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How about bone conduction headphones? Can replace ordinary hifi headphones?

The power of science and technology is really amazing, bone conduction headphones make use of the wonderful human body structure, increasing the headphone sound new conduction mode. Whether it is in the trend, operation or use of the environment above, all seem to occupy a great advantage than ordinary headphones, bone conduction headphones how the quality of natural music fans have become a question. In accordance with the rapid development of technology today, bone conduction headphones in the future development prospects to replace our daily use of the headset? To understand this problem, we must first know that bone conduction headphones and our usual use of headphones in listening experience What is the difference between the most essentials. Through the introduction of previous articles, we learned that bone conduction headphones, so that directly through the bones spread to our auditory nerve. For example, we use our hands to cover their ears, and then as little as possible to himself, so beats by dre studio that even if your voice is small, you can completely hear what they say, this is the role of bone conduction. So compared to ordinary headphones through the air conduction, reducing the noise, noise and air attenuation. Has a good noise reduction effect, and is the traditional noise reduction headphones can not go beyond. For the pursuit of noise reduction enthusiasts, bone conduction is a good choice. But for music lovers, they are more concerned about the sound quality of the headset. The sound of the transmission is not the same, to bring the sense of hearing is certainly not the same, Beats Headphones On Sale so listen to the sound of the ears and the sound of bone conduction is certainly not the same! This difference is like we listen to their own words, and their own recording Play your own voice, you will feel very different, which is the difference between bone conduction and traditional audio equipment air conduction.

This is because the sound through the air will be affected by the environment, in the process of transmission of energy will be a lot of attenuation, and ultimately change the sound, when the sound reaches the human ear, but also through the outer ear, eardrum, middle ear, in the whole process, The sound of the energy and sound effects will also be affected. Bone conduction headphones are transmitted through the skull, the sound through the throat and ears between the bones, and then directly to the inner Beats By Dre On Sale" href="/">Beats By Dre On Sale ear, the sound of the energy and sound attenuation, the change is relatively small, hear the sound more real. However, the traditional transmission path is driven by the vibration of the eardrum, we are a voice of the emotions, the noise of the disgust, as the music moved from the inner ear. In this transmission path, the body for the sound field changes, the collection of ear features, the earphone on the different frequency of the sound wave gain effect, because the left and right ear signal arrival time difference, and the different direction of the sound lead to different distortion effects, are Was perceived by us and analyzed by the brain. So the sound itself is not just a wave or melody, we feel the sound can not do without the characteristics of the ear itself. And bone conduction headphones are directly through the bone conduction to our auditory nerve above, no ear canal absorption and reflection, the sound will be more lonely, lacking as we in a relatively small space singing the kind of strong sense of the hall. After all, the goal of bone conduction is to be able to better and more comfortable vibration. The most essential role of ordinary headphones is to simulate the quality of sound and space, sound waves into the ear canal, and ultimately will form their own sense of hearing. Moreover, the development of bone conduction headphones to the present, most of them are used in a noisy environment, can hear more clearly, only people who wear bone conduction microphone can hear the sound, is the active noise reduction headphones can not go beyond. But the Bluetooth function of the design, will be outside the signal interference, so the development of bone conduction headphones are still in the anti-interference efforts, bone conduction headphones sound quality has not been upgraded. So the music by the higher pursuit of the people, regardless of bass or treble, are not recommended to consider.

In general, due to the characteristics of bone conduction headphones, its future lies in the accurate transmission of the signal, in noise reduction, monitoring, medical, underwater snooping and beats by dre wireless other fields to be promoted. But the quality of bone conduction headphones to achieve the music, art a class of height, or difficult. Whether it is bone conduction headphones or ordinary hifi headphones, they are their own strengths, each have focused. So the replacement of the word also does not exist who replaced who.