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Headset and mobile phone compatibility knowledge

?Just received headphones ready to plug in the United States and the United States to listen to a song, suddenly found that when listening to music only background sound no voices? Can not be used Why is this strange phenomenon?

One, 3.5 mm mobile phone headset interface is divided into two, American Standard Edition (CTIA) Cheap Beats By Dr Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dr Dre and GB version (OMTP), their difference in the end where?

American Standard Edition (CTIA) headset and GB version of the (OMTP) headset is the beats by dre studio difference between the microphone and the ground pole of the location of the difference. American standard headphone interface is arranged, starting from the end are: left channel, right channel, ground, Mike. In other words, the use of headphone jack and mobile phone jack specifications do not match will cause the button no function and MIC no function. Second, in the mobile phone brands and models of today's, even if the same pin and jack specifications, will also face another problem affecting the compatibility of the button; that is, every mobile phone manufacturers in order to make their own products and other brands are different, In the phone for the headset button pressure on the design of the independent specifications of the adjustment; this is like we usually drink the middle bottle of mineral water (the same price), some 500ml bottle, some 550ml, some 570ml; are thirsty function, But each water mineral content and water capacity is not the same, to achieve the effect is not the same; that is, then take the beats by dre wireless A brand of headphones plug in the B brand mobile phone, there may be no function keys or key function of the situation ;