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Headphone line change is not just "metaphysics", but upgrade will be out of order

Many audio equipment in the "Metaphysics" link, there are always many are often filed. Whether it is a large speaker or a small headset, a ring both high fever players or entry white are concerned that it is "wire problem." Although now in-ear headphones already have a "change sets such as replacement machine" argument, but more people are concerned about the wire for the sound changes. In discussing the headset related forums, we can still see a lot of friends are discussing the line changes to their headphones bring sound changes. Of course, there are still many of my friends scoffing at them, with superficial theory to declare "change the line Cheap Beats Headphones useless," that these persistent change friends doing nothing. In fact, from the structural point Beats Headphones Cheap" href="/">Beats Headphones Cheap of view, the wire will still have a certain impact on the sound. Our common headphone cables are made of copper or silver-plated copper wire, there are hybrid techniques in the more advanced wire. Different materials and the preparation of the entire cable, shielding technology, different processes will lead to different wire resistance characteristics and transmission characteristics, the final sound of course is not the same.

To give a relatively simple example to illustrate that the different materials, length of the wire actually the entire line of impedance and filtering properties will have a "modest" impact. At the same time, since most in-ear earphone units are high-sensitivity and low-distortion speakers, the Cheap Beats By Dre purity and crystallization rate of the wire also have a significant impact on the transmission of such weak current. If you use too thin wire, due to the larger internal resistance, will lead to more output power loss in the wire resistance. However, the use of thicker wire, the cost is also a problem. Therefore, the choice of materials and structure of the wire, in fact, are a science. So is not every so-called "upgrade line", can reasonably take into account the material and the production process for the sound style. In these years of playing experience inside, the old bear also heard a lot of destruction of the concept of wire matching. They are either pursuing one-sided ascension at the expense of the whole of the sound, either not to enhance the sound, but to make the sound worse. Perhaps feel "change the line useless" friends, do have experienced Beats Headphones Cheap many of these conditions. So from another point of view, some big brand manufacturers to provide their own official upgrade line, whether the headset itself will play a hard power to enhance it?