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Headset useless, music and even "kill" hearing?

According to a survey released by the American Medical Association magazine, about 20% of adolescents are impaired, and it is likely that after 40 years of age, hearing will be degenerative and 20 years ahead of normal. Experts believe that the wrong use of headphones is one of the important reasons for hearing hearing. So, every day we will wear headphones, how to avoid these from the sound of the injury? Long beats by dre studio time to use a large volume to listen to headphones, not only will damage Cheap Beats By Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dre the hearing, headphones life will be shortened. Experts suggest that when using headphones in noisy environments, 75% to 80% of the volume is the maximum volume that the ear can accommodate. In the environment is not too noisy, the volume control in the best 50% to 60. Headset is covered in the ear, and the ear contact area is relatively large, in addition to the sound through the air, but also beats by dre through the skull spread, so hear the same volume in the case of the tympanic membrane pressure will be small Some of the stimulation of cochlear cilia cells will be relatively small. Sports is best to choose a Bluetooth headset or professional sports headphones. Bluetooth headset will not be bound by the cable, and professional sports headset more fit, easy to fall off. And waterproof anti-sweat function can guarantee the durability of the headset, excellent antibacterial can also be in high temperature and humidity environment, extend the life of the headset. In the same environmental conditions, flat head earplugs sound in 5 to 8 decibels, headset sound insulation at 15 dB, while the Cheap Beats By Dr Dre ear headphones sound insulation at 20 dB. In a noisy public place, to achieve the same listening volume, you need a better soundproof headphones to reduce the amount of sound required to protect your hearing.

Do not use the headphones for a long time, listen to music 1 ~ 2 hours need to rest for a while. In-ear headphones, try not to generous share out, headset ear pads should pay attention to clean. Each set of earphones, usually have several different sizes of spare earplugs, buy home after the best try, choose a pair of their best for the earplugs.