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Good voice is heard! Teach you how to identify the sound quality is good or bad

As the saying goes, a sub-price Beats By Dre Sale goods, this is a basic Cheap Beats By Dre principle, it can be said for any commodity is applicable. Expensive headphones in general is naturally better than cheap headphones, whether it is reflected in which side also has its reason to sell so high prices. But many people think that your headphones sound quality is better, in fact, too many factors affect the price of the headset, not just the sound quality, it may also come from the brand itself or the design of the excellent, good headphones sound quality It should be, but not necessarily some headphones than it is so little sound quality maybe it's not beats solo it's excellent. On the other hand, the sense of headphones is subjective factors, this is difficult to decide, different people like different voice performance, perhaps some high-end headphones do not adapt to some people's sense of hearing, which is expensive Can not get beats headphones his favorite. High-end HiFi headphones are generally designed for music enthusiasts, most people do not have the quality requirements of the headset so high, and some subtle quality is generally not the people, choose a can meet their own headphones and every Kind of headset sound orientation is different, will not have two headphones sound is exactly the same, even the same brand of the same model may also have subtle differences, but this is the charm of the headset. Everyone's listening preferences are the same as the sounds of the headphones, like what kind of music is entirely their own personality, not the same with others. For the mainstream music type, it is critical to pick the headphones that are suitable for the performance of this musical sound style. At present, most listen to pop songs, which may not need a strong analytical ability, but requires a good bass performance and excellent sense of listening, etc., the current market for most of the headphones for pop music, bass enhancement what The more common. Some friends like to listen to female music, then this requires a high-frequency performance of the outstanding headphones, dance and rock and roll with the choice of headphones have some differences. Classical music requirements are more comprehensive, generally need high-quality headphones, analytical strong, tri-band performance is very good, sound field also need to open and so many qualities need to meet certain requirements, but the price may also be much more expensive. Do not need to spend so much money, the right is the best.