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Headset fever seven sins

See this topic, many people may be puzzled, burning headset is also Beats By Dre Sale guilty? Who said! Let us together to see, headset fever, which seven crimes.

First, blindly compare the meaning of this is not based on their own economic affordability, but blindly pursue high-end users. Than if they do not have a good sound source system, bought only after the plug in the computer and the Walkman, I believe it is not comparable to the low-end entry level, after all, the strength of the headset is not play out. So, if you want to start a good headset, you must have to match it with the high-level machine, amp, fever, record, after all, good horse had to buy a good saddle. So the initial burn or economic strength of a limited friend, you can start with beats earbuds the headset to start listening, if not satisfied, and then skip the mid-range directly into the high-end, so less loss, you can also experience the fun of upgrading.

Second, blindly follow the trend of the prawns is a red flag, the public shrimp headless with the head. Each headset has its own characteristics, nothing more than high school low-end are so, so suitable for others may not be suitable for their own. So when you choose a headset, it is best to listen to, if there is no conditions to listen to the more to see more, can not be impulsive, bought today to sell tomorrow.

Third, casually with this problem seems to be back to the first, because it is a playback system, there is a different link, the effect will not be the same. So you have a high-end headphones, not casually used in the computer and Walkman above on the line, and then say how the sound mix, said the Internet are speculation. People give the headset with the machine, but the amplifier, the front equipment is not the same, the effect will be comparable?

Fourth, only choose your theory, a penny of goods, of course, Cheap Beats By Dr Dre expensive truth, but the price is not necessarily consistent with the use of value. Like some of the headset to the cost of both to the appearance, so the sound quality does not meet their own listening habits. So choose not to look at the price of headphones, but according to their own circumstances have a choice, for their own is the best.

5, frequent upgrades Some people buy a pair of headphones, not a few days want to change headphones, that the current headset seems to be unable to meet their ears. First, the headset has no reason to talk about it, but the understanding of the headset, accept, familiar with the need for the process, time, as the understanding of the people, the first impression is very important, but more in-depth, comprehensive understanding takes time. There is a way that the road to know horsepower, the course of time to see people. Headphones is also true, superficial to listen to a few times, is not a comprehensive understanding of the headset. After a long period of use, advantages and disadvantages are clear, and then according to the circumstances.

Six, indifferent pointing to this practice, do not know how many people mislead, some people like to put their favorite headphones, do not like to relegated to the ground; some people, but where the audition a few ears on the big hair comments. Trouble you wake up, you have your own favorite, do not others do not you have your own personality, headphones do not have it for you must be suitable for others or manage their own mouth, because each headset has Their own advantages and disadvantages and the existence of value, suitable for their own may not be suitable for others, but the wrong point, but to suffer bricks.

Seven, the cart before the horse no matter what to do, do not forget their own mind. Hifi headphones are used cheap beats to do? Is to show off? To meet the possessive? Some people put the headset to buy home, all kinds of audition discs again, listen to what the roar of the train, broken glass, do you have obsessive-compulsive disorder, then you You have to fall a glass bottle is not enough? To understand that the headset is not only used to listen to, but also used to listen to music, with music you will be happy, trouble is self-seeking, forget the shortcomings of headphones Into the music, music can bring us more happiness, enjoy music is our real purpose.