers are most familiar with one of the equipment, because they must be inseparable from smart phones, media players and other similar devices. Despite their increased fidelity for headphones, many Beats By Dre On Sale shoppers found that earplugs still fit too much background noise - even if they fit with your ear. Ear-ear or ear canal headphones are worn inside your ear canal, so that the wearer and the outside noisy sound isolated. The advantage of a small amount of in-ear headphones is that you do not have to turn on the volume to resist the noise, and you can turn the volume down to protect your ears. At the same time, in-ear style earphone sound insulation is completely passive noise, no battery or electronic system help. However, the sound effects of in-ear headphones are good, but in the elimination of external noise is still less than the use of active noise reduction technology, the need for circuits to help reduce noise in the ear headphones or headphones. And enthusiasts also found that passive sound insulation headset sound quality is often better than the use of active noise reduction headphones sound quality is better

In-ear headphones, as the name suggests can be posted in the ear canal paste headphones. They are usually made of comfortable, suitable shape of rubber, do not need to use active noise reduction can be a perfect isolation of external noise, and can create excellent bass response. In-Ear Headphones were originally used for live screening. As portable headphones become more and more popular, the demand for music is growing anytime, anywhere. Among them, the noisy environment is always in the inevitable, in-ear style earphones Cheap Beats By Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dre has become one of the best choice to replace the earplugs.

For in-ear style earphones, some people feel uncomfortable to wear, or do not like the feeling of isolation from the surrounding environment, so tend to choose earbud headphones. In fact, compared to ear style earphones, earplugs have a huge Cheap Beats Headphones advantage: they can let you hear the surrounding environment sound ah! When you wear earbud headphones, you will not feel isolated from the outside world. Do you think this feature does not matter? However, in sports, cycling or walking (especially across the road), this is undoubtedly a plus item - enjoy music is important, but after all, safety first ok!