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How does the enthusiast's headset device be configured?

Burning machine this thing can be said for a long time, it is actually very simple to say, the new headphones get the hands of everything is new, the speaker unit diaphragm did not go through too much reciprocating vibration, which may also have irregular texture Or glue the god of the horse, so the vibration may beats earbuds be lack of some flexibility, the sound can not reach the ideal state, if after a period of time to play, the sound will naturally get better, but now many people to 'burn machine' this thing done God of the old, and wait for the machine to burn the feeling of reborn. Therefore, burning machine this thing is very easy to understand, would like to quickly enjoy the most beautiful voice, you put some music to burn pot, not that leisurely, naturally listen to like. As for what time what music, or what stage of what frequency, or pink noise Shenma, I asked a question, different headphones with the diaphragm is not the same, so the performance is different, the rigidity is different, you the same pot Machine standard how to apply to so many different headphones? Do you have a laboratory research data? Burn machine just let the headset as soon as possible into their best condition, if someone is holding the sound quality to look at the point of view, then large Part of the result is 'disappointed'. In fact, slowly feel the sound of headset changes, but also an appreciation!

In fact, for beats by dre studio the popular music, the first amount of popular music is relatively small amount of information, and many of these music itself is in the recording when making things together, so even if it is lossless, it is better where to go, most of the relative 320kbps Mp3, it is hard to hear the difference. Most of today's mobile phones have begun to support the lossless format, but can play and show the loss of beauty is completely two things, the author had five different audio equipment to play the same song without loss of MP3 music, done blind listening test , About 25 people, the two people really completely heard the difference and all guessed, but one of them is half of the state of the Mongolian. So, for most people, 320kbps MP3 format is enough, on the current mobile phone sound quality, engage in no damage as good as the high-quality headphones to be happy, therefore, the loss of God's horse is still only suitable for a higher pursuit and More high-end equipment players. This is a lot of half-baked new players to the author raised the question, but a look at their buy headphones, are basically earplugs or portable headphones, I just want to say: 'Now these do headphones Of the enterprise is not a fool, he is difficult to push the headset is to compete with consumers? 'So, if you pick the portable models of headphones, generally do not appear God horse thrust problem, issued enough sound pressure that Is certainly no problem, of course, if the better equipment, the sound is bound to be improved, and those typical fever big headphones, if Cheap Beats By Dre you are not enthusiasts, or do not consider, because it really need to consider 'thrust' The problem.

The average portable headset impedance is not more than 32 ohms (of course, metamorphosis of the headset model reached 60 ohms), and the sensitivity is generally more than 100, relatively speaking, the sensitivity is more valuable than the impedance, because it is you Cheap Beats By Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dre Input 1 mW power can reach the sound pressure value, the greater the number, the greater the sound, and this is the headset parameters for the average consumer reference value, remember that if you are using a mobile phone or an ordinary MP3 player, When buying headphones, the impedance as long as no more than 60 ohms, the sensitivity of not less than 100, are very good drive. (Of course, very good drive is just a good sound quality of the premise, but not necessarily)