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How good is the headset?

Different connection headphones have their own advantages

Traditional connection headphones can generally be divided into ear type, ear type and head type three, the three have their own advantages and disadvantages.


Placed in the ear of the small headphones, the use may be put on the sponge to increase the degree of tightness.

Advantages: small size, lightweight design, easy to collect to carry.

Disadvantages: can be safe to wear depends on the headset design, sometimes too small headphones will affect the close.

2. In-ear (In-ear)

Headphones like earplugs, headphones attached to the pad for the pressure ear, part of the ear headphones claiming to have sound insulation design, isolated from low to high frequency noise, to reduce the noise effect.

Advantages: light and small, sound effects are more significant, in noisy environment or can improve the sound quality.

Disadvantages: pad size may not be suitable for all users, some brands / models with multiple cushions. Although the cushion may reduce the noise, but the user may not accustomed to sound insulation pad pressure ear.

3. Headphones

Left and right headphones to headband support, headphones wrapped by sponge or leather, wearing time for the pressure ear or cover ear type.

Advantages: pressure ear design is generally more lightweight, but the sound of the ear better sound insulation.

Disadvantages: larger, more inconvenient to carry, if the pressure is too large or poor design, will reduce the comfort.

Third, the characteristics of wireless headset and restrictions

In addition to the traditional connection headset, wireless headset is cheap beats also becoming popular, wireless headset generally use infrared, radio or Bluetooth to send messages.

1. Infrared headphones

Features: must be transmitted within the line of sight, the application location is limited, but less interference.

Restrictions: In the case of violent sunlight, the signal transmission may be affected.

2. RF wireless headset

Features: High penetration, the user within about 100 meters of the environment, whether indoor or outdoor, still can hear the music, but the more distant sound more affected.

Restrictions: RF headphones are far from the "range" and are susceptible to interference from other signals, and may miss out on the music emitted by another launch pad. Therefore, RF headphones usually have two or three bands, such Beats By Dre Cheap as multiple infrared or radio frequencies in the same place Headphones, as long as the tuning to the same band can receive signals at the same time, the user can listen at the same time.

3. Bluetooth headset

Features: The use of digital radio frequency transmission of Bluetooth headset, to avoid the signal interference or mistakenly receive messages.

Restrictions: Some models can be connected to a normal 3.5 mm wired connector, and some models can only be paired with individual Bluetooth-designed players or mobile phones. In addition, because the Bluetooth design and transmission power is limited, the transmission distance is short, generally suitable for portable player use.

Four, closed and open

Closed headset space separated from the outside, plus the pad or sponge cover the ear, can achieve a high degree of shielding effect, leakage is also less.

Open headphones usually have a lot of holes, forming a more balanced natural sound. Because the design ventilation is better, perhaps more suitable for hot and humid climate or long-term use.

Fifth, noise and noise are different

Some headphones are designed to reduce noise (noise cancellation), claiming that electronic noise can be used, especially for continuous low-frequency noise. However, these models of noise reduction circuit requires power, some models in the absence of battery when not only lose noise reduction function, but can not continue to listen to music, users need to pay attention.

Part of the ear type claims to have sound insulation (isolating or isolator) design, relying on the headphones of the pad pressure on the ear hole, can be isolated from many low to high frequency noise, it can also reduce the external noise. Users need to understand the noise reduction and noise reduction methods of noise, the former is active, the need for power and circuit, the latter only rely on earplugs sponge or pad, do not have to enter the battery or charge.

Sixth, headset accessories

Many of the larger headset models are equipped with large or small headphones (6.35 mm or 3.5 mm) conversion plugs to match the headset jacks for home audio combinations, miniature or portable audio equipment; compact headset models for Walkman, etc. Portable equipment, with only a small plug.

In-ear style earphones are generally attached to different sizes of soft sets, with different users ear size. Some models also have a cabin seat plug, easy to take the plane to listen to music.

Try to use a comfortable and comfortable headset

If you can try before you buy, you should try to wear, try to turn the body or move the head and neck, test headphones will easily shift or fall, if the headset is not designed or does not match with the ear, will affect the wear The comfort. The headset is usually equipped with a headband close to the ear, easy to walk, generally wrapped in soft leather or thick sponge, wearing more comfortable, but the user should also pay attention to the weather is hot and hot, soft leather and sponge may bring hot Of the feeling, and the material is more susceptible to mold moisture, so after use should be properly collected.

Headphones have a sound how to do it

We often use the computer headset when there are noise, rustling sound, this will have more than two headphones for the microphone test, in order to confirm the headset itself is a problem, or computer problems.

1, the computer did not clean up in time, the accumulation of system waste too much, the computer reflects the slow, should promptly clean up the computer system garbage and antivirus.

2, headset damage, you can headset and other headset or computer comparison, if necessary, replace the headset.

3, the computer has static, is the main reason. You touch the iron part of the computer chassis, if the current sound disappears, you put a section of copper, one end of the computer behind the screws, one end of the ground. Excellent effect.

4, whether your microphone is in a state of reinforcement.

Solution: the microphone to remove. Because some sound card does not support.

5, see you around there is no magnetic field, with sound waves of things.

Solution: the magnetic field of electrical appliances (such as mobile phones, fans away).

6, you only and friends even Beats Headphones On Sale when the voice, there is abnormal sound, in the chat hall on the normal.

Solution: Please note that either side of your side is open or open speaker. If so, please turn off. (Use the speaker must pay attention to the speaker placed, do not against the microphone). Another side of the firewall side of a set too high (including LAN users, Internet users), different broadband users (such as telecommunications and China Netcom) will appear some voice problems.

7, Mike is not open when the sound is very small sound, opened to strengthen there will be a big big noise. Zizi Zizi good noisy.

Solution: Control panel ---- sound and audio Beats Headphones Cheap equipment ----- voice ----- recording ------ volume, point under the look ----- the Mike slide to tune maximum.