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Headphone extension will affect the sound quality What is the headphone extension cable?

Most headsets now have a line length of about 1 meter, and some are only 0.5-0.8 meters long. When listening to songs, they often feel inconvenient because of short headset cables. Computer and small fever sound, speakers do not want to be placed next to the device? At this time, if you have a headphone extension cable, you can easily solve your troubles.

We know that the main function of the earphone extension cable is to extend the length of audio equipment such as earphones. For example, if a desktop computer uses a headset, the headset cable is generally required to be longer. If the headset cable is too long, it is inconvenient to use a mobile phone MP3 and other devices. Has played a very good role in lengthening, unplug headphones can be used to mobile phone MP3 and other equipment convenient, plus the use of computers and other relatively long lines on the use of computers.

To tell you the truth, if you use a headphone extension cord that doesn't affect the beats solo sound quality at all, it's impossible, because as long as there is a change in the sound quality, whether it's an extension cord or a patch cord, or even the adapter, it will have an impact. The key depends on you now. Headphones, front end. Therefore, it is not recommended here to use a headphone extension cord, no matter what brand of headphone extension cord is not a small damage to the sound quality. If you really want to use it, choose the earphone extension cable with better quality as much as possible. It is better to use a headset extension cable like a few dollars or even a dozen dollars on a certain treasure.

Of course, this is only for people who have special requirements for sound quality. If there is no special requirement for sound quality, that would be fine. There is a proverb "Multiple Censers" that is appropriate for explaining the sound quality. Headphone extension cable, this more "Censer", in theory, is Beats Headphones On Sale certainly the impact of the notebook output sound quality. Therefore, when the headphone line is long enough, try not to extend the line. If it is not to be used, it is also recommended beats headphones to choose a better quality extension cord to reduce the loss of sound quality to a level that can be perceived and distinguished by human ears.