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Earplugs also need maintenance

MP3, MP4, mobile phones, laptops often use earplugs. Earbuds use high frequency, usually do not pay attention to easy to damage, beats by dr dre then we usually how to maintain earplugs? Talk about your experience here.

One, do not burn the earbuds

Just bought the earplugs, many people like to Cheap Beats By Dr Dre cook a pot, with a lot of volume to play very intense music, for several hours or even a few days and nights. This behavior will likely affect the life of the earplugs, so do not deliberately burn earplugs. Especially for those who have not burned earplugs experience novice, chaos burn earbuds is not as its natural, so that earplugs in use, and slowly adapt.

Second, pay attention to the protection of wire

Many people like to wrap the earbuds on the MP3, which is very undesirable. When not in use should try to spread the earplugs line, do not put the line into a ball placed. If the wire is exposed to a lot of sweat and other corrosive beats by dre studio liquids should be immediately wiped with water cloth to wipe the wire to prevent corrosion and hardening. When the earplugs are not in use, the number of plugs should be minimized to prevent poor exposure of the earplug receptacle on the hardware device and excessive wear of the ear plug.

Third, do three anti

Whether the earplug inside the unit or speakers above the speakers should pay attention to three anti: shock, moisture, water. Earplugs are subject to strong vibration, may cause damage to the earpiece unit voice coil and diaphragm, pay attention to moisture and dust can Cheap Beats By Dre avoid the voice coil mold, diaphragm deformation. In addition, should also avoid earplugs for a long time in high temperature conditions, otherwise the earplugs will lose the magnetic, affecting the sound quality.

Fourth, clean work to be done

Frequent use of earplugs should always clean the ear canal to prevent the dirt inside the ear into the internal ear. If you are using in-ear products, be sure to replace the ear or ear cotton regularly to prevent infection with ear canal disease.