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Excellent video experience these headphones to give you shock effect

A sound field excellent headset products, not only can let friends get more intense shock, listening to music when they can feel more than the same feeling, it can be said that audio and video must be digital equipment. But how should such a headset to choose? Is not the more expensive the better? Select the headset for home viewing, be sure to pick a headphones for their Cheap Beats By Dre ears, because these headphones not only allow users to enjoy the use of large, in the music to listen to also have their own advantages

The appearance of stunning, color is very dynamic, elegant black, stylish white, dynamic yellow three styles optional. Ear shell Beats By Dre On Sale for the ear, universal adaptive transfer design, easy to wear point of view. Ear shell with a new plastic materials, exquisite wear, colorful. Silicone headband with built-in stainless steel, high-grade texture, durable. High elastic TPE anti-winding wire, storage convenience, long service life. Earmuffs with high quality velvet fabric, comfortable to wear, good ventilation. Headphone sensitivity 89dB, impedance 32 ohms, very easy to drive. Wire control shape is extremely simple, control the button for the entire microphone cover, directly press the middle of the microphone cover to answer the phone and control music playback and other functions, feel good, easy to Cheap Beats By Dr Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dr Dre use. Cavity shell, cavity bracket are aluminum alloy. Not only can be part of the horizontal rotation, but also in the cavity bracket and head beam connection before and after the location of the adjustment, this quite innovative Beats Headphones Cheap ergonomic design, making this headset wear more comfortable.

Headset frequency response range of 10-30000Hz, the sensitivity of 105dB, driven up is also very easy to support the design of the line, and can support IOS and Andrews system. From the sound point of view, this headset is more biased in the low-frequency voice performance. And for most of the portable headphones in the market, this tuning is still more common for such pop music does have a very good sense of hearing, solid and can effectively reduce the impact of some of the teeth, Is a can meet the needs of users to listen to popular music headset products. Headset also integrates a wire control device, easy to adjust the volume and switch microphone, the use of more convenient. The head of the head of the head and the earmuffs are part of the use of a soft sponge made of sea material, better ventilation, suitable for long use.