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Headphones burn machine basic content

Headphone machine is the most admired a lot of young people nowadays headphones, such a headphone in use is not only particularly simple, but also particularly convenient, because it's the price is reasonable, so the current choice of this headset People are particularly large, are used later, all think this headset is indeed their own love, and indeed music is particularly good, so choose him a particularly large number of people. For the new headphones, many people find that the headphones need to be boiled for better listening. But can not use loudspeakers, large dynamic or electronic music record, in fact, burn-in headphones and car is a reason, slowly run-in will make the mechanical part (the vibration part is equivalent to the mechanical part) get better run-in , Mad pot on the headset a little bit not good, bad voice coil may be deformed.

So slow fire only taste, under beats solo normal circumstances, as long as the use is in the burning Cheap Beats Headphones machine; but a little bit is to make the headset better, you must have a scientific pot, that is: the general use of test disc continuous use 30-40% of the volume of continuous play 12-24 hours (fm music station can also) rest for a day and then have a choice of continuous playback of different styles of CD, 5 to 10 hours (including vocals, symphonies, electronic music, pop and AV scene ), Then select your favorite CD with a larger volume (you can accept a larger sound pressure) try 1-2 hours, at the end to restore the middle beats solo volume playing soft music (such as Bandari or piano) 5 hours, Basically burn process is completed! After the headset sound should be relatively normal. Generally buy a new back, burn the machine in a week time, a month down relative to the sound of the headphones have been played out 95%, spent 6 months (average 2 hours per day) is the best sound quality of the pot .