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How to choose a good pair of headphones

Headphones hurt ears regardless of type

Currently on the market headphones are generally headset and earbuds two, headset headphones listening effect is good, earbud headphones easy to carry. But the two headphones on the ears are actually the same injury.

If you wear earphones too long, the ear film to accept the stimulation and accompanied by music ups and downs, the spirit will always be in a state of tension, because the eardrum and headphones vibration film is very close, the acoustic transmission range is small and concentrated on the eardrum Auditory nerve stimulation is relatively large, easy to cause ear inflammation, dizziness, tinnitus, heavy listening and so on. Occasional tinnitus may not care, but if you listen to a few, or even a dozen hours, some people may be sudden deafness.

Sponge sets can not reduce the damage

Some earbuds have a layer of sponge on the outside, many people think that will reduce the damage to the ears. The sponge set will really protect the external auditory canal, but also play the role of the ear canal closed, so that the listening effect is better, but the damage to the eardrum and no sponge sets of headphones are the same. The headset is the same, although not the earphone in the ear, but it hurt the ears did not reduce. In the outside ears completely buckle, but this is just to listen to the better.

Choose a good headphones to avoid injury

So, in the end the choice of what kind of headphones? Songzhu Ren said that Cheap Beats Headphones" href="/">Cheap Beats Headphones in the choice of headphones, to choose good quality, poor quality headphones too sharp treble is easy to make excessive fatigue in the moment. If you listen to 10-15 minutes or so, ears have pain, head dizzy, accompanied by mild nausea, such a headset do not buy.

Headphones do not listen to music when the bass is too low, because too heavy and the lack of details of the bass is easy to make the ear sore, the head has a sense of fullness, will slowly reduce the hearing level. In the bus or the street and other places where noise is great not to use headphones, because in order to cover the noise to open a larger beats by dr dre volume, the damage to the ear will be greater. At the same time, must cheap beats not listen for a long time, preferably not more than 1 hour each day, no more than 2 hours a day.

In addition, do not use headphones when sleeping, or earplugs caught between the pillow and ears, will cause damage to the tympanic membrane, and if you listen to sleep, ears in the dormant state of the damage will be more obvious.