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How is the stethoscope effect solved?

Headphones auscultation effect common in the ear earplugs, because the intimate contact with the ear canal, headphones deep ear canal, wire and clothes or other parts of the friction, collision, these external sound through the cheap beats headset shell, and then into the ear canal, serious Affect the normal listening, then how to solve the stethoscope effect, what is a good way?

The effects of auscultation are often associated with the headset's wire material, and the way the line is linked to the headset. The harder the wire of the headset, the greater the rigidity of the link between the wire and the headset, the more serious the auscultation effect. This is because the vibration of the wire is not rebound, directly to the whole headset vibration. Choose a soft wire, can reduce the headset auscultation effect. But the long-term use of soft wire, prone to cracks, long-term folding will damage the wire inside the copper wire. So the choice of wire is not very wise to solve Cheap Beats By Dr Dre the auscultation of headphones can only proceed from the outside.

1. We can find a small clip fixed earphone line. Fixing the headset wire with a clip can make the wire close, reducing the friction and the sound produced by the collision.

2. The headset wire around the ear half-ring to wear, can also be used ear hanging. This makes part of the wire is fixed on the ear, other parts of the wire jitter can not drive the upper part of the wire, thereby reducing the auscultation effect.

3. Wear personal clothes, reduce the wire because the collar or hat protruding and not close, resulting in friction.

4. You can also try to put the headphones from the back to wear, provided that the headset wire is long enough, otherwise the beats earbuds headphones suddenly strenuous exercise, making the wire break or headphone outlet break even more harm than good.

5. Wear C sets, Comply sets of short, is to do sponge sets of famous brand. We all know that C sets can improve the sense of headphones, in fact, the headset stethoscope effect is still a great role.

For the headset auscultation effect, we should be correct, after all, this is a normal phenomenon, can not be regarded as a product problem. Because this phenomenon can not be completely resolved, can only improve.