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Headset due to a saboteur, he was hurting your ears

Long-term use of headphones has irreversible damage to hearing. According to statistics, the current number of hearing disorders in China up to 20.57 million, and the number is still soaring. City People's Hospital, deputy director of the Department of Otolaryngology Gao Hongming said that among those who have hearing impairment, because they do not care about the day after the deafness accounted for more than 80%, hearing the injured groups tend to younger. Some Beats By Dre Cheap unhealthy lifestyles, with the ears, such as long time to listen to music with headphones, may become a "killer." Long time with earbuds headphones to listen to music, will cause harm to hearing. Headphones in the ear, close to the tympanic membrane, tympanic membrane in a special environment for several hours, or even a dozen hours, kept stimulated, especially prone to tympanic membrane fatigue. For those who wear headphones to listen to music to sleep, hearing damage is even greater, because a long time to stimulate the sound from the tympanic membrane through the chain to the cochlea, leading to cochlear microcirculation, and cause the cochlea responsible for the sound Hair cells and helical nerve injury, resulting in noise deafness and tinnitus.

Although high-tech can give us pleasure, but do not "play" to make. As much as possible to listen to the soft music, rock and other music on the hearing damage is relatively large, to listen. Wear headphones when the volume can Beats By Dre On Sale not be large volume, 20 dB or so volume, both can be heard clearly, the damage to the ear is relatively minimal. In the bus or the street and other places where noise is great, do not cover the noise to open a larger volume. Do not listen to music for a long time with a headset, so no more than an hour each day, not more than Cheap Beats By Dr Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dr Dre two hours a day, especially when cheap beats sleeping must be removed. In addition, the choice of headphones to pick the quality of good, small noise, when the ears feel uncomfortable, to immediately remove the earplugs, at home as much as possible to listen to the speaker. Nothing when you can gently pull the earlobe, stroking auricle cartilage, to be a simple ear exercises.