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Headphone driver unit comprehensive analysis

Currently on the market a lot of headphones sold, from the scientific explanation, the headset is a pair of conversion unit, it beats by dre studio receives the media player or receiver issued by the electrical signal, the use of close to the ear speaker to convert it into the sound can be heard. The headset is generally detachable from the media player and is connected by a plug. The advantage is not affect others in the case, can listen to the sound alone; can also separate the sound of the surrounding environment, in the studio, DJ and other people working in a noisy environment helpful. According to different technology development, the headphone drive unit can be divided into various categories, and we generally recognize the transconductivity (Transducer) to distinguish the unit classification. According to the headphones in the use of the transducer sound drive, can be divided into moving coil (Dynamic) and electrostatic (Electrostatic), piezoelectric, moving iron, pneumatic, electromagnetic and so on. Moving headphones headphones, also known as electric headphones. At present, most of the cheap earphone earplugs are like this, the principle is similar to the electric speaker, in the permanent magnetic field in the winding of the cylindrical coil connected with the diaphragm, the coil driven by the signal current driven diaphragm sound. The difference between the loudspeaker headset and the general loudspeaker is the difference between the diaphragm and the diaphragm edge of the loudspeaker loudspeaker is generally fixed on the elastic medium (folded and centering) (for example, on a large aperture woofer) Is a flat conical, provided by the elastic medium of the smooth system of vibration; and in the moving headset, the diaphragm edge directly fixed to the drive unit frame, the diaphragm has a fold, the vibration system of the smooth by the diaphragm The material of the stretch and shrinkage and wrinkle deformation to provide, so that the dynamic headset drive unit diaphragm material selection and shape design of the unit's final sound quality is very large, but also very delicate. Dynamic coil drive unit technology is now very mature, the technology will not have a big change, the current improvement is mainly to develop higher magnetic density of permanent magnets, more ideal diaphragm material and design. While the maturity of the technology also makes its corresponding lower cost, more competitive, the Beats By Dre Cheap market penetration is high.

Electrostatic, also known as electrostatic plane diaphragm, is the conductor (usually aluminum) coil directly plated or printed on a very thin plastic film, accurate to a few microns (currently STAX new generation of static earphone diaphragm has been accurate to 1.35 microns); placed in a strong electrostatic field (usually by the DC high voltage generator and fixed metal sheet (net) composition), the signal through the coil when the cutting electric field, driven diaphragm vibration sound. Advantages are good linearity, small distortion (electric field than magnetic field uniform), high frequency and transient response (diaphragm quality lighter). The disadvantage is the need for specialized drive circuit and electrostatic generator, low frequency response is poor, expensive. Efficiency is not high. The use of air pumps and valves to control the air flow, direct control of air pressure and flow, making the air vibration. Sometimes the valve to use high-power speakers instead. A headset is often used on aircraft, and this headset is actually just an airway. Advantages are no electric drive, unlimited parallel, high efficiency. The Beats By Dre Sale disadvantage is distortion, frequency response is narrow, there is noise. The structure of the electromagnetic headphones and earplugs is shown in Fig. It is mainly composed of magnet, coil, magnetic permeability of the diaphragm and the shell and so on. The coil is on the magnet. Magnet magnetism on the diaphragm has a certain attraction, so that the diaphragm is usually slightly curved. When the audio current through the coil, the electromagnet alternating magnetic field, the magnetic field will strengthen or weaken the total magnetic field, the diaphragm under the action of the magnetic field suction, will be further bending or relaxation to produce vibration, Beats Headphones Cheap" href="/">Beats Headphones Cheap so that the surrounding air corresponding vibration , Thus making a sound. Electromagnetic headphones have high impedance and low impedance, and electromagnetic earplugs also have high impedance and extended impedance of two.