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Headset use precautions

1. It is best not to sleep with headphones. Most people can not move all night, a long time, the headset line is not wrapped around the neck is the two lines like twist like twist together, and some big headphones and even the shell was crushed.

2. Use the headset after the headset line to wipe away the sweat. What is the secretion of these things, what is the grease, is the wire of the invisible killer. Over time, the wire will be aging, and finally lead to cracks, broken.

3. Do not smoke when using headphones. Who are not careful when, whether it is headphone shell, headphone line hot, beats solo hundreds of thousands of ocean you can feel bad? The The The other ash will enter into the headset shell stuck in the shock film, a long time the sound is wrong.

4. Use a small volume before use. If your output device volume is too large, not only the ear of the ear, the light shock film fold. The head of the voice coil burned.

5. Headphones away from strong magnetic. Unit magnet magnetism will decline, over time the sensitivity will drop!

6. Headphones away from damp. The headphone unit will be on the rust, resistance increases, your headphones will be biased.

7. Plug part. Some friends like to put what mp3 on the trousers pocket, plug the outlet part is easy to fold, a long time will be broken.

8. Do not disassemble. Curiosity is too strong to open to see. Some headphones are difficult to open, that is, you get 80% bad.

9. Winter is best not to use outside. Winter cold, wire is relatively hard, crisp, excessive bending is easy to break the wire. At this time do not heat the headset line, high temperature will accelerate the aging of wire.

10. Keep away from chemicals. Headphone shell paint is dissolved in organic chemicals, get the flowers do not look good