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Headphone daily maintenance rules

The daily maintenance of the headset must be mastered before it can be used for a long time.

1, the maintenance of the plug. At present, many ear plugs have selected gold-plated plugs, which is very helpful for reducing the impedance, and the transitional wear will also lead to changes in sound quality.

This layer of gold plating is generally very thin, and if it is plugged and unplugged many times, the surface will wear quickly, so it is recommended not to pull the ear plugs down. This is not only bad for earplugs, but also makes the interface of the camera loosen, resulting in problems such as poor contact.

2. The connection between Beats Headphones On Sale" href="/">Beats Headphones On Sale the earplug wire and the plug is just fixed with rubber. There is a solder joint inside. Pulling the cord downwards to pull the ear plugs easily causes the solder joints to fall off. This is also an undesirable behavior.

The beats headphones correct way is to hold the plug, and then gently pull it out. Here is another one, that is, do not use too much force when pulling, too fast.

3, although today's ear pickles have many advances than before. But also pay attention.

If you do not pay attention at the time of collection, the line is folded at a hard angle, it is very easy to cause the wire to break and damage the earplug. Therefore, keep a certain arc when folding the line.

4, the outside of the earbud line should also pay attention to, if the external damage occurs, will directly affect the life of the wire inside. Although the materials used in wire rods are different, they still belong to rubber products. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of some rubber products.

If you do not contaminate the wire with grease, acids, alkalis, etc., wipe them with a dry towel when these are present. Worthy of attention is sweat. When sweating is easy in the summer, if the sweat stains the line, wipe Cheap Beats By Dr Dre it clean.

5, temperature and humidity. Excessive temperatures or excessive humidity can damage earplugs. In particular, the performance on the diaphragm is the most obvious. If the diaphragm is under high temperature and high humidity, the diaphragm of the earplug is easily deformed. So do not get earplugs close to these places. Such as direct sunlight, fire, water and so on.