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Headset, you choose the right?

Have you ever thought about the importance of peripheral equipment to the war situation in a world of gaming every second! A beats earphones good Beats Headphones Cheap gaming headphone gives you the ability to hit your opponent in a "trans-horizon" and the problem is still coming , How to buy gaming headphones it? Come on, first of all you have to read the headset parameters, do not think of a good choice with a key. Frequency range, the human ear can hear the sound frequency range (about 20Hz-20KHz). Most of the headphone frequency response in the Beats By Dre On Sale user can hear the sound frequency within the limits, so this value does not have reference value. Conclusion: the same sensitivity, the impedance of the small, sound good. vice versa. The meaning of sensitivity can be simply understood as the intensity of a sine wave when given a unit of energy. And this data will be affected by various factors, resulting in very complicated results. Conclusion: It can be understood that the influence of "sensitivity" far exceeds the influence of "impedance", and the bigger the number, the better. Note: This data is limited to the selection of gaming headphones. Impedance and sensitivity of these two data beats earphones is just the tip of the iceberg, especially HiFi headphones metaphysics too much, absolutely can not be applied directly. The conclusion may be the opposite or the same.

Gaming-level headphones have a very important reference indicator is the ability to listen to sound, which is to rely on multi-channel to achieve. Its ability to analyze the sound and sound positioning, as well as large dynamic, large-scale sound field needs to be retractable. Imagine now the grand scene of the game, with a small earbud headphones that is difficult to highlight the level of sound effects; and bass too strong music headphones, due to over-tone, cover up the game a variety of sound details, The sound will be exaggerated. Functional headphones headset noise should not be delusional, the main effect of noise insulation earmuffs on the ears of the package, you can analyze more than the selected product design details of this one. Comfort is also important as the player spends more time per game (how do you get two hours later?). And to determine the comfort, nothing more than the first beam design, comfort earmuffs leather and sponge.