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Headset maintenance

It is important to take care when using headphones, even if some basic protective measures can affect the life beats earbuds of the headphones, such as avoiding high temperatures or low temperatures, do not pull the headphones directly to pull them out. If your headphones are worth a lot of money, you should pay special attention to protection.

How to maintain headphones, perhaps carefully do the following, your headset life will be longer.

1. Headphones should avoid contact with liquids or high humidity environments, which can affect sensitive electronic components in the headphones.

2. Should try to choose the Beats By Dre Cheap most suitable for the ear canal size of the earplugs to maximize the avoidance of extrusion and push and pull.

3. Regular inspection of ash and damage. After each long period of use, the headset should be a quick cleaning. Some of the headphones are supported to replace part of the component, and if these parts are damaged, replace them as soon as possible.

Headset cleaning

In the clean headphones above, a soft cloth, a little warm water, or then point the soap is completely enough. But the amount of water and soap to be extra careful, you should try to avoid water or soap into the headphones inside the head.

If it is cleaning the soft cloth can not touch the groove, a dry toothbrush can provide great help. For those areas where stains are particularly stubborn, you can use a cotton swab or a toothpick to clean them.

As for the headset line, as long as the regular wipe look Cheap Beats By Dr Dre like, after all, this part of the cleaning is much simpler. But for the headset plug, or need to pay special attention to prevent future adverse contact situation.

Headset storage

1. The headphones should be stored in a clean, dry area, and if possible, pack or bag them.

2. Similarly, the area where the headset is stored also needs to keep the temperature of the matter too high or too low.

3. Do not expose the headset for a long time in a damp environment, this will lead to speakers, microphones and other sound unit water, affecting the headphones listening.

4. Do not put the headset for a long time at high temperature (45 degrees or more), to avoid the headset built-in sound film deformation.

5. Do not put the headset for a long time at low temperature (0 degrees below), so easy to lead to sound film and wire aging deformation, more fragile.

6. The headphones can be folded and you should follow official guidance to reduce wear when not in use.

Summary: Please remember that the headset is not as durable as you want, usually need to pay attention to the use of maintenance headphones.