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How does the Bluetooth speaker and the mobile power combine?

Today's portable equipment popular, I believe that many people will have a mobile phone backpack and Bluetooth speakers, the existence of the two also occupy part of your backpack space, do not know if you have thought about the combination of the two for you The burden of the backpack it? In fact, the current market has a lot of mobile power function of the Bluetooth speakers, and how they are combined together? Bluetooth speakers will have built-in lithium battery, this battery is used in two kinds of batteries, Beats Headphones Cheap one is more common 18650 core, the other is a little high-end polymer lithium batteries. They are purchased into the mobile power core with, so in the accessories, the Bluetooth speaker Cheap Beats Headphones and the charge treasure have the same place.

?With the same accessories, and then find out their input and output parameters, the Bluetooth speaker battery to their own power supply, which is built from the protection board inside the voltage and voltage, to achieve their own power supply, charging, it is a conventional 5V1A Charge, and some use 5V2A to charge. Mobile power and Bluetooth audio, like 5V1A or 5V2A to charge, to the battery storage Beats By Dre On Sale capacity, when used, and then output 5V1A or 5V2A to charge the device. beats earphones So the Bluetooth speaker as long as the USB interface output voltage current of 5V1A or 5V2A can achieve the function of mobile power, in addition to the transmission of energy to their own speakers, you can also charge other equipment.