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How does the wire affect the sound

For the role of wire and its characteristics, many articles are discussed from the following aspects: wire metal conductor used in the material and its shape, and its decision characteristics;

Wire weaving method and its effect;

Wire materials used in the insulator material, and its characteristics;

The characteristics of the plug used for wire;

The values ??of the resistors, capacitors, inductors, and frequency characteristics measured by the instruments produced by the above-mentioned materials and knitting methods, and their corresponding actual sound effects. In fact, the center of these articles contains a good transmission of the sound signal to the content. And the wire in the sound system "impedance transformation", it is my point of view. Of course, it is not really will automatically carry out impedance conversion, but the wire in the middle of the impedance transition between the two machines, "under the" role of the connection directly affect the sound quality. With the above point of view, come to talk about what the meaning of sound quality. The word "sound quality", the general general meaning is the quality of the sound. However, in the audio technology it contains three aspects: the sound of the pitch, that is, the intensity and amplitude of the audio;

The tone of the sound, that is, the frequency of the audio or the number of times per second;

Sound of the sound, that is, audio overtones or harmonic components. Talking about the sound quality of a sound is mainly to measure whether the above three aspects of the sound to a certain level: that is relative to a frequency or frequency band, whether the pitch has a certain intensity, and in the required frequency range, the same volume , Whether the amplitude of each frequency is uniform, balanced, full, frequency response curve is straight: the sound of the pitch is accurate, both faithfully show the source frequency or composition of the original face, the frequency of distortion and phase shift and meet the requirements; Of the overtone moderate, harmonic more abundant, sounds sound on the beautiful sounds. In fact, the above has been mentioned, a certain quality of wire and audio equipment with the accurate transmission of audio signals, will not cause damage to the sound quality of the distortion and phase shift and frequency distortion, and can modify the sound, beats by dr dre so that music more pleasant. So it can be said that the wire can really change the sound quality of the sound. So, what degree does the wire affect the sound quality? What are the basics and prerequisites for the full use of wire? Why some people feel the role of wire is not big? A lot of headphones, audio enthusiasts, enthusiasts have used wire, and some people also replaced a lot of signal lines and speaker lines, and power lines. Why some people feel that the effect is not, some people even have "follow the trend", "fooled" feeling? What is the problem? The problem is very simple, it is out on the system's power did not do well. Specifically, it is the internal AC and DC power supply and Cheap Beats Headphones equipment used by the external power supply power is not done well. The so-called equipment, beats by dre studio the internal power supply did not do a good job, mostly in the low-cost machines. For Cheap Beats By Dr Dre example, because the stand-alone price is cheap, in order to save material or improper design, the internal power supply design is simple, the use of all the way power supply equipment in the multi-circuit, resulting in useful circuits between the various circuits through the power crosstalk, resulting in cross-modulation, , The noise increases even mask the useful signal, and the effective band of the music becomes narrower. At this time, you are put on any valuable wire effect is very obvious. Also, the use of general quality or poor quality of the capacitor, the power transformer capacity is not enough or leakage of magnetic, random power line diameter of the small material is poor, are part of the internal power supply is not good, directly affect the sound quality and line effect. The quality of the internal power supply is not high, for those with electronic knowledge and hands-on ability, you can change the power through the motorcycle and other aspects of quality. For those who do not machine, you can only use the quality of decent, the price and moderate Hi-Fi equipment. The so-called external power supply did not do a good job, then the low-cost equipment, especially for advanced audio have an impact.

Do a good job of external power supply, including the special equipment dedicated to the laying of special power lines, power lines of wire material, diameter, weaving method, length, how to install, where the installation is very knowledgeable, different equipment have different effects. Also, the power outlet, switches, connectors have different requirements. Especially on the ground, the impact of the sound effect is great, especially the use of power supply filtering equipment such as isolated power supply, filter power, the ground requirements are higher. Also special emphasis is that internal and external power supply is very important, which links should pay attention to, such as the fuse and its contact plug is good contact and so on.