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Good sound from good headphones! Moving iron is good or dynamic?

People who like to listen to music know that the sound of a song is good. The headset is a great hero. Everyone says that good sound comes from a good headset. In the end, beats earbuds it is good to use a moving earphone or a dynamic earphone. Many of my friends are not very clear It's In fact, moving iron headphones more resolving power, can give us a more perfect sound, and moving coil is more advantageous in the bass effect, to say which of them is good, in fact, moving coil plus iron is better, can Complement each other. Good sound from good headphones! Moving iron is good or dynamic? Usually we come into contact with the headset, most of them are dynamic headphones, dynamic headphones are prominent in the low frequency, if you want to hear more details of the sound, it should choose to move iron headphones, it is a double-action Circle plus iron combination of headphones, just to overcome the weakness of each other, the sound performance is more abundant, sounds very full and sound-resistant. Dynamic headphones Although the details of the sound performance is not perfect, but in the sports headphones, consider the beats by dre more low convenience, are generally more popular songs to listen to, so with the water sweat sweat headphones even more Advantages. It is also a wire headset, but also with a high-definition microphone, usually in the movement to answer the phone is also very convenient.

In fact, the song is better headphones, its moving coil unit larger, stronger resolution, more details of the voice is the performance of the most vivid, special than is able to bring better bass, give us A kind of spot-like feeling. It is a Bluetooth headset, with innovative noise reduction technology, can adjust the city's environmental noise, give us a quiet listening environment. There is a concept of noise reduction in headphones, they also pay special attention to reduce noise effects, it is the headset with active noise reduction and passive noise reduction headphones, the noise can be largely controlled by our own size, it can be said Noise canceling headphones Beats Headphones Cheap" href="/">Beats Headphones Cheap in the black technology. It cheap beats has a built-in high-definition microphone, usually can hear the sweet as the net sound at the same time, can also be a separate clear voice calls.